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  1. ChrisLuv

    Personal Indemnity Insurance

    Hi - I run a small website with a local birding / wildlife slant (in the UK) and we've developed a small community. So now the obvious thing I want to do is meet up with people and go out birding, etc. If I advertise these meets on my website then I'm led to believe I need PII as I can be sued...
  2. ChrisLuv

    Pipit, Frampton Marsh, UK

    Hi, Anyone help me out with this one? I imagine its a Mipit from the bill and breast streaking but the super' and eye look slightly more Tripit like to me. Appreciated. Chris
  3. ChrisLuv

    Corsica Butterflies

    Can anyone help with these Corsican butterflies seen over the last few weeks. First some blues.
  4. ChrisLuv

    Birds flying into lamppost

    I watched today as a Magpie flew into a lamppost, visibility was fine and the post was wider than the bird and dark green. It would be harder not to see it. There was a loud "dong" and saw it drop to the ground, landing in a hedge. It lay there for a minute stunned and twitching before flying...
  5. ChrisLuv

    Various birds, CO.

    Just got back from a (business) trip to Colorado, predominantly in Broomfield but also down near Colorado Springs. Gorgeous scenery and birds, though not as many birds as I hoped - I guess its the wrong time of year (coupled with me not having time to go to any decent spots). So here's a few...
  6. ChrisLuv

    Spurn - Lapland Bunting?

    I was told that this was a Lapland Bunting last weekend when we saw it, I'd never seen one before last weekend. We had worse, distant views of them that were easier to id but this one we had good views of but it didn't conform, not rusty red enough and no obvious white wing bars - the face too...
  7. ChrisLuv

    American Wigeon

    A "possible"/"probable" female has been seen a couple of time along the Trent valley according to BirdGuides. Anyone have any more info other than that on the message from birdguides?
  8. ChrisLuv

    Various id's from Fort Worth, TX.

    A business trip last week gave me a small opportunity for some birding in Texas (in the 5 min walk between the office and hotel everyday). Can anyone help me id these? Sorry about the poor photos. I think they are: 1. Mockingbird 2. Coopers Hawk 3. Killdeer 4. Loggerhead Shrike 5. Unknown BOP
  9. ChrisLuv

    LBJ, Derbys, Notts

    This little brown job was grabbing insects from a perch alongside a chiffchaff and initially, after firing off a few shots, I just put it down as a Juv Robin but I'm beginning to regret that now looking back at the shots as it looks warbler-ish. I've looked at it too long now, and I should know...
  10. ChrisLuv

    Moth - wings open has me confused

    Another one here, got me stumped due to the wing position - it was feeding on a sugaring solution. Any help appreciated.
  11. ChrisLuv

    Noctuidae? ID

    Caught yesterday night (no trap just by the rear lights) in my garden, suburban bordering on fields. Apologies for the quality of the photo. I'm assuming I've got the family right? I've got the Concise Guide (Townsend and Waring) but I struggle to find moths in it - its their a knack to finding...
  12. ChrisLuv

    Confirmation Please - Dark Arches, UK

    Sorry about the picture quality. This is the first moth I've trapped, I potted it last night after finding it at the porch light. Looking in my guide I think its a Dark Arches, but I need an expert opinion please as it looks like a lot of things. Any tips on photography too, its wing tips were...
  13. ChrisLuv

    UK - Lamping Newts

    Hi all, Quick question. Someone I know has recommended the best way to count GC Newts is to use a very powerful torch at night. I'm obviously a little reluctant to just go an do it without checking licencing requirements, GC Newts are a protected species and its illegal to disturb them in the...
  14. ChrisLuv

    Various UK IDs needed

    Hi, Some ids required from last few weeks. 1. Attenbrough, Notts. Garden Warbler? (eye ring, grey neck patch) 2. Stiffkey Marsh, Norfolk. Grey Plover, with lots of Knots and a Dunlin in the foreground? 3. Stiffkey Marsh, Norfolk. Skylark? 4. Stiffkey Marsh, Norfolk. Pipit or Skylark? - I'm...
  15. ChrisLuv

    Wife and Toddler Friendly birding nr Settle

    Hi, Staying at Rathmell near Settle next week, will have the wife and my 18 month year old son. Any nice areas where we can all visit, with friendly paths and a decent chance of a bird or two? Bolton Abbey Woods sounds a good bet. Also Stocks Reservoir/Gisburn Forest isn't too far away (is...
  16. ChrisLuv

    Different Brigthness on Different PCs

    So I use two PCs, a laptop downstairs and my main desktop upstairs. Mostly I do my PC editing upstairs but my last few I did downstairs, and when I viewed them back on the upstairs PC they look too dull. Which PC is "correct"? Can anyone advise how they think the first 6 pictures in my flickr...
  17. ChrisLuv

    Notts Call ID

    A few of us were stood til dark waiting for an SEO that never showed, when a weird call started up. Never heard anything like it, and neither had the two (more) experienced birders with me. It sounding like a bird but skulked through the grass fairly close to us, moving unseen through the...
  18. ChrisLuv

    Warsaw Eagle

    Hello, I have been in Warsaw on business for a few days, and spent this morning at first light down by the river. It was the only chance I had for birding, an hour or two at most, and I only had my tiny bins with me (my company aren't too forthcoming when it comes to paying for luggage in the...
  19. ChrisLuv

    Pale Buzzard, Derbys/Notts Border

    Hi, Saw this bird yesterday and it stood out, it was very pale and had a "different" flight than the normal buzzards in the area. It stood out certainly but I didn't get good enough views to go into features. Unfortunately, my bins had steamed up in the cold and the camera wasn't much better so...
  20. ChrisLuv

    Moorgreen Firecrest

    Reported Sat, Sun and Mon, anyone know if its been seen today (Tues)? I have half an hour in the morning before I need to head to work (only day without childcare duties) and so I was hoping to try and find it. Any info appreciated.