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  1. Jaysan

    Waders ID - Musselburgh, UK

    I would appreciate some help ID these waders photographed in Aug. The first bird was just smaller than the redshank it seemed to be teamed up with (say 23rds its size). Initially I thought it was a female ruff, but the leg is black. The second and third shots are of a tiny bird (? little stint)...
  2. Jaysan

    Gull ID (UK)

    Hello, I came across this image of a gull in a book of British birds (Bill Bailey). Very interesting facts on the artic tern and bar tailed godwit etc. This image was against the "black headed gull", but its legs are yellow and there is no white leading edge on its wings. Could someone confirm...
  3. Jaysan

    Has a sparrowhawk visited us?

    Hi. We feed birds in our garden. Mostly Goldfinches this year. But it has attracted a lot of pigeons which clear the mess left behind. Came home to find a dead pigeon, with feathers scattered everywhere. The next morning, the pigeons are back, but very skittish. A magpi has also been alarm...
  4. Jaysan

    Messy at the table

    This year I have been rather regular with the sunflower seeds and have got a few regular visitors. Sparrows, gold finches, tits and greenfinches use the feeder. A robin pops by occasionally. Dunnocks and Ferel/wood pigeons feed on anything the birds drop. When the small birds feed, the pigeons...
  5. Jaysan

    Magpie nest - with a roof

    Hi All, The past few years, I have lived in hope that a bird will nest in the alder tree opposite our home. The first year, a pair of wood pigeons started building a nest only for a pair of magpi to come along and help themselves to the sticks before the pigeons had a chance. The next year, a...
  6. Jaysan

    Wader ID please, Tulum, Mexico

    Dear All, I'm not sure what bird this is (taken April 2018). Was by itself on the seashore one evening. Would appreciate any help. With regards, Jaysan. (With photo this time:))
  7. Jaysan

    Great egret or juvenile little blue heron; Tulum, Mexico

    This is from a question I posted in bird behaviour (https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?p=3705092#post3705092 ). One of the responses was that the white bird may not be a great egret, but a juvenile little blue heron. I wonder if someone could help. At that time I thought the white bird...
  8. Jaysan

    Pied piper?

    I was in Tulum recently and saw this scene on a few days. One (possible) Great egret flying with numerous (possible) little blue herons following. Usually the egret was leading and the herons following. The egret was in the middle on one occasion, but seemed to be overtaking the rest. As I saw...
  9. Jaysan

    Bright orange finch like bird, Tulum, Mexico

    Hello, Saw this bird in the hotel we were staying in Tulum recently (April 2018). It was chipping away constantly and jumping and turning left and right at the same time. A yellow-throated warbler was keeping time with this bird almost like a double act. Not sure what was going on. And am...
  10. Jaysan

    Why can you not hear some bird songs?

    I was researching bull finch calls and how soft they are (discussed in another post). I was looking up how to record high and low frequency sounds when I came across this youtube video which is the sound from 20Hz to 20KHz. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNf9nzvnd1k I was surprised that I...
  11. Jaysan

    Bullfinch - Does it also sing in a frequence we cannot hear?

    Bullfinch - Does it also sing in a frequency we cannot hear? Hello, I wonder if anyone has some information on bullfinch songs please. I have found bullfinches difficult to hear when I am 20-30m away. I have always thought they have a very soft fluty sound. Today whilst photographing a...
  12. Jaysan

    Photographing from a boat

    Hello, In my recent trip to Madeira I went on a whale watching trip. Though we were unlucky, it wasnt a total failure as we did see Cory's shearwater and a Manx shearwater. We had around 2m swells and I was struggling to get a shot of the birds. As you can see the images are not clear. The...
  13. Jaysan

    Gull ID - Madeira

    Hello there. I am working through the pictures of gulls and came by one which caught my eye. Initially I thought the legs were black - but it may be in shade. It was a cloudy day. But there seems a black patch on the bill. Could this be a Juv. Ring billed gull by any chance? Thanks, Jaysan
  14. Jaysan

    RSPB HD 82 Vs other equivalent scopes

    Did not wish to start a new thread when there was a similar one, but I had a warning that it was too old. Hence here we go: I am thinking of buying a scope (I do wear glasses) and, I would prefer the money to go to RSPB if possible. I had a look at the RSPB HD scope and a Swaro some time ago...
  15. Jaysan

    Raptors in flight, TN, S. India

    Hi, Im bad at raptors - especially when they are in flight. Could you please check my ID. First two were seen in the foothills of Siruvani forest, Coimbatore, TN, S. India. I think are black kites. The rest were seen on the Nilgiri mountains, close to Geddai, in an area adjoining a reserve...
  16. Jaysan

    Small bird with a big beak - Coimbatore, TN, India

    Could some one ID this bird for me please? Coimbatore is in Tamil Nadu, S. India. Thanks , Jaysan
  17. Jaysan

    RSPB HDX 10x42: To buy or not to buy

    I am faced with the same old question - go for Swarovski or not. Having decided Swarovision if fantastic BUT not worth the price for me, I am back to RSPB HDX 10x42. Like it a lot, its a lot better than the RSPB HD10x42 I had earlier. The question is - should I look at other medium range bins...
  18. Jaysan

    Swift migration - BTO tracking data

    Amazing job by the guys at BTO. You may wish to see the info at http://www.bto.org/sites/default/files/u49/BTO_299_16-17Swifts.pdf?dm_i=IG4,U0AQ,4BMHD4,2GK0S,1 Cant believe the distances covered and the fact it can spend so much time without having to land. Happy reading.
  19. Jaysan

    Is this my first Meadow pipit? - Pentland hills, Scotland

    Hi, I think this may be a meadow pipit. Saw it on top of the Pentland hills (south of Edinburgh). Initially, I thought it was a skylark, but the fact it was not singing, and was not as skittish as the skylarks I have seen made me take another look. So, is this my first meadow pipit? Thanks...
  20. Jaysan

    Has any one compared the Zen-Ray and RSPB scopes?

    Its official. Both RSPB and Zen-Ray are made by the same manufacturer. I had written to the RSPB asking if it was the case. This is RSPB's response . "I have now spoken with Viking, who are the company from whom we source RSPB branded optics. The RSPB HD scope and the Zen-ray scope are...