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    Swan in Brant, Ontario

    Was out birding in Brant, Ontario and came across 20 or so Trumpeter Swans. Checking my pictures when I got home, I'm seeing one swan with yellow on the beak by the eye. Looks like a Tundra Swan to me. Is it normal for Tundra Swans to mix with Trumpeter Swans?
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    Redpoll help in Oxford, Ontario

    I saw a bunch on Redpolls today, and got some pictures. I would say one is whiter than the common redpolls I'm used to seeing. I'm thinking it's a female Hoary Redpoll? The beak maybe looks smaller as well...I've been studying this picture for 20 minutes, but I'm not comfortable saying it's...
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    Redpoll ID in Oxford, Ontario

    Could this be a female Hoary Redpoll? My guide book says light streaking on breast. Maybe looks to be lighter streaking than the other Redpolls I've seen this year. Thanks in advance.
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    Redpoll ID Wellington Ontario

    Saw two Redpoll's in amongst a bunch of American Tree Sparrow's. I'm pretty sure they are Common Redpoll's, but I just wanted to confirm before I discounted Hoary Redpoll's. Thanks in advance.
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    Thrush ID help in Waterloo Ontario

    I took two pictures today of thrush that were chasing each other around. I originally thought they were both Hermit Thrush, but when I got home and had a better look at the pictures, I'm thinking one is maybe a Gray-cheeked Thrush? There's a lack of eye ring, and is maybe a darker colour...
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    Looking to get an ID on this warbler

    Hello, my name is Mike. I'm a first time poster. I've been birding since April of 2019. I've been struggling with the ID on this bird, and am now reaching out for help in this message board. Sorry, for the poor picture (It's the reason I'm having a hard time). The picture was taken on...