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    Canon 70-200mm f4 Non IS Image Problem?

    Hi everyone, Im looking for some input, where possible. Ive come across this intermittent phenomena whilst using a recently purchased Canon 70-200mm f4 (non IS) lens. (see dark edge/shadow/smudging to outline of flowers) It seems to happen in harsh light, where white is against a darker...
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    Bird Photography - A New Code of Practice

    Not sure if this is the best section to post this info, but either way I think its quite a timely update and reminder to all bird photographers and snappers. Found here at Birdguides. The Schedule 1 list is linked in to bullet point three in the article and here, Schedule 1 list. Best wishes,
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    Reds Fight Back

    Hi all, Just read an article that has some really good news about the drastically reduced numbers of Red Squirrels in Formby. Their numbers were down 85% due to Squirrel Pox. Heres the article, dated July 13th 2009...
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    Bird Photography Goals

    Hi everyone, Thinking ahead to a new year of bird photography, what birds are top of your wish list? What other goals do you have? Im hoping for decent opportunities with Kingfishers, Barn and Little Owls, (any Owl, really; the latter being favourites) Green Woodpecker and a few others Ive...
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    Manfrotto 393 to a Manfrotto 190

    Hi, Im planning to buy a Manfrotto 393 (Bogen 3421) Gimbal type head/bracket. I use a Manfrotto 190 (green) tripod. The centre column has the Manfrotto 128RCNAT head attached; Im wondering, is it possible to attach the 393 to this setup? Any advice will be appreciated, Thanks
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    Merlin or Kestrel?

    Hi, I took this shot in March, and presumed it was a female Kestrel at the time. Stumbling across the pic files by accident, Im actually wondering if this bird is a Merlin? When it comes to the females I get quite lost. Any help in confirming the bird will be great :)
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    Colour-Ringed Black-tailed Godwit

    Hi everyone, Took this grab-shot of a group of Black-tailed Godwits at Marshside last night. Whilst uploading the images to my pc spotted the ringed bird. Unfortunately, there should be four colour bands showing, but two are hidden by feathers. A quick internet search and email got me in...
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    Nikon Monarchs - 8x36 or 8x42?

    Hi, Im needing to purchase a new pair of binoculars. I was considering the Nikon Sporters, but now believe the Monarchs are the way to go. Best price Ive seen so far is 8x36 = £127.00; 8x42 = £192.00 Is there much difference between the 36 and 42 versions to warrant the extra cash? EDIT...
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    Problem Viewing Forum Images

    Hi, For the last few hours ive been unable to view any of the forum banners or images in the gallery (also avatars and other buttons are missing) Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same issue?
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    'Lost World' Found

    I thought this report was quite exciting. Seen on msn news earlier, that scientists had found a 'Lost World' in an Indonesian mountain jungle, home to dozens of exotic new species of birds, butterflies, frogs and plants. Some great pictures are included : http://www.msn.co.uk/news/indonesianjungle/
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    File Size For A6 Print?

    Hi, Does anybody know the best image file size for A6 prints? Is there a formula to working out image file size to required print size? As I dont print my own work, Im really in the dark on this subject. Any advice will be really appreciated. Thanks Tom
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    Film/Movie/Tv people that Go Birding?

    The treble? We've got Footballers and Popstars, how about any big screen/little screen birders? or titles? ;) Did a search to see if we've had this thread before, but found nothing so how about: Jody Forsters (Tern) Walter Pi'd'geon
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    Gull/Tern ID?

    Hi, Whilst photographing the White-winged Black Tern in Crosby, over last couple of days, i was able to get a couple of quick shots of these birds. Initially i thought they too were WWBT's then i noticed the tail shapes and marks on breast/collar, (only after uploading them to my pc) and...
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    Kites Waxwing

    Hi everyone, Ive never posted on this forum before, but just had to share this image. Im sure you will agree its a stunner?! Tom http://www.birdforum.net/pp_gallery/showphoto.php?photo=41655&sort=1&password=&page=
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    Removing Colour Casts

    Hi, Not really sure if this has been posted in correct forum. My question is, how can i remove colour casts from my images? Basically im noticing a rather yellowing effect across them. This only seems to affect my digiscoped images. I use Photo Elements 2.0 and also have Photoshop 6.0. Thanks...
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    Coolpix 4500 CF Cards

    Hi, Thinking of buying some extra CF cards. Can anyone confirm what the largest card the CP4500 will accept? Im looking to buy a Sandisk 1GB Ultra II 66x Compact Flash, are these compatible with the CP4500? Thanks in advance, Tom
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    Eos 20D - Wildlife Lense?

    Eos 20D - Which Lense? Hi, Hoping to take possession of an Eos 20D later this week. Ideally i'd love the Canon 100-400mm IS lense (wouldnt we all?...lol) but ive stretched my budget already... :eek!: So basically, im looking for a lense/teleconverter setup that will enable me to get some...
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    Canon 10D or 300D ?

    Hi, Im looking at my options regarding moving into Digital SLR's. Initially, i may opt for one of the Canons, 10D or 300D, but would consider a Nikon. Is there much of a difference between these two Canons, to justify the price margin? Ive printed out the specifications for both, but was now...
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    Improving Photography Knowledge

    Hi, As a person who has always just 'got by' in the very basics of photography, i would like to really develop in my understanding of this subject. Basically, with a little knowledge of shutter speeds and apertures I point and shoot. I now feel rather stagnant regarding my current knowledge...
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    Photogenic Birds

    Hi, Im sure you will agree, some people are more photogenic than others (im definitely one of the 'others'.... 8-P ) Even amongst birds, Ive noticed, that some seem to take a better picture than others. Shelduck always seem to be a very photogenic bird. I dont know what it is, but i always...