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    Canon EOS Rebel XSI

    Thinking about getting back into photography. Now use binoculars to birdwatch, but now thinking about photos also. Looking at the Canon EOS Rebel XSI deal with the 2 lenses - 18-55 and 55-250. Would probably use the camera mainly for nature and bird photography. Really did not want to spend...
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    Prices up again!

    Just went to EagleOptics web site. Appears Leica prices are up at least $100. See below, copied from EagleOptics web site Leica Ultravid HD 10x42 Binocular Extreme optical power. Our Price: $2,295.00 Would imagine Swarovski, Zeiss will soon be raising their prices. I am tired of U.S...
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    Black-Bellied Whistling Duck

    Thursday June 20th, about 6:00 pm I saw a black-bellied whistling duck at Spring Lake Park, just out side of Macomb, Illinois. Quite a bit outside of its range, but I was close, and it has obvious markings. Went This morning also, but did not see it. Lew
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    Black-Bellied Whistling Duck

    Birdwatching on Thursday, June 20th, and saw a black-bellied whistling duck at Spring Lake Park, just outside Macomb, Illinois. Surprised me. Went out there this morning also, but did not see it. Lew
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    BirdJam Ipod

    I am thinking of getting a BirdJam ipod. I have nver used an ipod before. Was considering either the regular ipod, or the i-touch ipod, since the i-touch has a bigger screen. Any one out there using Birdjam? Comments on the different ipods? Thanks for any help. Lew
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    Ultravids on sale

    I see that some places have really marked down the Ultravids, getting rid of the last of them. $1,549 sounds like a good price for the 10X42. My main concern is that I have a friend who has the 10X42 in Trinavid, Ultravid, and Ultravid HD. He loves the Trinavids, but does not the Ultravids. He...
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    Swaraovski CT 101 carbon Tripod Legs

    Is any using the Swarovski CT 101 Carbon fiber tripod legs? If so, what do you think of them? I presently have the Bogen 3205 legs, which has twist locks, which I am not thrilled with. Also I have heard that carbon fiber legs do not vibrate as much as aluminum. I have a Pentax PE 80ED angled...
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    Zeiss versus Swarovski and Leica

    I noticed that there is quite a price difference between the Zeiss 65mm scope and the Swarovski 65mm HD and Leica 62mm APO, with the Zeiss being quite a bit less. Is there much difference in quality between these 3 scopes? I have a Pentax 80 ED. I like the optics, but it is long and heavy, and...
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    Warranaty Info

    Wondering about warranty info on Leica, Nikon, Swarovski, and Zeiss. I know that Leica and Nikon offer no-fault warranties, but a Zeiss rep said that no-fault warranties are not valid in the United States. But I have heard of Leica and Nikon owners getting their bins repaired. The Zeiss rep...
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    American Bird Consrevancy

    I am a brider, and I just recieved a letter from the American Bird Conservancy asking me to join. Just checking if it is a worthy organization. Does any one know? Lew
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    New Zeiss scope in January 07?

    A retail WWW site advertised that in January of 2007 Zeiss is coming out with a combination scope and digital camera, in one package. They even had a price; I believe it was $1899. It did not appear that the camera was removable. I have not found that on other sites. Anyone heard about that? Lew
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    Swarovski 8.5X42 EL price & question

    Yesterday I stopped by a local camera and optics shop, and to my surprise they had about 8 Swarovski 8.5X42 ELs. They quoted a price of $1498. I questioned them a number of times, saying I thought that was pretty low, and they checked and rechecked and said the price was $1498. The bins say...
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    Swarovski SLC New 7X42

    Just curious - has anyone tried the Swarovski SLC New 7X42 and how it compares to the other 7X42s? Thanks, Lew
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    Diopter adjustment

    Does anyone have trouble with diopter adjustments? When I make the, adjustments, it seems as though I am always changing it when I refocus at a different distance. Also, there never seems to be any difference in clearness between slightly outside the "+" to sightly outside the "-". I gave up...
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    Vortex Viper 10X42

    Has any one tried the Vortex Viper 10X42? Thoughts?
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    10X binoculars necessary

    I have just returned from a birding trip to Southeastern Airzona. Besides my scope I took a Nikon Premiuer LXl 8X32 and a Pentax DCF SP 10X50. After the first day I stowed by 8X32 and exclusively used my 10X50. My 8X just did not give me enough detail to identify new birds. I used the 10X in all...
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    Birding South Texas

    I am contemplating birding the Rio Grande Valley (Santa Ana NWR, Laguna A. NWR) this August. I have been there in February, but not during the summer. I know it will be very hot, but how is the birding in August? Any one know?
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    Nitrogen versus Argon

    Does anyone know the difference, if any, between nitrogen purged versus argon purged binoculars? A quick search on the Internet made it sound as though nitrogren and argon were synonyms. Thanks, Lew
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    Vortex Razor

    Has anyone heard much about the new Vortex Razor, especially the 10X42?
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    Nikon price increases

    Did you see the Nikon Premier LXL price increases at Eagle Optics? Quite an increase on the 10X42 LXL, from 1219 to 1399.