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    Thrush: Photo taken in Ireland

    No matter how hard I try I can never tell the difference! Song or Mistle Thrush
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    Dipper photos Ireland - food type?

    I searched for an appropriate forum- what I am trying to do is identity what type of food the Dipper has here. It is part of its regular diet- it dives in swims underwater and comes back with this or similar. It then proceeds to 'bang' it against a rock before finally eating what is inside...
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    Cormorant question: Photo taken in Ireland

    I took this photo today on the Dodder River in Ireland. A few weeks ago I posted a pic of I think the bird nearest the camera and was informed it was displaying its breeding plumage. I just wonder if both birds in this pic are males? Cormorants
  4. K


    This is a photo I took today of a cormorant on the River Dodder in Ireland. I'm just wondering what is the significance of the 'white plumage' on the bird's head?
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    Irish Dipper( Cinclus cinclus hibernicus)

    Here is a recent photo which I took of a Dipper on the Dodder River in Dublin, Ireland https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/, on Flickr I'm reading that the distinction between the Irish sub-species and its Eurasian counterpart is a brown tinge or band at the base of its white...
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    Bird ID - is this a blackcap?

    Blackcap( I think)
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    Type of Sparrow?

    A friend of mine lives in Colorado He took this pic - but all he knows is that it is a sparrow Does it have a defining name- many thanks for any help upload london 2018
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    What type of Sparrow?

    Just wondering is this a house or tree sparrow? Sparrow [/url
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    There seems to be an absence of green in lower body- is this a greenfinch?
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    A bit of a head turner

    I've seen many cormorants over the years- on the coast and on both th Rivers Liffey and Dodder( mainly Dublin, Ireland) But don't think I've seen one before with a full 180 degree head turn until today? Cormorant with 180 degree head turn
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    Can I confirm that this is a blackbird?

    Taken today Banks of Dodder River, Dublin, Ireland
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    I took this photo at the weekend - it's on the Dodder River, Dublin, Ireland I'm no expert but he bird nearest the camera seemed to have a much lighter shade of brown than is usual for a female mallard? Any help appreciated!
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    I took this photo today - Dodder River, Dublin, Ireland I'm not familiar with the Dipper world and just wonder if this is mating season and maybe 2 males vying?
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    I'm wondering if this is a thrush?
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    Willow Warbler?

    I get confused- Willow Warbler or Chiffchaff! Think this is the former. Any help much appreciated! Taken today -banks of the Dodder River, Dublin, Ireland
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    Can I confirm that this is a blackbird?

    Taken today along the banks of the Dodder River in Dublin,Ireland I posted this pic on Flickr today with the 'vague' caption of 'Blackbird' as I wasn't sure in my own mind if it was female or Juvenile. Someone has questioned whether it is a blackbird at all. Any help very welcome
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    Male or Female?

    This sparrowhawk photo was taken on the banks of the Dodder in Dublin, Ireland. I thought it was a male - but a friend thinks it's a young female. Any help appreciated.
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    Looking for help with ID

    Given its beak - I think it must be a bullfinch. But it looks a bit feathery? Taken along the Dodder River in Dublin Ireland today
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    Looking for ID help

    I was almost sure this pic I took was of a Chaffinch.... but somehow head/breast colours seem a bit out of kilter?? Taken along the Dodder River in Dublin, Ireland
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    Back again looking for Butterfly ID

    Hi all thanks for help to date I'm normally a bird photographer - so not too familiar with butterflies I do my best with online comparisons - and I'd guess that this is a Large White? Thanks Possibly a Large White