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  1. DavidP

    Gamebird in garden Hampshire

    Does anyone have an idea of what bird this might be, found its way to a suburban garden in Southampton. I'm assuming ist some sort of quail and maybe escaped from gamebird rearers, but just a guess. California quail? Thanks David
  2. DavidP

    Different colour morphs in red squirrels

    I've just started to get some squirrels nicking nuts from the peanut feeder in the garden. I don't mind too much as I quite like to see them. The thing is the one I saw today was quite dark in colour, not really black but a very dark brown. The usual squirrel (Cyril) that I see around the garden...
  3. DavidP

    Fungi field guides

    Does anyone have any particular suggestions for field guides for British fungi. I'm very much a beginner and would like to make an attempt at some identifications whilst out and about. If possible it should be limited to British species as I doubt I will be traveling across Europe looking for...
  4. DavidP

    Wild flower guide book for the UK

    Does anyone have any recommendations for good wildflower guides for the UK. I'm most interested in fairly beginner level no key lists without illustrations. And if possible a guide that concentrates on the Uk without species that I'm unlikely to ever see. Thanks
  5. DavidP


    It seems that this site has been down for quite a while. Does anyone know if thats permanent? http://www.glamorganbirds.org.uk/ Thanks David
  6. DavidP

    Bats in daylight

    I saw a bat flying at noon yesterday on a bright Spring day at Dynefwr castle in Llandeilo. Seemed to going after insects and I think catching them. Is that unusual, not something I've seen before. Is it fairly common. David
  7. DavidP

    Spare parts for 700rc2 Head

    Stupidly I've gone and lost the screw head for the side of my 700RC2 that controls the up and down movement of the head. Does anyone have any idea if I can order a spare screw head (nut) for that and if thats possibel where from. Thanks David
  8. DavidP

    Trip to Durham North Carolina

    I'll be spending a few days in North Carolina based in Durham at Duke university for a few days soon. Should be able to get a couple of days off at the weekend to take a trip somewhere from there as well. Anybody have any suggestions for areas close to or in Durham and also possible 2 day trips...
  9. DavidP

    San Diego birds

    I know this is a difficult photo but does anyone know what might be the likely candidates. Has a really long tail. This was photographed in San Diego, southern California just recently but have been seen regularly at this locale. Thanks Dave
  10. DavidP

    Winter geese and the EU

    I saw on some news sites that the EU and US are negotiating agricultural subsidies at the moment in Switzerland and looks like there may be a reduction in subsidies. They mentioned that sugar production is subsidised quite a lot 3x world price in Eu and probably the same if not more in the US...
  11. DavidP

    Is this a hooded oriole

    I photographed this female feeding a fledgling in my garden in southern california. I think its a hooded oriole but not really 100% sure. Anybody care to confirm. Thanks David
  12. DavidP

    UK only butterfly guide

    British Isles only butterfly guide I was wondering what the general consensus of opinion was on which is the best British butterfly guide, also possibly moths too. I shan't be travelling in Europe and I'd rather cut out the species I'm unlikely to see. Thanks David
  13. DavidP

    Birding Mendocino Fort Bragg Northern California

    I'm going up to Fort Bragg on the coast in northern California for a few days. Any particular suggestions about places to go. I hear the Mendocino botanic gardens is a good place to go. Thanks in advance David
  14. DavidP

    British field guides

    Planning on taking a trip to the Uk this summer. I wonder what everyone would recommend as a good field guide for the Uk. Reading past threads I purchased the paperback version of the Collins guide which I think is great, but it is a little large for field use, the type and illustrations are on...