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  1. jcwings

    Review of the "New" Peterson Field Guide

    This is a great review of the "new" Roger Tory Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America. Those who have all the Peterson guides (like I do) probably won't find too much new here, although there are changes. The review is honest, critisizes, and praises where it needs to. It sounds like the...
  2. jcwings

    Online Maps with GPS?

    I wasn't sure exactly where to place this question, but it is birding related as I am in the process of updating a birding by location web page. Question: Is there a internet map service where one can pin-point a specific spot on a map that will also provide GPS longitude and latitude of that...
  3. jcwings

    Question Regarding Thread Lubricant

    I have a Zeiss Diascope (awesome piece of equipment) and a Zeiss photo adapter for digiscoping which threads onto the scope where the eyepiece is normally attached. Being a fine thread it really has to be lined up just right to get it started, and the tight friction makes it difficult to spin...
  4. jcwings

    Rare Birds of California

    If you are interested in birds of western USA, recently announced is the new publication, "Rare Birds of California" by the California Bird Records Committee (CBRC). This is a 600 page book documenting the work of the CBRC from 1970 through 2006 reviewing the rare avifauna historically new...
  5. jcwings

    Mystery Gull ID Help- California USA

    Here are a few photos of a mystery gull I digiscoped in Santa Barbara County yesterday. Can't quite put my finger on it. Looks like a Western Gull except for the yellow legs and feet. Quite a bit smaller too. Any offerings would be appreciated. Below is the message I posted to the local list...
  6. jcwings

    Wanted: Zeiss Canon EOS Digiscoping Adapter

    Why must I pay more for this item than I did for the eyepiece on my Zeiss Diascope! Does anyone know of a good source for the Zeiss-Canon EOS adapter (preferably in the USA) that doesn't charge such a high price? Maybe that's what I get for buying these two items. :h?:
  7. jcwings

    Origin of the word Birding?

    Does anyone know where the origin of the word "Birding" came from? Who penned the phrase or gave the sport/hobby it's name? Just curious.
  8. jcwings

    Cox's Sandpiper- Does it Exist?

    I was looking through my SHOREBIRDS guide admiring the plates and was reminded of this rare shorebird from sightings made in south Australia. Believed by some to be a stereotyped hybrid or a rare, little known race of Dunlin. Has this "species" been spotted or reported recently? I am wondering...
  9. jcwings

    Scientific Name Translations

    One of the aspects of birding I've always enjoyed is the naming of bird species. Not just the common name which can vary from one part of the world to another. Common bird names are usually descriptive, named in honor of someone, or are just plain odd. I find interesting the scientific Latin or...
  10. jcwings

    Just saying hello

    Greetings from California, I'm new to this forum (one day) but old to birding (almost 30 years since childhood). Looking forward to reading and contributing when I can. Happy New Year, and good birds to you all. Jamie Chavez