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  1. Mary

    micros again please!

    All in Warks. I'd hazard a guess at the first as Aethes smeathmanniana, but likely way out! The other 2 just can't find! Any help appreciated, many thanks
  2. Mary

    another micro for id, please

    Thought this one be easy to find, but....! Warks. Many thanks
  3. Mary

    Help appreciated please

    Warks. Just can't place just right! Many thanks
  4. Mary

    2 micros

    Don't know if these pics are good enough for anyone to help with id please? Warks. Many thanks
  5. Mary

    Northumberland moths site

    I've used the excellent 'moths by larval plant' list many times on the Northumberland moths. org.uk site, but have just tried to get on and Norton has blocked it as being dangerous! Anyone know what has happened?
  6. Mary

    gull id

    Sorry for the 'simple' one for most, but don't get to see these normally! My guess Herring? At a water treatment works Warks. Many thanks
  7. Mary

    feathers from Sparrowhawk meal

    Can anyone suggest what the bird was that was lunch for the male Sparrowhawk today, please? These are just a few of the feathers that were left.
  8. Mary

    fungi id, please

    These little fungi have started growing in a pot of strawberry plants! Can anyone id them, please? And are they likely to affect the strawberries in any way?! Don't know if they've sprouted from the compost (peat-free) or the barley straw under the plants. ( It's a 1cm scale)
  9. Mary


    This is a video grab from a trailcam, so not too clear! I'm guessing this is a ferret... but could it be a polecat-ferret? Certainly the cam film always changes colours from what they would be in daytime, so too hard to call? (The film is too big to go on) Many thanks
  10. Mary

    Brown Argus? Warks

    Just got round to reviewing July pics, and although previously thought this was Common Blue after just a glance, now I'm wondering if that was right! Any thoughts, please?
  11. Mary

    beetle id

    Any help with id for this much appreciated. Can't find it among the Soldier beetles, but it's similar to a wasp nest beetle, but with some clear differences! Many thanks
  12. Mary


    Yes, it's Pugs again! These 2 causing identity crisis, Warks, please!
  13. Mary

    larva in crocus flower

    Anyone any suggestions for this one, please? Not sure if moth or 'other'! Thanks
  14. Mary

    Ring number

    Are these 2 pics of a ring clear enough to be accurate, and have I read it correctly as LE453086, does anyone know? Don't want to send in a wrong number!
  15. Mary

    Hugh's Wild West

    I missed the first last Saturday, so watched on iplayer. Next one Saturday 13th 18.00. Well worth catching the 1st episode, superb film of dippers et al.
  16. Mary

    In case anyone in UK didn't see the link!

    This petition just needs a few more folk to get it to the 10,000! https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/201443
  17. Mary


    Had to start sometime, I suppose. https://apps.stratford.gov.uk/eplanning/AppDetail.aspx?appkey=OWB7HNPMGR500 https://apps.stratford.gov.uk/eplanning/AppDetail.aspx?appkey=OWMBG3PMKR400
  18. Mary

    2 micros?! Warks

    Anyone id these 2 please? Don't 'do' micros as a rule, but the first was 'different' and can't find the 2nd as a macro! Many thanks.
  19. Mary

    another please! Warks

    Probably staring me in the face, but can't reconcile the cross lines exactly to anything! Many thanks
  20. Mary

    2 more Warks please

    Is first a Lunar-spotted Pinion? 2nd looks too worn, perhaps, and maybe a micro? Many thanks