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    Mt. Mitutouge/Mitsutoge

    I'd like to share some good experiences in the Mt. Fuji area, at Mt. Mitutouge/Mitsutoge. On the 3rd of July, I went there to find a Japanese Leaf Warbler and scored in 15 minutes. Two more territories were discovered later on. Remarkably, there was also a Japanese Night Heron at the first site...
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    Sunda Coucal/Muara Angke

    Here is an update to an already closed thread: I recently (18th JUly) visited Muara Angke, Jakarta, on the 18th of July, and scored with a Sunda Coucal. The bird was warming itself up in a sunny spot on a mid-canopy branch, appearing at 6.40 AM and staying there for 45 minutes. Javan White-eay...
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    Dulit Frogmouth/Bakelalan?

    I will be visiting Bakelalan, Sarawak, next July, in search for the Dulit Frogmouth. Would anybody know where the usual site for the species is located in the valley? I suppose it is relatively close to the airfield and Apple Lodge. The information (private or public) would be most useful for...
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    Subandi Homestay

    About one month ago, I contacted Mr. Pak Subandi of Subandi Homestay (Kerisik Tua), about organizing my visit at Kerinci Valley (Sumatra). He is well known as 'the man' for the area. There was a brief reply, an ok and a promise that he would pick me up in Padang, but my subsequent emails have...
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    2015 trip reports

    Hi, I visited Togabo and Trinidad in July, on an independent tour. Here are links to my trip reports http://www.bongariliitto.fi/files/7296/Tobago_July_2015_Hottola_P.pdf http://www.bongariliitto.fi/files/7297/Trinidad_July_August_2015_Hottola_P.pdf Sorry, I could not be more positive about...
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    Some updates

    In an attempt to add some life to this section, I present four links to my recent trip reports on Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Lucia and Martinique: http://www.bongariliitto.fi/files/7293/Grenada_July_2015_Hottola_P.pdf http://www.club300.se/Files/TravelReports/STVincent15.pdf...
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    Recent Barbados visit

    For those looking for the Barbados Bullfinch, check a short report at http://www.club300.se/Files/TravelReports/Barbados15.pdf
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    N Missouri trip report

    I have recently published trip report at http://www.bongariliitto.fi/files/7299/USA_Missouri_July_2015_Hottola_P.pdf It may give people some ideas in regard to birding in Northern Missouri, Dunn Ranch and Squaw Creek NWR in particular. As a tourist in the area, I could not help noticing a...
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    Bohol update

    For those frustrated by the old Bohol thread, there is an update of the situation in Bilar, Rajah Sikatuna and Habitat Bohol (formerly, simply butterflies) at http://www.bongariliitto.fi/files/7311/Filippiinit_Bohol_2015_Hottola_P.pdf
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    Yellow Bunting/Karuizawa?

    Apparently nobody knows any Japanese Yellow Bunting habitats in Mt. Fuji area, or is willing to share. What about Karuizawa? It is a large area. Any ideas of their breeding or post-breeding favorite areas in Karuizawa, please?
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    Yellow Bunting/Tokyo area?

    Hi! It would be great to try to see a Yellow Bunting this summer, during a two day stop-over in Tokyo. Would anybody know any recently productive site? (If the site is a sensitive one, I could be contacted by private message). I know they are in Karuizawa. The Ashinoko site would be my...
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    Fuerteventura; a new species for the WP?

    Hi, while at Costa Calma, Fuerteventura, 12th of March, I encountered this dove at the middle section of the 'Costa Calma Woodland', the planted woods long the coastal highway. It probably still is there, if alive, as there are limited sources of food and water in the area. To me, it looks...
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    Vinaceous Dove? Fuerteventura update

    Hi, while at Costa Calma, Fuerteventura, few days ago, I encountered this dove at the middle section of the 'Costa Calma Woodland', the planted woods long the coastal highway. To me, it looks much like a Vinaceous Dove, based on 1) structure in comparison to a Eurasian Collared Dove which...
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    Forthcoming trip report

    Hi! I recently finished a nine day self-made tour of South Korea, and plan to publish a detailed report before spring. The weather conditions were interesting, with -5C - 15C on the west and southwest, between Seosan and Gocheonam, with up to 20 cm of snow. In contrast, the north and southeast...
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    Kyushu in December

    Hi! Planning to visit Japan, one of my favorite destinations, in December, I would be grateful for some site information on Kyushu. I am primarily looking for two species: 1. Japanese (Green) Woodpecker Having so far failed with this species, last time in June in Chiba, any site in addition...
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    Narita side/Chiba

    Hi, in late June, I plan to stop in Tokyo to access the Izu Islands and to see the Japanese Reed Buntings and Marsh Warblers at Tonegawa. After hopefully completing this, I should still have a full day to look for a common species not yet on my Japanese List: a Japanese Green Woodpecker. Would...