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    Just took ar round on the Coastline

    Well vent to Sólbrekka Yesterday and there it was 7 Fieldfares and lot of Redpolls Crossbills and Blackbirds and of course around 100 Redwings Today i vent by the Coastline and at garður for all Surprise i found a Lapland Bunting which is pretty late to find in end of Desember Lapland...
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    i wish you all merry Christmas and a happy new year will be off from the blog next days untill new year except something new happened or i find new Bird :) 8-P
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    Sólbrekka and the Coastline

    Now is the time when all the Vagrant birds are not here and all is pretty quiet :) So i just keep on going feedning in Sólbrekka for the Blackbirds Redwings Crossbills and Redpolls and we never know when Ring Ouzel will show up or some of the Siberian Thrushes :) and there are stil...
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    Sólbrekka in Spring warm weather

    Well finally we got some rain and +5°C after seeing a temp low as -17°C on Sólbrekka last weekend :t: So i vent out to check the Status of my three FFeeding Stations there and planty of seed coming from under the Snow and Aplles ;) saw lot of Blackbirds and over 35 redwings then well...
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    Gardur and Garden Birds in Keflavik

    well vent to Gardur to see if the Lapwing was still there and yes she was still there :) then i headed toKeflavik to look in some Gardens as i am in the Winterrun from 1st of Dec to 28th of Feb and had just 62 Species so i want more :) well at Melteigur i saw male Blackcap and a...
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    Sólbrekka and the Shorline

    Vent out to Sólbrekka put out some seeds all the Same there Just Rewings Redpolls Blackbird Crossbills and Robins then i headed the Shorter route along the Coastline of Reykjanes and found the only Northern Lapwing which has been recorded this year in Iceland i think Well at least...
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    The Bigger route

    Well today i vent my Bigger route started at Fitjar Njardvik to look at the Shore and just saw the American Wigeon there then i headed to Sólbrekka and saw Fieldfare Redwings Redpolls and Blackbirds throw out some Apples and Seed as the Birds there eat it all up always :) Next Stop...
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    My little Route today

    well vent to my shorter route today and begun as always this winter in Sólbrekka put out ten apples cut to four each :) and throw out 5 kg of Sunflower seeds and 2 kg of mixed seeds ;) There was Robin Fieldfare Blackbirds Redwings Merlins and Redpolls 8-P [ European Robin next stop...
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    Sólbrekka and Hafnir today

    Vent to Sólbrekka and there i saw Fieldfae Common Blackbirds Redwings Mealy Redpolls Robin and Crossbill and still among them the White Winged Crossbill ;) as the Daylight is just good for approx 3 hrs in December here far North at 64° N then i just can stay short in each place and...
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    Birding Trip

    Drake Harlequin Duck Well took the Scottish Tim around Sout Iceland and Reykjanes yesterday he managed to See the Barrows Golden Eye and Herlequin Duck the White Winged Scoter Gyrfalcon and the W.W.C. but other vice all was quite quiet on all places and it was low tide so it was hard...
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    Sunday Birding trip

    Well tomorrow i go to pick up this Guy from Scotland to look for Gyrfalcons some of the Local Ducks and if we see Ptarmigan and Arctic Fox he will sure be happy he said 8-P Rock Ptarmigan i can Promise him the Ptarmigans 90% sure of Gyrfalcon but the Arctic Fox yes they are...
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    Easy Friday

    Barrows Golden Eye at Sog South Iceland Just vent over to Captital to do some shopping for the Home today ;) then i just look at Sólbrekka and then to the Coastline all is pretty quiet and it is foggy and rainy at the moment so not so good to go birding :) but same tomorrow busy as my...
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    Just a day off from Birding

    Male and Female King Eiders at Helguvík last winter I had to take my Car to Service today so there was no time to do my Daily route but i vent to sólbrekka to check the Feed status and just had to put out little of apples on Station one then i just drove home change cloths and vent to...
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    Reykjanes Birding area

    Semipalmated Sandpiper one of three i found this year at Reykjanes peninsula 8-P Well of course i started my day as go to Sólbrekka to check the Status of the Feeding spots and put out some seeds after that i take my daily route around Reykjanes shorter ring as i call it but...
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    The White Winged Scoter

    Well after put out apples and seeds in -5 c in Sólbrekka i vent to my Coastline route at Hafnir there was lot of Long tailed Ducks and Harlequin Ducks among all the others ;) then i vent to Sandgerði and there was 7 Eurozian Curlews from there i pass through Gardur and Took...
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    Sólbrekka and Reykjanes

    Well vent out to Sólbrekka to fill up seeds and apples same situation same birds Redwings ,,Common Blackbirds ,, Redpolls ..Euopean Robins ..Crossbills and the White Winged Crossbill all still on site as they get Food from me 8-P The i drove to Hafnir and scope the Coastline of Ósabotnar...
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    Well tody at Sólbrekka all was the Same :t: Redwings Blackbirds Redpolls Snowbuntings Crossbills and the W.W.C among them :eat: so until some new birds show up there ,,,We never know when and Which ... i will give it a peace for searching and just came by each day to put out seeds...
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    Iceland Reykjanes Sólbrekka

    Well another beautiful day at Sólbrekka and lot of life the W.W.C. is still there but i gave him peace from me today as i got my shots yesterday8-P So i waited for some thrushes to show up and just sat there in my car and gave people who came by to see the W.W.C. directions to his...
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    Iceland Reykjanes Sólbrekka 24th of November

    Well at 10:30 i was in Sólbrekka and there was lot of Thrushes both Redwings Blackbirds and Fieldfares at the site and among them two European Robins and one Eurasian woodcock. And i putted out a feeding table 300 meters east of the main spot to keep the seeds from the ground to try to...
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    My feeding station on Sólbrekka today

    Well vent to my Woodland right away as the daylight starts around 75 Redwings and 17 Common Blackbirds are hangin around the Feeding station as they are waiting for me to bring the Apples :) put out five Kg of Sunflover Seeds and 18 apples each split to four then it was around...