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  1. Shirley Roulston


    Why has this Teal got a blue tinge rather than a green one. It was in Porthmadog to-day.
  2. Shirley Roulston

    Siberian Chiffchaff

    Should this Siberian Chiffchaff have yellow legs, please. The photo was taken to-day at Nefyn Gwynedd.
  3. Shirley Roulston

    Possible Pochard

    Could this be the Pochard that was reported at Cricieth recently, to-day.
  4. Shirley Roulston

    Chiffchaff or Willow Warbler

    Even now after taking photos for 9 years I still get mixed up. Last night at 5pm got the dark photos and the legs are yellowy orange but the feathers point towards a Chiffchaff. Bad light last night nearly dark. Blue sky this morning and re-located the bird I think. Nefyn/ 26th Oct.
  5. Shirley Roulston

    Med gulls ~ Morfa Nefyn ( Lleyn Peninsula)

    Sighted quite a few Med gulls in one week, here they favour a newly seeded field which is not far from the sea.
  6. Shirley Roulston

    Black-headed Gull

    Got a photo of this gull with one long silver ring and a much smaller ring. Sorry, but I cannont read any numbers. Was this Black-headed gull ringed in Britain does anyone know.
  7. Shirley Roulston

    Willow Warbler or Chiffchaff

    These little blighters get me every time, beak of a WW or legs of a CC. Any ideas on this please? The trouble is there are young of both in my field which has been allowed to grow mad and these birds love it, the male Chiffchaff sings from the high trees, that's his contribution in bringing up...
  8. Shirley Roulston

    Wasp ID

    I wonderedif anyone knows what this wasp is or could it be a bee.
  9. Shirley Roulston

    Aberdaron Choughs

    I took this photo of a pair of Chough and by the rings the local ringer could tell that the male is 19 years old and his mate is 20 years. They are the oldest breeding pair on the Lleyn Peninsula, amazing. I cannot always get too close for the letters and numbers but the colours of the rings...
  10. Shirley Roulston

    White Wagtails

    As a farmer harrowed his field a flock of Wagtails were feeding, I was wondering if these were the White Wagtails. Many thanks
  11. Shirley Roulston

    BHGull or Med Gull

    I really don't know if this is a Med Gull or a Black-headed Gull. 2 photos, same bird. This gull was at Llyn Back Porthmadog to-day.
  12. Shirley Roulston


    It has been suggested that this male Chaffinch is fluffed up as a threat. Any other ideas.
  13. Shirley Roulston

    Meadow Pipit with yellow head.

    Wondered what this bird is, maybe a Meadow Pipit.
  14. Shirley Roulston

    Could this be a Skylark or a Meadow pipit

    It was with Meadow Pipits but was slightly bigger.
  15. Shirley Roulston

    Dragonfly I.D

    I was wondering if anyone knows if this is a White-legged Damselfly. Thank you.
  16. Shirley Roulston

    Manual or AV

    Can anyone tell me why is the done thing to take photos in manual and not AV. I've always used AV and enjoyed the results but recently it was suggested to me much better results would be achieved by using manual. I went birding to-day and used manual, most of my shots were bleached and not one...
  17. Shirley Roulston

    I.d please

    I think that this is s Starling but it just looks a bit different. It was on the mud at Porthmadog along the marsh and reed beds. For a juvenile it looked big but I couldn't think of anything else it could be. It was very nervous and ran into the reed bed, if it was a Starling I thought it...
  18. Shirley Roulston


    Found this caterpillar on a path and wondered what it is, could someone help with the id please.
  19. Shirley Roulston

    Canon 60mm lens

    I am finding my way with this lens, just as long as I don't up the F numbers and then need a tripod. With this photo I am surprised that the greenfly are so sharp even though they are so small.
  20. Shirley Roulston

    7 Spot Ladybird, Pupal and Larva

    In my polytunnel I have a crop of potatoes and on the leaves yesterday I saw one Ladybird, plus larvae and pupals scattered all over many other leaves. I never spray anything but water but I read that the pupal does eat leaves before starting on insects, for humans potato leaves are poisonous...