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    Have a look through this blog http://bit.ly/YVw9Vg Kelvin
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    RFI West Wales in early Aug

    I am told not being a botanist that it is renowned for it's ferns, mosses etc. As a birder it has the full suite of welsh woodland specialties, though you might be a little late for some, and the best place I know for all three woodpecker species. At the pub in Llanbedr turn for Cwm Bychan, and...
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    Complete beginner - seabirds?

    PM me a phone number and we'll talk through your options. Kelvin BTO Cymru development officer.
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    Bird ringing - please help me get involved

    Where about in North Wales? Kelvin
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    RFI West Wales in early Aug

    Twite still breed in Snowdonia and Nant Francon possibly best place to see them. If you do go up to Cwm Idwal they are about. Keep your eye open for any colour ringed individuals. Kelvin
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    RFI West Wales in early Aug

    Try North Wales Wildlife Trust's Coed Crafnant at SH 618286. Birds are wonderful but pale to insignificance compared to the flora. Kelvin Jones Tremadog
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    Iolo Williams makes an impassioned speech

    "I am a Welsh speaking Welshman through and through and am very proud to be so, but tonight I am going to address you in English, and that is so that there will be no misunderstandings, just in case" Kelvin Jones
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    Found rings

    White darvic with 4 letter codes were used on Mute swans in North Wales up to the early 2000's, when the expense and time restraints bought the project to an end. The data base was then handed over to the Cheshire Swan Study group who I think have maintined it since. Basically we found there...
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    Colour Ringed Little Egrets

    Ringed in North West Wales June this year. Brood of 4, 2 chicks went to Ayeshire and 1 to Ireland. Most of our sightings seem to be dispursing in a northerly direction. Kelvin Jones
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    Identification Guide to European Passerines

    But only £18 from the BTO Kelvin
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    Rule supplier

    One of the Observatories used to sell very nice plastic/soft perspex rules for this purpose. I used a mates and was very impresed, but never ended up at the obs to buy my own.|:(| Kelvin Jones
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    spidertech nets...

    I have bough and used polish ecotone nets for a while now and find them excellent value for money. They have a wide selection of nets to cater for all types of birds. They are 5 shelf nets and slightly taller than North Ron, but have quite deep pockets. The 19mm mesh are brilliant for winter...
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    Ringer in training (?!)

    What happened to Hotspurs Trainning Diary? Kelvin
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    Fireworks disturbing nesting gulls?

    Firework Legislation Since August 7th 2004, it's been a criminal offence to let off fireworks between 11pm and 7am and anyone breaking the curfew risks a fine of up to £5,000 or six months imprisonment. The curfew applies for 361 nights of the year but the legislation has identified four...
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    Welsh Ospreys

    Both adults and the three fledglings are still in the vacinity of the nesting tree. Male still carrying fish up the valley. Kelvin
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    The North Wales Wildlife Trust reserve at the Old Powder Works, Penrhyndeudraeth is guaranteed. Ask the staff at the Glaslyn Osprey project for detailed directions is you cant find it. Kelvin
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    Welsh Ospreys 2007

    The average return date is the 28th March. The viewing scheme should be up and running before this. Kelvin
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    All things Osprey

    They usually arrive back around the 28th March. Kelvin
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    Nocturnal songs for catching birds

    There was an article in an old ringers bulletin about enticing them down with bantam hens, but I don’t recall any mention of tape luring them. Lamping works well, however our usual ringing site has good numbers of winter woodcock and I was wandering if playing a tape at dawn before switching...
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    Nocturnal songs for catching birds

    Pete, How diffrent to European Woodcock are the american ones? Would it be worth trying luring our? What part of their vocalisation do you play to get them to come to the nets? Kelvin North Wales