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  1. jourdaj

    Digiscoping: From Start to Print is now free for downloading

    Hi All, I'm happy to announce that my new 196-page book entitled, "Digiscoping: From Start to Print" is now available for free download. I've written it to address the most important questions we digiscopers need to address regarding the art of super-telephoto photography. Description and sample...
  2. jourdaj

    Digidapter DLM Review

    In summary, this is the adapter I've been looking for. Compact, and provides perfect alignment of camera and eyepiece. Check out my review below: https://alphadigiscopingreview.blogspot.com/2020/09/digidapter-dlm-review-27-sep-2020.html
  3. jourdaj

    Digiscoping with the Sony a9

    I've posted a blog about digiscoping with the Sony a9 and Digidapter DLM. It was fun! http://alphadigiscoping.blogspot.com/2020/10/digiscoping-w-sony-a9-21-oct-2020.html
  4. jourdaj

    Digiscoping School 2020 is now open!

    Hi All, As I posted previously I've launched Digiscoping: From Start to Print 2020 through Teachable.com. Geared toward novice and intermediate digiscopers the intensive course consists of video guides and eBook (either together or eBook-only) that covers all aspects of digiscoping. More...
  5. jourdaj

    First Book of Digiscoping Written!

    Hi All, I'm excited to announce that I've completed what I believe to be the first book written about digiscoping! The book is titled, "Digiscoping: From Start to Print" and will be available as part of an on-line course that I'm putting together through Teachable.com. I've created a new website...
  6. jourdaj

    An Open Letter to Nikon Service - Thank You!

    Dear Nikon Service, In early January I sent in a pair of Nikon Premier 10X42 LX binoculars for refurbishing. I have had these binoculars since 2003 and for the first 10 years they were my constant companion. They had since been relegated to backseat car use and have seen their share of wear. I...
  7. jourdaj

    Another Nikon V3 vs. Sony RX-100 III Comparison

    I've posted a detailed blog w/ more thoughts / reiterations concerning the two cameras: http://jerryjourdan2.blogspot.com/2014/10/custom-digidapter-28-sep-2014.html In short, The Sony RX-100 III w/ its focus-peaking produces some razor-sharp images when the subject permits, however, autofocus...
  8. jourdaj

    Digiscoping w/ the Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 III

    I've been playing w/ the new Sony RX100 III camera the past few days in the yard. The new Zeiss 24-70mm f/1.8-2.8 lens is very sharp, and the new pop-up EVF is very nice, as well. I especially like the focus-peaking capability and Auto-ISO features. Noise properties are very good, as well...
  9. jourdaj

    Nikon V3 Initial Impressions / Review

    I received one of the first Nikon 1 V3 cameras at the beginning of May and have been putting it through its paces. I’ve posted several blogs w/ impressions and photos. Initial attempt out of the box at ISO 800 digiscoping in the yard...
  10. jourdaj

    Nikon Announces 1 Nikon V3

    The nay-sayers are out in force, but if this camera provides any improvement in image quality than the V1 it will be a winner for us digiscopers. I'm pre-ordering one and will review it when it arrives (in April)...
  11. jourdaj

    New Digidapter™ digiscoping adapter for Zeiss Diascopes

    I had the opportunity to field test a new digiscoping adapter designed for Zeiss Diascopes using the Vario D 15-56X/20-75X Zoom Eyepiece. The unit is called the Digidapter™ and it consist of an inner ring sleeve that slides over the eyepiece and is held in place by the screw-on eyecup. The...
  12. jourdaj

    Digiscoping with the Zeiss 85T*Fl and Nikon V1 - Review

    I've posted a review of the abovementioned combo using a homemade adaptor and 45X W eyepiece. I'd post the whole review here, but I have too many images included. In short, this camera is wonderful and should work w/ most scopes and eyepieces...
  13. jourdaj

    Blue-eyed Herring Gull, Waterford - Unusual?

    I was in Waterford last week and photographed this (presumed) Eurasian Herring Gull (L. argentatus) and noticed it had blue eyes. Is this unusual? All other Herring Gulls I'd seen to this point in Ireland had the typical yellow eyes. Any comments?
  14. jourdaj

    Cliffs of Moher, Ireland in August - seabirds?

    To my Irish friends, Can anyone give me an idea if any of the seabird colonies are still around in mid-late August? This may help me decide whether to take my scope when we travel there this summer. Many thanks! Jerry
  15. jourdaj

    Homemade adaptor for Coolpix P6000 and Zeiss 40X eyepiece

    I've just received the 'New' Zeiss 30X/40X Fixed Eyepiece for my 'Old' Zeiss Diascope 85T*Fl. There have been questions raised as to whether this eyepiece will fit older model scopes - the answer is YES! It snaps in just like my 20-60X Zoom Eyepiece does on the scope and makes a secure fit. I...
  16. jourdaj

    Circle B Bar Reserve, Polk Co., Central FL USA

    Birders, I've posted 2 monster blogs to my site with a recent 2-day outing at this 1267-acre cattle ranch-turned-reserve in middle Florida. Its a wonderful nature reserve that was hosting 3000+ American White Pelicans and every other waterbird native to Florida. Check out my pics and stories...
  17. jourdaj

    Freeware Noise Reduction Program

    Colleagues, I've posted a review of the "Boundary Noise Reduction Plug-In" software on my blog. Its a freeware noise reduction package that works very well on digiscoped and general photography images. Check it out! Both review and software are 'free'... http://jerryjourdan2.blogspot.com
  18. jourdaj

    Nikon Coolpix P6000 Review w/ Zeiss 85T*Fl

    Colleagues, I've just posted my personal review of the P6000 on my blog. I've included images and comparisons of ISO performance. Short summary? This camera has exceeded my expectations. As a replacement for the P5100 I've found it to be better at focusing, producing sharper images, and...
  19. jourdaj

    Kumlien's Iceland Gull? - Port Huron, MI USA

    Need a confirmation on this bird. The slate wingtips suggest Kumlien's, and white head (adult breeding?), relatively small bill, pale yellow eyes w/o distinct red orbitals, and long wing projection look good for Iceland, but the pale legs are throwing me. I don't see enough of these birds to...
  20. jourdaj

    First-cycle Lesser Black-backed Gull?- Monroe, MI USA

    I digiscoped this individual in heavily overcast skies this past weekend and suspect it to be a Lesser Black-backed Gull. It seems too pale to be a first-cycle Herring Gull, and seems to lack the black-n-white checkering typical of Greater Black-backed Gulls. Any thoughts? Opinions?