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  1. K

    Buff-bellied Pipit, Queen Mother Res', Berkshire

    A couple of this stunner from today. Cheers, Sam
  2. K

    Guinea Pigs, Notts

    Just come across this, have Guinea Pigs ever been documented as "breeding" wild in the UK before (or at least living in a wild state)? Sam
  3. K

    ?? - Bempton, UK

    Answers on a postcard folks. Sam
  4. K

    White Stork, Standlake, Oxfordshire, 29th April 12

    A couple of quick ones from me, of the wide ranging White Storks while they were in Oxon (and because there was room, I thought I'd include one of the 5 BN Grebes just down the road). Sam
  5. K

    Tripod Recommendations

    Hi all, Being a teenager on a fairly average budget I wondered if anybody could recommend a tripod in the price range of around £300 or less. I would like the Feisol CT-3372 idealy but at present it is out of my price range at present. I've decided to go with the Lensmaster RH-2 as a head. I...
  6. K

    Non-reporting Convertors

    Hi everybody, I have recently bought a 100-400 IS USM L lens and am looking at purchasing a 1.4x convertor that will allow me to autofocus with it (I use it with a 40D). The best one I've found so far is the KenkoTeleplus MC4 DGX. Has anybody got any experience with it or have any suggestions...
  7. K

    500mm lens for around/under £1000

    Hi everybody, I have done a bit of research into value lenses but I am well and truly flummoxed! I would appreciate any advice into any lenses worth looking into. I would mainly use it for bird photography so quick focusing speeds, low f stop, low(ish) weight, 500mm etc would be useful. Many...
  8. K

    Rose-coloured Starling - Nottinghamshire??!!

    A report in Decembers Birdwatching Magazine on the Bird ID pages (includes a picture)! Only clues are "small Nottinghamshire village" and the names "Chris and Oliver Beacock". Clutching at straws here but does anybody have any further info? Cheers, Sam
  9. K

    Marston SW - info

    I will hopefully be able to pop up tomorrow but I have no idea where it is! I roughly know where the SW is but I have no idea about the hide, where to walk and view from etc. Thanks for any replies, Sam
  10. K

    Spotted Crake - Frampton

    I will be making a trip to Frampton tomorrow and I just wondered if anybody knows if the Spotted Crake is still present and if so, where abouts is the best place to view it from. Many thanks in advance, Sam
  11. K

    Ring-Billed Gull - Kings Mill Reservoir

    Sat 11th December according to Notts Birders. Anyone have any more information about it?