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    Soaring bird of prey UK Southern England

    Soars in tight circles rising to a very high altitude. A buzzard in the same thermal gave indication of being smaller. I think it's a Peregrine. Heavily cropped photos attached. Thanks. Sid
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    Can this be true?

    This morning, around 9am, I'm convinced I heard a nightingale singing, coming from the same thicket I hear them every year in summer. I heard it for around 15 minutes, but failed to visually locate the source. What was so striking was the absence of any other birdsong, which is normal this...
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    Small quick flying bird

    No photograph I'm afraid, but details are as follows Seen North Wiltshire, UK, second week of October. Sighting 1 Driving along a country lane, bird bursts out from side of road. Didn't see take off, could have been from hedge or ground. Rapid flight in front of vehicle, quick wingbeats, low...
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    Counting birds in a photograph

    Does anyone have a simple technique to count birds in an aerial shot? My initial thoughts were using an overlaid grid, but how could this be done? Merging with a photo of some graph paper perhaps? I would need to be viewing at 200% before I could start to separate individual birds. Any...
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    Swindon Starling Roost

    Below is a link to my post in 'Your Birding Day'. Sid http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=163720
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    And I thought I'd have to travel!

    I was planning on seeing one of the large starling roosts this winter, Oxford or the Somerset Levels seemed closest, but the traveling with only a chance of witnessing a good display would have probably meant I'd never got off my backside until it was too late. Imagine my surprise that I...
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    Tawny or Steppe Eagle, or neither. Botswana

    I'm pretty sure it's one or the other. I'm erring towards Steppe Eagle due to the width of the gape. Please feel free to put me right! Photos taken in late October. Thanks Sid
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    Stonechat/Whinchat? UK

    Photo taken on 15th March, 2006. Perhaps someone can give me firm ID, and also point out the diagnostics Thanks Sid
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    Botswana birds

    Hi there, I'm planning a trip to Botswana in September and would appreciate some recommendations on field guides. As no local bookshops stock anything remotely relevant the only viewing I can do is of front covers and publisher notes on the internet. I would prefer a book which concentrates...