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    Windows 10 Lightroom problem

    It turns out that when I checked the version on the W10 PC it was v5.0. I had to contact Adobe support and they remotely installed v5.7.1. I also installed the camera raw update. It now imports correctly. Thanks for the help.
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    Windows 10 Lightroom problem

    With Microsoft dropping support for windows 7, I was forced to buy a PC with windows 10. I was able to install LR 5.7, but when I try to import photos from my Canon 7Dii it refuses to recognize the .CR2 files. Any suggestions?
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    Vortex body construction

    Thank you for these responses. the Athlon Midas is ~$300 and out of consideration. The Opticrons seem to be a possibility, but the Vortex is available locally to handle, and without any direct comparison comments (and with the VIP warranty) , I have recomended the Vortex Crossfire at <$150 and...
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    Vortex body construction

    Response today from Vortex: Thank you for writing and for your interest in Vortex Optics! The most up-to-date information I have from our Design Team is that the current Diamondback has polycarbonate tubes with an aluminum hinge, while the Crossfire is entirely polycarbonate. I would still be...
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    Vortex body construction

    I have been asked to recommend an inexpensive bino after giving a talk on birding. Can someone confirm the body materials for the Vortex Crossfire 8X42 and the Diamondback new 8X32? I cannot find it listed anywhere. Also how would they compare to the Celstron Nature DX 8X42 (polycarbonate) and...
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    Canon 7D Mk II is announced and available for pre-order

    Please see my previous post. Do not assume the values will be the same. You will have to redo MFA settings, at least that is my experience.
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    7d m11 firmware

    I have today updated my firmware and agree that it may be important to redo the MFA, which changed the most for the 100-400L lens. This may explain the mixed results associated with the new 1.04 firmware.
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    Canon 7D Mk II is announced and available for pre-order

    For BIF settings, I suggest to check my postings of April 13 & 14. You can't get worse light nor a busier background than the shots of the spoonbill. The advantage of the new focus system in the Mk2 is that it will focus on the nearest object within the zone you have selected and ignore the...
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    Canon 7D Mk II is announced and available for pre-order

    For BIF, I preset C3 to [email protected]/1600. Auto ISO. Auto lighing optimizer-low. I delimit ISO, shutter speeds and apertures to those suitable for BIF. Focus priority for 1st and next shots.10 fps. Case 2, but [email protected] Central zone points active. It seems to me that one will not see the big advantage of...
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    Canon 7D Mk II is announced and available for pre-order

    Picasa link @ https://picasaweb.google.com/115251316004909097061/JonDickinsonParkJupiterBeachRiverbendPark?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCICc5LDIpvTFJA&feat=directlink The ScrubJay photos were taken in AM flat light. The Spoonbill photos were part of 20 BIF taken at dusk, 1/800 f:5.6, auto ISO varied...
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    Postprocessing - what software?

    I also use Lightroom. If you decide to try it, I recommend the Tony Northrup Training module. It can be downloaded for $10, and gives you access to video explanations. There are videos also from the Adobe website, and if you look at them first, it should give you a good idea of what Lightroom...
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    7D draining battery.

    Have had problems with battery communication on 7D, replaced with Canon battery in the summer and seemed better. Just after getting the MK II, "cannot communicate with battery" again and the battery discharged. This is a manufacture defect problem with a loose screw on the bottom circuit board...
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    Canon 7D Mk II is announced and available for pre-order

    Picked up 7/D-Mkii on end of year inventory discount. Still learning to use it on backyard birds. Weather to remain either rainy or very cold for another week. Any advice on settings would be appreciated. I do woodland birding on perched birds, and set up C3 for BIF. My charger is exactly the...
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    Canon 7D Mk II is announced and available for pre-order

    There is a review of the Canon 7DII on the Ken Rockwell blog. Of course he has no idea of the requirements for birding, but he has some details I have not seen elsewhere.
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    Canon SX60?

    The Canon SX60 is announced on the Canon USA web site.
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    Canon 7d v2 firmware

    Details of the new firmware upgrade posted today (6/28) on Canon/usa website. To be made available in August.
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    Camera backpack recommendations

    Look for M-Rock bags. They have sturdy backpacks in several sizes for less than Lowepro prices.
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    New PC recommendation

    First decision is to make sure what existing soft can be re-installed to work in Windows 7. You can go to the windows site and do a compatibility check. Then you need to decide between W7 32 bit and 64 bit. 32 bit may be more compatible with existing soft but will limit you to 4 GB max of RAM...
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    Oh No! my precious 100-400 L !!!!

    My 100-400 locking ring failed in Jan. I tried the excellent suggestion by Keith Reeder, but found it awkward so I have sent it off for repair while birding is slow here in the summer.. Quick estimate from Canon of $318 and total turnaround with shipping of 10 days..When I complained of the...
  20. Palm Warbler

    Palm Warbler

    Palm Warbler at Magee Marsh OH