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    Goshawk camera trap footage

    We got some interesting camera trap footage of a juvenile Goshawk in Aberdeenshire in recent weeks. It reappeared three times over ten days, seemingly engaged in some form of play-hunting. Note this was not at or especially close to a known (to us) nest site. One clip can be viewed on the...
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    Grey-headed Woodpecker sites near Frankfurt

    Does anyone have info on good Grey-headed Woodpecker sites within an hour or so drive from Frankfurt? Hazelhen too as a long shot? This is for a trip at start of September. Many thanks Nick
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    Low cost digiscoping camera - Nikon P340?

    My old digiscoping compact has packing in. I'm looking for a low cost digi-scoping camera mainly for record shots of distant birds on the sea, darvic rings, etc. - basically stuff that is beyond the range of my bridge camera (Cannon SX50). To use with Swarovski ATX80 with 25-50 eyepiece and I...
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    NE Scotland Mammal Atlas - request for photos

    We are currently in the final stages of producing a mammal atlas for North East Scotland which will cover Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen City, Moray and the whole of the Cairngorms National Park. The atlas will be published next spring and will be full colour throughout with lots of photos. We are...
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    Iceland March 2015 - general advice

    We're off to Iceland 8-12 March. We're planning to be just in the west: Keflavík/Reykjavik up to Grundarfjörður/Kolgrafafjörður (to look for Orcas), etc. Having not been to Iceland before, I wonder if anyone can help with these questions: 1. I know the weather is unpredictable but is a...
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    RFI: Tenerife cetacean trips

    Probably going to be on Tenerife for a few days week after next. Does anyone have recommendations as to the best options for whale and dolphin trips? Which operators are most focused on finding cetaceans (as opposed to sunbathing, etc.)? Thanks Nick
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    Mouse at Andujar, Spain

    Filmed this mouse on a camera trap at Andujar, Andalicia, southern Spain this week. Can only attach a very short clip here due to file size limits but there is another video at https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=614370882012446&set=vb.465483193567883&type=2&theater Can anyone give an...
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    Hare identification - Italy

    Does anyone know which species of hare one is most likely to see in Abruzzo National Park, Itlay? This animal (plus a couple others) was on the road near the petrol station a few kms north of Pescasseroli a few days back. My mammal field guide shows both Brown and Corsican for this area but the...
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    Rock Partridge central Italy - request for information

    We're off to Italy in early June - flying in and out of Rome and spending most time in and around Abruzzo National Park. Does anyone have any good gen on where to look for Rock Partridge? One trip report describes finding the species in the Parco Regionale Sirente Velino but does not give...
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    Lang's Short-tailed Blue - Gran Canaria

    Does anyone know about the status of Lang's Short-tailed Blue on the Canary Islands? Collins Butterfly Guide (Tolman & Lewington, 2008) says "Not recorded from Atlantic Islands" but a very quick web search finds mention of it from Fuerteventura. I photographed what appears to be this species...
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    Gran Canaria seabirds, February

    I'm probably going to be on Gran Canaria in mid-February. Does anyone know if there is any chance of any of the Canarian seabirds around then (petrels, Little Shearwater)? Has anyone had any seabird success on inter-island ferries in February or am I as well just trying the dolphin trips out of...
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    House (Mountain) Bunting, December RFI

    I'm got a week in December - probably mainly Dead Sea/Negev/Eilat. Does anyone know if House/Mountain Buntings are on Dead Sea breeding sites (e.g. Salvadora Wadi or other suggestions) at this time of year? Site guides also mention areas around Eilat, e.g. Cemetry (Gosney) and Edomit Palace...
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    Sumava, Bohemia - RFI

    Got a few days in Czech Republic in early/mid July. I've got both the Gorman books (Birding in Eastern Europe and Where to Watch Birds in Eastern Europe) and fancy trying my luck at Sumava the SW of the country (in the Bohemia region). From the books, it seems that the Boubín primeval forest is...
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    North America mammal book recommendation

    Off to California in a few weeks, birding and general bodging about. Was looking also into getting a North America mammal field guide. A search on Amazon throws up a Peterson Guide (2006), a Kaufman Guide (2007) and a Princetown Guide (2009). Does anyone have a recommendation from among these...
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    Info requested on Lesser Flamingo, Doñano

    I'm off to southern Portugal and adjacent bits of Spain later in July. One species I'm interested in is Lesser Flamingo. "Rare Birds in Spain" website reports the following: "There were four adults at Veta la Palma, Espacio Natural de Doñana, La Puebla del Río, Sevilla, on 20.6 (José Luis...
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    southern Portugal pelagic trips

    Hi all, I'm spending a week birding in southern half of Portugal and over into Extremadura at end of July. I'm flying in and out of Faro. I'm tempted by the possibility of fitting in a pelagic trip on the first or last day. I've seen mention both of dedicated birding pelagics being organised...
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    Opticron ES80ED eyepiece advise

    I have has an Opticron ES80ED for several years and am very happy with it. I bought it with a 20-60x HDF eyepiece (code 40862) but was disappointed with the field of view and soon also bought a 2nd hand 32x HDF (40809). I now use the 'scope virtually exclusively with the 32X and only put the...
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    Warbler sp. Isreal

    Attached pics are of a warbler last week in Israel. Looked interesting at the time though I didn't have time to give it a proper grilling. Just got around to downloading pics and to my eyes it certainly looks pretty like a candidate for Blyth's Reed. Problem is I have no pics showing wings...
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    Finding Laurel Pigeon on Tenerife

    I'm off to Tenerife for 4 days in mid December. I know it is not the best time of year but I am keen to find the two Canary-endemic pigeons. I've got the "where to watch" guides by Clarke and del Rey but note some trip reports also mention an apparently excellent site for Laurel Pigeon called...