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    Another thrush ID from Northern Pakistan

    I spotted this thrush mixed with Common Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) and Black-throated Thrushes (Turdus atrogularis) at Borith Lake (36°26'6" N 74°51'40" E, in Northern parts of Pakistan), on 25 November. Unfortunately I was not able to get some clear shots of the bird, the breast/belly...
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    Blackbird ID from Northern Pakistan

    I found the lone Blackbird at Borith Lake (36°25'38" N 74°51'49" E), Northern Pakistan, on 22 November. Though Tibetan Blackbird (Turdus maximus) is fairly common at higher elevations in the region, but this one seems bit odd. Additionally I have never seen Tibetan Blackbird at this locality...
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    Pipit ID from Northern Pakistan

    I spotted this pipit near some Water Pipits (Anthus spinoletta), yesterday (16 November) at Borith Lake (36°26'6" N 74°51'40" E) in the northern areas of Pakistan. We usually get numerous Water, with few Buff-bellied Pipits during this time of the year. My first impression was this might be...
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    Raptor ID for Northern Pakistan

    I spotted this high flying raptor at Borith Lake (36°25'48" N 74°51'40" E at 2,700 m.a.s.l.), in the northern region of Pakistan on 11th of October. The weather was quite windy and cloudy. At first glance this seems like Short-toed Snake Eagle (Circaetus gallicus), which is bit unusual for the...
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    Acrocephalus Warbler from northern Pakistan

    During last few days I spotted a number of reed-warblers at Borit Lake (36°26'7" N 74°51'40" E), in northern Pakistan. A majority of these Acrocephalus Warbler appear to be Blyth's Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus dumetorum), but I can see some variation among the individuals. Here I want to post a...
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    Raptor ID for Northern Pakistan

    During the passage migration, we get lots of Black Kites in Hunza Valley, in the Northern Pakistan. I was just going through the images of last autumn passage from September 2019, lumped among the numerous Black Kite images saw this one. Seems bit odd for a Kite, but unfortunately this is the...
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    Confirmation of Kestrel ID from Northern Pakistan

    As I was going through my images, saw this image of, what I assume is a Common Kestrel from October 2018, captured at Borit (36°25'36.084" N 74°51'40.128" E), Hunza, Pakistan. But I can see that the banding on the tail is much broader, compared to common kestrel or I am just over-emphasizing on...
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    Serious needed with Buzzard Identification

    During the autumn and spring passage we have a great influx of raptors in the northern parts of Pakistan, especially in Hunza Valley. One of troubling raptors for identification are buzzards, as the area might have Long-legged, Himalayan and Common/Steppe Buzzard during the season, with lots of...
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    Thrush ID from Northern Pakistan

    Here are some images of a thrush (mixed with mostly Black-throated Thrushes) from 13th January 2020, at Gilgit City in Northern Pakistan. Unfortunately all the images show the lower parts of the bird and were captured in extreme snowy and foggy conditions. I initially opted with juvenile...
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    Large Raptor from Northern Pakistan

    I spotted this raptor during a trek on 10 April, in the Hunza Valley (36°19'46.638" N 74°43'2.903" E), at an elevation of about 3900 m. The bird was flying quite high, so these are the best shots I could get. As its the passage migration season in the area, so my first impression is Steppe Eagle...
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    A warbler from Northern Pakistan

    Merry Christmas to everyone! I was just going through my images for the last year and this bird confused me. My initial though was Blyth's Reed Warbler, but something doesn't seem right and I am second guessing Paddyfield Warbler. I spotted this bird in the reeds at Borit Lake (36°25'37" N...
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    A snipe from Northern Pakistan

    Here is a lonely snipe that I spotted on 10 September 2019, at Borit (36°26'15" N 74°51'44" E), Gilgit-Baltistan in the extreme north of Pakistan. Compared to other snipes during passage, which prefer to hide in the reeds, this one was forages in the cultivation fields. Considering it must be a...
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    Twite or Linnet? from Northern Pakistan

    I spotted this single bird, mixed with some Brown Accentors, Eversman's Redstarts and Tits. Initially I thought it must be a Twite, but it appeared a bit odd. So my second guess was a female Linnet. The bird was spotted near Altit village (36°19'32" N 74°41'41" E), Hunza in the northern...
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    Yellowish Bunting from Northern Pakistan

    Saw this single bird, mixed with Water Pipits at Borith Lake (36°25'35.813" N 74°51'46.992" E), Upper Hunza, Pakistan, on November 18, 2019. My first impression is Yellowhammer, which might be a rare vagrant to the area. If not Yellowhammer, what else it can be?
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    Ortolan or Grey-necked Bunting from Northern Pakistan

    As I going through my images of Grey-necked Bunting, these ones seem but odd. I took these pictures on 4 October, even while in the field they (2 birds) appeared interesting. But I assumed these must be juvenile or non-breeding Grey-necked Buntings, as these are common during passage migration...
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    Finches from Northern Pakistan

    Here are few images of finches in a flock at the Deosai National Park (34°56'9" N 75°42'25" E at an elevation of 4600m) in Northern Pakistan. The images were taken on 2nd of October. My initial thought was Tibetan Snowfinch, but cannot confirm the ID. Other possibilities can be Brandt's...
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    Reed Warbler ID, Northern Pakistan

    I saw about six individuals on the 1st of September, at Borit Lake in the northern areas of Pakistan. The area is a great spot for small and large passage migrants into the South Asia. Both of these individuals appear to be Blyth's Reed Warbler, but my identification in these is not very good...
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    Long Tailed Shrike ID from Northern Pakistan

    These are some of the shrikes I spotted during my visit to Borit Lake in the northern part of Pakistan, on 1st of September. I assume all are long tailed shrikes of different ages, but some sort of confirmation will be very helpful.
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    Warbler ID from Northern Pakistan.

    While watching some bee-eaters in a marshy area in the Northern part of Pakistan (near Gahkuch City in Gilgit-Baltistan 36°10'12" N 73°46'42" E 18 July 2018), I spotted this warbler. Seems like a reed warbler of some sort, but am not sure. Any ID pointers are welcome. Unfortunately the pictures...
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    Confirmation for Tickle's Thrush (Turdus unicolor) Juvenile from Northern Pakistan!

    I spotted this bird together with some Indian Golden Orioles (Oriolus kundoo), Streaked Laughingthrushs (Trochalopteron lineatum) and Tickle's Thrushs (Turdus unicolor) in Gilgit city in the Northern Pakistan on 4 of July. I think this is most likely a Tickle's Thrush (Turdus unicolor) Juvenile...