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  1. AJDH

    Possible moth, NW England

    Hi, I was at Ainsdale beach, in North West England yesterday and photographed what I think maybe a moth. I've looked through the images on Google but could not see anything like it. If anyone can identify it, that would be great.
  2. AJDH

    What's happening?

    Could anyone tell me what's happening in the attached image. It was taken today in the Silverdale district of Lancashire.
  3. AJDH

    A disturbing find

    At one of the sites I regularly visit in Bahrain, I have so far come across three gulls that have had their bills locked with tie-wraps. What purpose this serves is beyond me and where it happens is also a mystery. One friend had the idea that it may have been done to use the gulls in lures...
  4. AJDH

    Red Bishop - Bahrain

    I took the linked pictures on Friday but can't positively ID the bird. The nearest I can come up with is northern or southern red bishop, female or non-breeding. All help is appreciated. http://www.birdforum.net/gallery/data/3206/D3A_6368_1024.jpg...
  5. AJDH

    Wheatear Bahrain

    This wheatear that was photographed in Bahrain on Friday has proved difficult to identify, there have been several suggestions and doubts. What is your opinion? Thanks http://www.birdforum.net/gallery/data/3206/D3A_5700_800.jpg
  6. AJDH

    Wheatear Bahrain

    I put these pictures on another forum and they identified them as black-eared wheatear. Subsequently there has been a shift to possible pied wheatear. I'd like to know the thoughts of the experts here. Links to the pictures, these are all the same bird...
  7. AJDH

    Shrike Bahrain

    The attached shrike looked different to any I'd seen before and the nearest I can come to it is a first winter masked shrike. Can you confirm my findings. Thanks in advance.
  8. AJDH

    Unknown gull - Bahrain

    I photographed this young gull this morning in Bahrain. It's about the size of a slender-bill but when it flew, it looked stockier. Any help is appreciated.
  9. AJDH

    Wader - Bahrain

    I saw this large wader today in Bahrain. It was about 300 yards away in a dust storm so the pictures are not the best. Any help in identification is appreciated.
  10. AJDH

    Thrush like bird - Saudi Arabia

    A friend sent me this picture today and asked me to ID it. The nearest ID I could come up with was dark-throated thrush. It was taken in the shade of a tree so may appear darker than it is. What's your opinion? Thanks
  11. AJDH

    Pipit - Bahrain

    I took the picture at the link yesterday and have identified it as a meadow pipit, can you confirm my ID. Thanks. http://www.birdforum.net/gallery/data/3206/A00_4318_800.jpg
  12. AJDH

    Aviary bird

    I've been asked if I could find out what this aviary bird is. Can you help?
  13. AJDH

    Gannet looking bird - NC USA

    A friend asked me if I could find out what bird the attached is. They were taken in the summer months at Kill Devil Hills, N.C.
  14. AJDH

    Pipit? - Bahrain

    I managed to get a few pictures of this pipit like bird today but can't pin it down. Any help is appreciated.
  15. AJDH

    Chiffchaff? - Saudi Arabia

    I took a couple of pictures of this bird this morning. I think it's a chiffchaff but it has hardly any head markings and a very plain breast. I was wondering if it could be a caucasian chiffchaff? There's another picture in my gallery at this link...
  16. AJDH

    Juvenile shrike - Bahrain

    I'd like confirmation on the ID of this bird. I think it's a juvenile grey shrike but value your opinions. Thanks.
  17. AJDH

    Weaver like birds - Bahrain

    I took the attached pictures today in Bahrain and I'm not sure what they are. Any help on ID is appreciated. :t:
  18. AJDH

    Bunting like bird - Bahrain today

    The enclosed pictures were taken today in Bahrain. The identity of the bird in question is proving a bit difficult, can anyone help. Thanks in advance.
  19. AJDH

    Possible kestrel - Bahrain

    I only managed a quick shot of this bird and most of it was obstructed. I thought it may be a kestrel but could anyone confirm this. Thanks.
  20. AJDH

    Another strange bird - Bahrain

    Our local patch is really throwing up some beauties this week. The attached picture was taken today and I've no idea what it is. Maybe you can help. Thanks