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    Nikon rumour

    It’s getting close to the period when historically Nikon release new products, there is already rumours of a new entry DSLR model equipped with HD video and standard lens. Not 100% certain that’s a good idea, especially with the new compacts from Sony and the emergence of zoom compacts. I hope...
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    VAT Rise

    It’s going to be interesting to see how retailers respond to the mini-budget, which is due in June. With the VAT possibility of being raised to 20% with immediate effect, the prospect of affordable DSLR equipment starts to look foreboding for those who cannot offset the purchase, especially...
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    Nikon's new Ad Campaign

    I see Nikon are about to roll-out a new Campaign based on the slogan 'I am Nikon' next week. Expect to see it on their Events Sponsorship deals, websites and literature. Odd that they chose to pre-launch the new Coolpixs before the new identity was revealed. I've come up with my own slogan...
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    Watch out with the 15% VAT

    Just a note to keep a check on the prices concerning VAT. On November 10, Nikon's D700 was @ 17.5% = £1567.00 at WE, that's £233.38 VAT. That gives it a cost to a business of £1333.62 Today it's £1550.00 @ 15% = £202.17 VAT. That gives it a cost to a business of £1347.83. If we take the...
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    ADVICE ON 40D Problem

    I’m seeking some advice with a problem on a friends new Canon 40D, being a Nikon user (no pun intended) I’ve not come across this with a camera. I wonder if anybody had encountered a similar problem with this make. Faultfinding is never an easy process and finding a remedy is more pragmatic if...
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    Battleships_17_it's Back

    Just for Teamsaint and the team he supports. Battleships is back, the rules are simple. Somewhere in this blue sky is a Honey Buzzard. Guess a square, and I'll do the rest. Open to everyone, so have a guess.
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    Credit Crunch & D700

    Checked out the cost of the D700 yesterday. £1635.00 at WE, which is OK. £1615 on Amazon, again OK. Checked today £1564.99 on Amazon. Use the 120% discount and get it at £1550.88 at WE, with the years credit. Whether Amazon are clearing stock, or there's a price surge, don't know.
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    D700 cost

    I see that the price is starting to come down. Still not as low as in the States. If we can resist buying Canon and Nikon on pre-orders, maybe we might start to get a more realistic retail price for all of us!
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    BATTLESHIPS_16_A quicky

    Morning All, Just for you Sue (Merry Chrimbel to you as well). This should take you all no time to get before Christmas. I'm banning BirderBF, for being part of the X-Files. I'm banning Teamsaint for supporting Soton. A Booted Eagle just happened to pass by, guess the square. P
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    Somewhere in the blue was a Starling. Guess the square. If BF gets it on the first go, I'm giving up. P
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    Credit Legislation

    Credit Legislation An interesting law ruling was overturned by the European Law Lords yesterday, which might interest people who buy on line and never receive their goods. They ruled that the Credit Banks are now liable to reimburse the purchaser if these goods fail to turn-up. Before the...
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    BATTLESHIPS_14_Just for Teamsaint!

    After many pleading letters and emails… . It’s back, thanks to Teamsaint for increasing my Bank Account, a very generous donation. It's an easy one, just to get you back in the swing again. Somewhere in this picture there is an Avocet, it could be anywhere, flying, partly hidden or a figment...
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    BATTLESHIPS_13_Must try harder

    Right here we go again. Somewhere in the grey skies of Hampshire was a Common Buzzard. Pick your squares. I've taking in a 'João' theory! P
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    BATTLESHIPS_12_The return

    Morning all, Somewhere in this blue sky was a Red Kite. Pick your square. You'll have the whole weekend to decide. P
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    Morning everyone, Let's see if Birderbf can get this for Monday, are you all up for it? Somewhere in this picture is a Red Breasted Meganser, choose the square. Regards P
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    BATTLESHIPS_10...The Remake

    I thought that I would leave you all something to do over the weekend. Somewhere in this image was a Lapwing. Guess the square he was in. Have a good weekend all. Expect great things of you Dafi. P
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    BATTLESHIPS_9...The sequel!

    Hi folks, Have a go at this one, I think that this is hard, but you'll get it in the first go just to prove me wrong. This is the first frame (and only) of a sequence of an attack on duck by two birds of prey. A Merlin and Marsh Harrier. The Merlin started it, the Harrier finished the job...
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    Opportunity Knocks_7

    Let's have another go, If we can get at least one round in before the weekend. Let's have a quick game before I go on hoiday. THIS THE OPENING ROUND Dead easy bird, common UK resident, but getting less abundant in Hampshire. Everybody will get this bird. Choose 3 or 1 square to play for...
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    BATTLESHIPS_8...It just got personal!

    Right folks, let's go, Somewhere in this photo was a Teal. Dafi, it was a male in winter plumage. Pick your squares. Good luck. P
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    Opportunity Knocks_6

    Morning folks Two to play. Let's try and get at least one round in before the weekend. Same rules. Open 1 or 3 squares to play the next round. THIS IS THE OPENING ROUND Everyone should get this bird, my favourite bird at the moment, it is a UK bird. Those overseas will get it, but I will...