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  1. Richard Ford

    Canon MKIII convertors experiences please

    I use Canon 90D and am looking to hear about direct experiences using the below lenses and converters. I'm wary of convertors but I hear the new MKIII have less issues with IQ and AF than previous models. Canon 500mm f4 MKI plus 1.4x mkiii seems to have a good rep for results. Any idea how...
  2. Richard Ford

    Canon S90 - two quick questions

    Hi All My apologies for not reading through the 93 post in the S90 thread since it is possible the answers are in there somewhere. I want to know if the Canon LA DC10 Lens adapter will fit on the S90? I think it works on the rest of the S series, it could then be used via the 37mm thread to...
  3. Richard Ford

    7d soft focus issue

    Hi All Just got myself a 7D and having read reviews and info on the web I was expecting to be ecstatic with the results. I haven’t read much on the web about any issues with this cameras focus though I gather there were some. Could someone either point me to any information about this, or...
  4. Richard Ford

    UK Newts

    Hi All I have been trying to identify and photograph the newts in my garden pond. Not that good on Newts but assumed them to be Common/Smooth Newts, i now have my doubts and think they may be Palmate. Unfortunately all the ones i have seen have been females and I can't seem to get much info on...
  5. Richard Ford

    Southern Spain - Trip report and photos

    I spent a fantastic week in southern Spain with three other birders at the end of April, i am sure many of you will have heard of and been to some of the same areas we spent time in, and if you haven't you really should. I would recommend the Coto Doñana area particularly, to anyone just for the...
  6. Richard Ford

    Help please Spidermen (or women)

    Hi All Would someone out there mind helping me identify these spiders, i assume they are all common as there taken in my garden in southern england. Really pleased with the one carrying spiderlings, its fasinating at higher res. Thanks in advance Richard
  7. Richard Ford

    Trying to be Nigel Blake (Owl photography)

    (Owl photography) Spurred on by images and articles on the subject from Nigel Blake, i have occasionally taken a few hours out of my night to drive slowly around my local country lanes (and been reported to the police twice :-) looking for Owls particularly, to photograph. Nigel is right, its...
  8. Richard Ford

    Finally plugged in the mercury Lamp

    Its been kicking around at my Dads place for years until I asked for it last year, then it kicked about at my place for a while. I finally stuck it on a sheet out in the Garden two nights back. I have no idea what I was looking at half the time, but among the huge variety of visitors were these...
  9. Richard Ford

    The Red nut bag phenomenon. (Siskins in the UK)

    My mother who lives nearby had had some Siskins in the trees near her garden in recent weeks but not on the feeders. I suggested a red nut bag may bring them down into the garden, she purchased one and within 10 minutes a Siskin had visited it. In my Garden we have sturdier metal feeders since...
  10. Richard Ford

    Whats this then?

    I have recently had an E-mail from a gentlemen near Rutland who has a strange bird visiting the bird table outside his office window. He has managed to photograph it and I have uploaded the picture below. I suspect it is defiantly an escape and I suspect it is some kind of Weaver, but apart...
  11. Richard Ford

    mcdomik White-breasted Nuthatch

    White-breasted Nuthatch The usual quality from mcdomik brilliant.. Rich
  12. Richard Ford

    Heron feeding behaviour

    Hi All I am talking about Grey Herons (Ardea cinerea) in the UK, but I suspect it applies to other species. I have been photographing these birds recently and must admit I hadn't really spent that much time watching them before. I was amazed by the length of time they are prepared to stand in...
  13. Richard Ford

    Digiscoping birds in flight.

    I think a few people have tried to do this and I wondered if you have developed a good technique. I spent a few days last month in an area on the Isle of Wight where two Ospreys were regularly fishing. I wanted shots but when the birds were perched they were far to distant for good shot, and the...
  14. Richard Ford

    Laurence Poh's, Black-shouldered Kite

    Well i finally got the chance, to look for and find Laurence Poh's gallery and could not resist but to post in here. This bird stands out for me but its a difficult choice, clearly a talented man from an area rich with colourful and varied bird life. Black-shouldered Kite Richard :t:
  15. Richard Ford

    Feather-mite (Was, Is this just Moult?)

    Is this just Moult? Well a lot of birds are moulting at the moment and it’s not something I claim to know much about. If this is moult then it seems a little extreme. I am wondering if perhaps the bird has something wrong with it, Disease, mites… ??? Does anyone know if this is normal? It is...
  16. Richard Ford

    Birding in France

    Hi all I am sure someone will be able to help and I believe there was a recent article in one of the Bird watching Mags that could have answered all my questions, if someone could scan it, or photocopy and post it to me I would be grateful. I will be going to France for a day trip (Eurotunnel)...
  17. Richard Ford

    ID required

    Hello all I have had an E-mail recently from someone in the UK asking about a mystery bird in his garden. I do try to help when I can, but i have a feeling this one is an escape (or perhaps a rare vagrant :-)) perhaps a weaver, or a finch of some kind. Does anyone know of anything that fits...
  18. Richard Ford

    Bumble Bee for breakfast – Dragonflies

    Question: How do Dragonflies eat? Simple question I guess, which I am sure someone will answer. I took this pic today of a Golden Ringed Dragonfly, eating a Bee. This thing really was beautiful, but actually quite scary at the same time, certainly a efficient predator. Is it eating lumps of...
  19. Richard Ford

    Digiscoping Dragonflies

    This subject was touched upon within another thread. I wondered if anyone else had used the technique to photograph insects? I think its defiantly worth consideration for those who already have a Digiscoping set-up and are interested in Odonata. Provided you can find the subject which is always...
  20. Richard Ford

    Do you know anything about UK bugs?

    ID Help required please. I would really like to pin down a name for my comp entree if possible, as I have no idea. Click here for the picture. I am fairly sure this group of insects are know in the UK as shield bugs, I am not good with Latin names, though I would be interested. I would like to...