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    Nepal - Pulchowki

    Does anyone know whether Phulchowki is safe again to visit on your own, or is a police escort still required. For several years there were reports of robberies, thugs, etc. This seems to have improved, but not sure. Jeff
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    Birding in Ulaan Baator area - Mongolia

    Hi I will have a full day to do some birding in/around Ulaan Baator. I won't have time to go to Terelj. From reading trip reports and some blog I found several areas that might interesting for birding: 1. Mongolica Hotel and surroundings - this appears to be the best spot for a decent...
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    Gabon birds - ID Help wanted

    Hi, The raptor photos (all the same bird) are from Lope national park, bird flying right above the hotel. I think it is juv/immature Ayres's Hawk Eagle, but not sure. The small bird is from Mikongo, taken at night in the middle of the forest. Yellow-browed Camaroptera?? Juvenile of some...
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    More LBJs - Pawnee NG and Salt Lake City area

    Here are a few more from August / Sept 2017 Photo 5B is from the Bear River Bird Migration Refuge The bird was feeding in a half dry marshy area (not grassland). Photos 8A and 8B are Antelope Island State Park (September 15) The wing bars appear to be off-white; maybe Dusky Flycatcher...
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    LBJs from Yellowstone/ Grand teton

    A few LBJs from an August/September 2017 trip: Photos 1: a juvenile sparrow ? Photo was taken near Alum Creek in Hayden Valley, Yellowstone Photos 2: photos from Mormon Row in Grand Teton. 2B and 2D are different birds but in the same flock. I think these are Brewer’s Sparrows. I have...
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    Arizona birds ID request

    Hi Attached are some photos from an Arizona trip in late May / early June this year. My first trip to the USA, so I was not 100% sure about some sparrows, vireos and flycatchers. Here is a first batch: Photo 1: taken at Florida Wash near Madera Canyon Looks like a Botteri’s Sparrow to...
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    RFI - Wyoming in September

    Hi, I will be visiting Yellowstone/Teton late August/early September this year but will also have time to visit to visit other parts of Wyoming and Badlands NP/Custer State Park in South Dakota. Ventures into southern Montana, northern Colorado or southeast Idaho would be possible too. Can...
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    RFI - Planning a trip in Wyoming in September

    Hi, I will be visiting Yellowstone/Teton in late Agust/early September this year but will also have time to visit to visit other parts of Wyoming and Badlands NP/Custer State Park in South Dakota. Ventures into southern Montana, northern Colorado or southeast Idaho would be okay too. Can...
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    ID Flycatchers - Southeast Peru - Amazon

    Here are two more photos of difficult flycatchers taken in southeast Peru in the Amazon (Los Amigos Biological Station, July 2015). Photos are not great (very cropped images). Photo 1 and 2 are the same bird (bird was fairly low, about 3-4 meters above the ground, would sally for insects but...
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    Which Remote Amazonian Place to go to in Ecuador - Cuyabeno / Kapawi / Other?

    Hi, I am looking into a trip to Ecuador and did some research on the Amazonian lodges. Enough info on Napo River/North Yasuni lodges (La Selva, Sacha, Napo Wc, Shiripuno, etc.) but what about the less well known areas in Ecuador. As always I am equally interested in mammals and birds, so...
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    ID Help - Peru - Part 4: Los AMigos

    One more from Los Amigos. Maybe Brown-crested Flycatcher, which is an uncommon austral migrant in the area. Any thoughts? Cheers, Sjef
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    ID Help - Peru - Part 3: Los AMigos

    Hi, A few more from Los Amigos: LA 05 I think this is a Fuscous Flycatcher, but not sure? The bill appeared all black/dark (photo suggests slightly otherwise). LA 06A/B: this Woodcreeper was first seen at a closer distance (no photos) and appeared largish and long-tailed, so I though...
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    ID Help - Peru - Part 2: Los AMigos

    Hi, My second post with photos from Peru, all these photos were taken in the Los Amigos Concession Area along the Madre de Dios (between Manu NP and Puerto Maldonado). LA 01 In the field I thought it was just the “ regular” Buff-throated Woodcreeper, but the photos made me doubt, maybe...
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    ID Help - Peru - Part 1: Tapiche and Manu

    Hi Attached is a first post out of four with photos of birds I took on a recent trip in Peru. Pictures labeled Tap were taken in Tapiche reserve, 400 km south of Iquitos. Mostly varzea and (palm) swamp forest and small areas with terra firme. The Manu photo was taken on the Manu Road but...
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    China - Buzzard ID

    Hi, I first thought that these two birds were Long-legged Buzzards, but I think Upland Buzzard is actually more likely. Birds were seen about 100 km west of Dulan on the edge of the Qaidam basin/Kunlun Mountains. Birds were seen on August 15 but Long-legged appears to be a winter visitor in...
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    Juvenile Starling - China

    Hi, I only have these three poor pictures shot through the front window of the car hence the not very sharp photos. This could be a juvenile Daurian or Rosy Starling imo. I lean more towards Rosy Starling, but these pictures do not quite match any of my images in the field guides for both...
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    Lark IDs, China

    Hi, Attached are photos of two lark species. The bird on the ground seems to be a Hume's short-toed lark. Photo was taken in Wild Yak Valley (Golmud area) in Qinghai. The bird in flight was photographed in the northeastern corner of Koko Nor, the massive lake west/northwest of Xining...
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    Eastern Imperial or Golden Eagle, China

    Hi, Photos are from Wild Yak Valley "near" Golmud in Qinghai province in China. Which eagle is this? Best wishes, Sjef
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    Malawi: Hawk-Eagle, Hyliota, Flycatcher, Buzzard ID

    Hi, The attached photos were made in November 2013 in Malawi. Hawk-eagle I think it is a juvenile African Hawk-Eagle, but just realized that juvenile Ayres Hawk-Eagle is another option, but still convinced that it is African. Can anyone confirm? Hawk-eagle photo taken in Mount Mulanje...
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    Birding Stelvio, Adamello Brenta, PN Lessinia and Lake Garda area

    Hi, I will visit Stelvio, Adamello Brenta, PN Lessinia and Lake Garda area in the last week of May. I could find little useful information on the internet and all birding guides for Italy are out of print at the moment (or excessively expensive 2nd hand). Can anyone give me accurate...