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    Bulgarian Dragonfly ID

    Could be a Greek Goldenring?
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    American Birding Books (some I bought in from USA)

    There is a listing in the classified forum offering a variety of American birding books. Some of these are not available in the UK and were originally priced in dollars. They are all around half the price I paid in Pounds Sterling. I particularly recommend the four books by Pete Dunne, who is...
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    A field guide to the RARE BIRDS of Britain and Europe.

    I have a very good copy of this book available for £12 plus £2.50 Postage. I covered the front and back of the book with cellophane when new so the covers are in clean condition. I also have quite a few American birding books by Phoebe Snetsinger and others. If interested I can send you a list...
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    Hawker in Northumberland ID please

    The British Dragonfly Society website has photographs of all the British species, mostly with shots of both males and females. Very useful for ID purposes.;) http://www.dragonflysoc.org.uk
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    Wanted: Steve Brooks book.

    I am looking for a used copy of Steve Brooks's book ' Field guide to the Dragonflies and Damselflies of Great Britain and Ireland'. Please state price, delivery cost and condition via a Birdforum message if you have a copy to sell. Thanks. Instant payment via Paypal.
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    Pentax Papilios experience anyone?

    I have a variety of binoculars including Canon IS and 8.5x EL's. My 6.5x Papilio's were a retirement present to myself :o)) They are superb, a magnificent achievement by Pentax. I find myself opting to use them whenever the weather is fine and there is the likelihood of insect watching, in...
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    Entomological equipment & books; Wanted or for Sale

    Thanks. I have now bought a copy from fellow Birdforum member Cliffhanger. o:)
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    Entomological equipment & books; Wanted or for Sale

    Thanks Harry, made an enquiry, awaiting reply.
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    Entomological equipment & books; Wanted or for Sale

    Book Wanted I would like to buy a copy of 'Butterflies and Dragonflies - A site guide' by Paul Hill and Colin Twist. This book was published in 1997.
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    Pentax Papilio comparisons

    Perfect Papilio! I have had a 6.5x for several weeks now. They are little short of fabulous. I have 8x25 Opticron LE that are narrow field, so opted for the 7.5 degree field of the 'small' Pentax. They are bright, sharp and a pleasure to use. Because my eyes are quite close together, they feel...
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    Site Guide for Butterflies

    I read on an old thread that there is a site guide by Colin Twist and Paul Hill. Can anyone tell me the title and if its still available. Thanks.
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    I have used the booster on my Nikon scope. In an emergency it can make the difference between getting an ID or being left forever wondering..............
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    Celestron Ultima 80 ED? (Help!)

    Looking at pictures of this scope, I would hazard a guess that it is made by Vixen, and is an Opticron clone.
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    Bit the bullet - ordered PF-65ED

    Apogee sell another zoom at $70 that I can thoroughly recommend. I think it is a 22-9mm and is great bang for the buck.
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    Focal Length of Nikon 80mm Sky and Earth?

    Does anyone know the focal length of the 80mm Nikon Sky and Earth spotting scope? Alternatively the focal length of the 33x Wide Angle eyepiece for this scope would help. Thanks in advance. Henry, are you there?
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    Experiencing image size in scopes and binoculars

    There is an instant cure for the problem of preferring two eyes. Buy yourself a small Mak, such as the Meade ETX90, then acquire a binoviewer and a pair of eyepieces. Hey presto, you have a two-eyed telescope, and it is brilliant! I have a small mak I use mainly for astronomy, but I have used...
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    Eyepiece query for ED78

    At one time or another, I have owned every eyepiece Nikon has ever made for its fieldscopes, and still have most of them. I have been using the 78ED since its introduction and now have my second one, having taken advantage of the clearance price to obtain a new one. The MC2 zoom is, to my eye...
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    Accelerated focus on EL

    Has anybody on the forum had the slow focus modified by Swarovski to speed up the focus on their older 42mm models. If so, how much did Swarovski charge for the privilege of putting right what I regard as a design fault?
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    Big decision: 10x vs 8x/7x

    The obvious answer to this perrenial problem is the Leica Duovid or a good zoom bino. I have tried, and been impressed with the 8-10x Duovid. Another solution is the Canon 10x36 IS, I have one of these and for windy days or flying birds there is nothing better.
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    top 5 bins. every one please vote.

    1. Swarovski 8.5x42 EL, Superb all rounder, now that the focus has been sorted. 2. Nikon 8x32 SE, Brilliant binoculars, spoilt by too much eye relief causing blackouts. 3. Canon 10x36 IS, excellent for windy days and flying birds. The stability system comes into its own, and is better...