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  1. pinky & rosie

    Great day at Hale.

    We had a fantastic day at Hale. We packed the kids up and took a walk near the old lighthouse. Plenty of waders about - turnstone, oystercatchers, redshank, and curlew. There were also a few raptors over the nearby fields. We got some lovely views of a female buzzard perched on the fence...
  2. pinky & rosie

    Wader id - New Brighton UK

    Hi I saw this bird this afternoon at new brighton. I'm not 100% sure but i am leaning towards turnstone???? I'm not very good at id's so any help much appreciated Thanx :-)
  3. pinky & rosie

    bop- merseyside.

    Hey there any help much appreciated. At this minute i have the biggest bop in my garden but unfortunately my camera has decided not to work!! It is bigger than a sparrowhawk, much bigger. Its neck looks lighter. Its bill looks light but darker near the tip which is hooked, slightly and its...
  4. pinky & rosie

    LBJ merseyside today

    Hi just wondering does anybody have an opinion on this lbj? Its beak was orange-ish as was its legs pic is not too good but worth a try thanx
  5. pinky & rosie


    Could people please put locations in their thread titles please!! i know there are already many threads regarding this but people still seem to take no notice. It can be very tiresome constantly opening threads to find they are from a part of the world you have no idea about and therefore are...
  6. pinky & rosie

    id please, merseyside

    Just goin through some old pics and came across this one. Can anyone tell me what it is please?? Not very good at lbj's. Thanx
  7. pinky & rosie

    ID help please, Merseyside today.

    Hi I apologise for the rubbish photo but there is a quite large bird that flies over the back of my garden regularly. I can't make out if it is a raptor, crow or anything! I'm not very good id-ing when they are a distance and/or in flight really. It really is a rubbish photo but somebody...
  8. pinky & rosie

    Another id - merseyside

    This time i have a photo!!! YAY!!!! Think i know but don't want to say for fear of looking really thick! lol!
  9. pinky & rosie

    ID help please, Merseyside today.

    Sorry i have no pic but think i can manage a pretty good description. it was sparrow sized and similar colour except for white-ish lines on the wing and a bright yellow line above each eye. Is it possibly a yellowhammer or am i completely wrong?
  10. pinky & rosie

    id please - today merseyside, marshside

    Sorry for being a pain on what i am sure is a really obvious id. Is this tufted duck? Photo isn't too good but any ideas greatly appreciated Thanx
  11. pinky & rosie

    id please - today merseyside, marshside

    any ideas on this one please. I'm thinking shoveler but there was a mega debate in the hide over it thanx
  12. pinky & rosie

    ID help please, Merseyside today.

    Could anybody tell me what kind of tits these are please? I am thinking long-tailed but have never had long tailed in my garden before. The photo isn't too good sorry Thanx Also i've been told that i won't get a variety of birds in mt garden as its too "open plan" any ideas on how to improve??
  13. pinky & rosie

    id please, merseyside

    Hiya spotted this today near our local park any ideas??? Thanx not the best picture i know but the only one i could manage
  14. pinky & rosie

    Help with id - merseyside

    Hi I apologise in advance for the lack of photo and the rubbish description i am about to give. On my way to the local shops i pass an area of land that is quite bare except for a small abount of youngish trees and every week bold as brass is this bird of prey although i have no idea wot it...
  15. pinky & rosie


    Hi was just wondering whether any of u experts have been to the rspb reserve at Conwy N. Wales? I am debating going out there tomorrow but have been told by a few people it is a wasted journey as nothing much goes on although according to their website there have been a fair few sightings. Any...
  16. pinky & rosie

    Prescott Reservoirs

    Hi was wondering if anybody could give me directions to Prescott Resevoirs. I know Cables retail Park but that is it so any help would be fab many thanx
  17. pinky & rosie

    bird of prey liverpool england

    Can anybody please help i am 99% certain i know wot this is but another person has said something different it was in my garden this morning eating wot appeared to be half a pigeon. Just to settle an argument really thanx
  18. pinky & rosie

    id help norfolk

    my friend spotted this and took pic i don't really have any details except it was on a campsite in norfolk.. It was just over farmland if that is any help Thanx !!
  19. pinky & rosie

    Eagle Owls Southport & Mahull

    Just though people might be interested to know there have been several sightings of eagle owls in southport and maghull. They are 2 different birds as they have been spotted at the same time in both locations. More and more appear HOORAY FOR EAGLE OWLS!!!!
  20. pinky & rosie

    yet another id sorry!

    Took this one at martin mere but i am really not sure what it is as it appears to have some sort of crest but i could be wrong