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  1. jimtfoto

    RFI - Barn Owls in Palm City?

    Came across an article recently that mentioned the re-introduction of barn owl nesting boxes in Palm City, Florida. Wondering if anyone had info on whether this was successful, and if there is perhaps a website with info on locations (I have Googled, but with no success) as does Cape Coral with...
  2. jimtfoto

    RFI - Viera Wetlands

    My wife and I are currently in Southwest Florida (Fort Myers Beach area) on a bird photography holiday and were thinking of a cross-state trek to check out the Viera Wetlands. I'd appreciate it if anyone familiar with the area could let us know what the birding is like there currently...
  3. jimtfoto

    RFI: Lake Okeechobee ... kites ... skimmers ....

    Hi: We're planning another visit to Florida in January and, along with the spots we normally photograph at, were wondering about the Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail. My understanding is that this is a more-than-100-mile trail on which vehicles are discouraged. Since we will be driving, does anyone...
  4. jimtfoto

    Raptor ID - Southern Ontario, Canada

    The attached pic has been on my website for some time, IDd by me as a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk. My wife has recently thrown some doubt my way ... she believes it to be a Rough-legged Hawk. Any thoughts?? Cheers, and thanks, jim
  5. jimtfoto

    Duck ID needed - Southern Ontario, Canada

    Hi guys ... stuck on this duck ... any ideas? cheers, jim
  6. jimtfoto

    Shorebird ID needed - Ontario

    Got this guy tonight, but after rifling through Sibley's, I'm still puzzled. Any ideas? cheers, jim
  7. jimtfoto

    Western Tanager??

    Hello all: Western Tanager was the best I could come up with for the attached. It is well out of its range here in Southern Ontario, but it is listed as a "rare" visitor in Sibleys and an "occasional" visitor in an Ontario bird book, which says there have been many reports, but few confirmed...
  8. jimtfoto

    Flycatcher ID - Ontario, Canada

    I'm a bit stuck on this one ... can't quite decide between Alder and Willow Flycatcher. Song sounded good for Willow, but ... Any thoughts? cheers, jim
  9. jimtfoto

    Sad discovery

    About three years ago, I heard a thud on one of our windows and looked out to find a Black-and-White Warbler laying on our patio. Stunned by the impact, it took about half an hour for him to fully regain consciousness and fly off. I think that might have been one of the first bird pictures I...
  10. jimtfoto

    Toronto-area birders -- Untagged Trumpeters

    Following up reports of a "tame" American Kestrel at Humber Bay Park, my wife and I ventured out today, cameras in hand. We were lucky enough to spot the kestrel, which allowed us to come relatively close as he snacked on a mouse. Unfortunately, due to poor light conditions today, we didn't take...
  11. jimtfoto

    A nice surprise

    My wife and I just returned from a two-week birding expedition to Southwest Florida (most time spent at Ding Darling, with other outings to Loop Road in the Everglades and Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary) where we managed to see 55+ species, photographing about 45 or so. Stuck in the cold in Canada...
  12. jimtfoto

    March of the Penguins

    Hi all: March of The Penguins is coming out on DVD here in Canada in a couple of weeks. Any members seen it? Care to share their thoughts? I write a video column for a newspaper and can't get a screener copy, so I'd like some opinions from fellow birders to include in the column. cheers, jim
  13. jimtfoto

    Oldest known Whooping Crane ....

    Oldest known wild Whooping Crane .... ... dies during migration over Saskatchewan News report from Wednesday jim EDMONTON (CP) — When Brian Johns spotted the whooping crane in a field in central Saskatchewan, he could tell the bird was ill. “I suspected it was not feeling good and wasn’t...
  14. jimtfoto

    Piping Plover rules

    This item was in today's Toronto Sun: Bomb story for the birds Locals: Endangered plover prompted beach fines TRENTON (CP) — For years, it’s been a quiet, sandy refuge for nature lovers willing to disregard the danger beneath their feet — enough unexploded World War II artillery to devastate...
  15. jimtfoto

    Florida bird guide

    Looking for a recommendation from my southern birding colleagues. Have Sibley's, but also need a good pocket guide. What would you recommend as the best guide to Florida birds? Thanks in advance, Jim
  16. jimtfoto

    Florida bird guide

    Looking for a recommendation from my southern birding colleagues. Have Sibley's, but also need a good pocket guide. What would you recommend as the best guide to Florida birds? Thanks in advance, Jim
  17. jimtfoto

    Birding in B.C.

    Looking for info on birding in British Columbia, specifically the Squamish area, in late August/early September for proposed trip. Any input appreciated. cheers, jim
  18. jimtfoto

    Window mounts

    I'm looking at purchasing a window mount to hold 20D and Bigma. Looking at both L.L. Rue's Groofwin and Kirk's Window Mount. Anyone use either of these? Pros/cons for each? The one consideration I have is that I'd like to be able to use it with my Wimberley head. Is that possible, or would ball...
  19. jimtfoto

    Carden Alvar trip

    My birding day today consists of printing contact sheets from our birding day yesterday, which was aces. My wife Tania and I headed a couple of hours north of Toronto to the Carden Alvar, designated an Important Birding Area. There’s a 35-kilometre route through the Alvar that has been described...
  20. jimtfoto

    Pennsylvania birding

    Looking to take a trip to Pennsylvania and was wondering if anyone was familiar with the Brucker Great Blue Heron Sanctuary. Wondering perhaps if it is only open certain times of year. I have done some internet searching, but can't find a good web site for the sanctuary. Referred to in a couple...