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    Hen Harrier persecution

    I wondered if anyone had any more information into why so little is done to protect birds of prey - especially in Scotland. I understand moorland managed by the RSPB accounts for just under 1% of the UK's total Hen Harrier population. It seems frustrating living here in the North that we are...
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    1DX - lowest price I have seen

    No idea on the provider, but the price is incredible. (even after the VAT) http://www.visuals.co.uk/salesProductDetail.php?PRODUCTID=3292905
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    Wildlife Photography Talk (all proceeds to Cancer charity)

    I am giving the annual charity guest presentation at Peterhead Camera Club on October 9th. They tell me they're expecting a sell out :eek!: http://peterheadcameraclub.org.uk/programme2012.html All proceeds go to charity and I am not making any financial gain (so hope it's okay with the Mods)...
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    Amazon Cloud Drive for backing up

    Seems like a better option than my portable hard drives/discs. Was thinking about a new RAID set up but this seems the best way to back up. Not sure on how the charges could add up you were frequently storing images
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    Drop in polarising filter

    Read this with interest http://www.arwpstore.com/index.php?mode=prod_detail&listmode=detail&selected_product=203&subcat=Lens+Accessories&selected_cat=Andys+Gear&product_name=Canon+PLC+52+Drop-in+polarising+filter
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    Lenses on Safari

    Just trying to work out what to take, bearing in mind weight restrictions etc 500f4 300f2.8 100-400 70-200 I have 7D and 1D bodies so would probably have two cameras ready. The 300 f2.8 is what I am thinking as its the lightest and takes the 2x and 1.4x so well. though if I were permanently...
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    Three adult Swallows feeding young at one nest

    I have up to four pairs of swallows nesting in my garage this year two nested early and the first broods are nearly away. I was set up for shooting them fledge the other morning and was surprised to notice that there are three adults feeding the chicks at one nest. A female and two males. One of...
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    Floating hide

    Interested to hear if anyone has made one of these. I am probably going to give it a go for use in shallow water. Also interested in experience using one as there is very little cover where I plan to use it. Thanks :t:
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    Sea eagles taking lambs in Sutherland and Skye, crofters say

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-18519232 Crofters in Sutherland and on Skye have raised fresh concerns about white-tailed sea eagles taking young lambs. Sea eagles, the UK's largest bird of prey, were extinct in Britain by the early years of the 20th Century. David...
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    Safari Feb or March 2013

    I am attending a wedding in South Africa (Cape Town) in Feb/March 2013 and am looking into arranging some follow on wildlife photography. I have asked a variety of my clients who have done photography safaris and the recommendations are various and all different. For example; - Kruger - Massai...
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    Scat for ID

    I finally explored some relict pine just two miles from my house. Delighted to find Cresties and Red Squirrel, I also found this scat on a small wooden bridge - any ideas? Hope fully time to get the peanut butter out if its what I hope it is!
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    Islay RFI

    Thinking of heading over to Islay in a couple of weeks. Have been a couple of times but never in Autumn. Any thoughts on whether this is a good time to photograph the geese. I've been before and found that is only really possible to get shots of the flocks moving around - this is fine. It's a...
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    Presumably a Pied Wag, Highlands

    Thought I would just check out this one. I was watching a flock of 40 Wagtails from my hide and this one was behaving differently, had a different mask and some spotting (?) under where the bib would normally be. Presumably just in moult?
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    Amazing Merlin Snipe photo in WPOTY

    Check out this amazing Snipe attack by a Merlin. http://www.nhm.ac.uk/resources-www/visit-us/whats-on/temporary-exhibitions/swpy/2011/popup/024.jpg
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    Website design and hosting

    Microsoft have decided to switch their free, on-line design and hosting service to a chargeable service with less features. They have switched from something called small business server to office 365. Worst of all the transition of websites can only be completed manually. This is a bit of a...
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    Sending Kowa for repair

    The optics have moved inside my Kowa TSN 823, I bought it from new over ten years ago - any ideas how I can get it fixed? Thanks
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    Bialowieza Forest

    Have recently spent some time in Eastern Poland - highlights below. Firstly Thanks to Karol Zub assistant professor, mammal expert and all round top bloke for spending time showing us round the forests. For the first time visitor Eastern Poland offers a great place to spend time searching for...
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    Skua, Highland

    Any help appreciated, thanks. Large passage of Arctic skuas by my house today. This one felt quite broad winged, large and heavy. I've gone round the bend and talked myself in and out of three species with this!
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    Canon 7D exposure compensation

    I have noticed that the 7D seems to underexpose more (when compared to xxD and my 1D) when at -1/3. As such I've found that I don't need to set to the stock -1/3 exposure when shooting in Av. Anyone else noticed this difference.
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    Photography guide in Norfolk/Suffolk

    I have a client/friend who is visiting the UK in May 2012 and will be spending time in Norfolk. He is looking for a photographic guide. I can find several birds tours visiting the usual spots (which I could do myself) - I was wondering if there is a specialist in the Norfolk with knowledge of...