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    Ruby-throated Hummingbird tongue length

    Hello all, I am searching for an information regarding the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird tongue length. Not the entire length but the length of the tongue extending past the beak when the hummingbird is feeding. Can you please share that info with me? I want to write an article on feeders used...
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    Could it be Colias eurytheme?

    Hi I took that picture of this Butterfly at Franconia Notch, White Mountains County, New Hampshire, USA in October 1st. Could it be Colias eurytheme? Thanks for helping :) Michel Qu├ębec, Canada
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    Moth to identify

    Hello all, I really have no idea for this moth found in Quebec,Canada; near Vermont USA at the beginning of July. Can you help to identify Family, Genus and Species? Thanks, Michel Quebec, Canada www.facebook.com/ParcoursNature/
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    Could it be Haploa confusa?

    Hello all, Here is a moth I photogaphied in July in Quebec, Canada (near Vermont, USA). Could it be Haploa confusa? I have difficulties to separate H. confusa from H. lecontei.... Thanks for your help... Michel Quebec, Canada https://www.facebook.com/ParcoursNature/
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    Geometridae to identify

    Hello all, Here is a moth I photographed in June in Quebec, Canada (near Vermont). I think it is a Geometridae. Do you have any idea regarding the Genus and species? Thanks, Michel, Quebec, Canada Naturalist Photographer Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ParcoursNature/
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    Could it be Eumenes fraternus?

    Hello all, Here are 4 pictures of a Wasp photographed in Quebec, Canada at Mid June. Could it be Eumens fraternus? Thanks for helping :) Michel Quebec, Canada
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    Hemiptera to identify...

    Hello all, Below is a photo of a Hemiptera photographed in Quebec (near Vermont) in September... Would it be possible to identify it? Thanks again for your always appreciated help :) Michel Quebec, Canada
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    Could it be Tipula infuscata?

    Hello all, Here is a Tipulidae photographed at Sherbrooke, Quebec (near Vermont). Could it be as I think Tipula infuscata? Thanks for helping :) Michel
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    Catocala to identifier...

    Hello all, I found that Catocala in Quebec, Canada (near Vermont) September 2nd 2011. Is it possible to identify the Catacola species??? Thanks alot for your appreciated help :) Michel
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    Another moth to identify...

    Hello all, Here is a little moth I photographed in my garden (Quebec, near Vermont) in August. I think it is within the Eberidae family. Any idea about his genus/species? Thanks again, Michel Quebec, Canada
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    A small fly to identify...

    Hello all, Here is a little fly photographied on a flower in my garden in Quebec (near Vermont USA). Is it possible to identify the species and/or the genus? Thanks for your help :) Michel Quebec, Canada
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    Could it be Pterostichus sp?

    Hello all, Here is a kind of Carabidae I found in my yard last July 17th, 2011 in Quebec, Canada (near Vermont). I am not really good with Coleoptera, so would it be possible to identify the species? Thanks alot in advance, Michel
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    New moth to identified

    Hello all, Here is another moth photographed in my garden in Quebec (near Vermont) last July 14th. Any idea about the species? Cheers, Michel Quebec, Canada
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    Nice colorful moth to identify

    Hello all, Here is a nice colorful moth I found in my yard. Sadly I am not able to identify it (family, genus, species) by searching the net. Pictures took at Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada (near Vermont) Can you please help me? Thanks, Michel Quebec Canada
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    Hello all, Here are some moth pictures photographed las July 11th, 2011 at Sherbrooke, Quebec (near Vermont). I think it is a Noctuidae but I still don't have the genus and species... Can you help me? Thanks again Michel Canada
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    Pterophoridae to identify

    Hello all, Here is a specimen found near my house (near Vermont). Would it be possible to identify the genus and the species? I'm suspecting Hellinsia sp. Thanks for helping me Cheers, Michel Quebec, Canada
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    Syrphidae to identify...

    Hello all, Would it be possible to identify this female Syrphidae? (Genus, Species)? Those pictures were taken in a marsh near home (Quebec, near Vermont). Thanks alot :) Michel (from Quebec, Canada; near Vermont)
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    Another Republic Dominican Lizard to identify...

    Hello all, Here are 2 pictures taken in Dominican Republic at the top of the Mount Isabel de Torres near Puerto Plata. Any idea about its identification? This one doesn't look at Anolis cybotes... Thanks again for your great help :) Michel Quebec, Canada
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    Turtle to identify please...

    Hello all Here is 2 pictures of a Turtle photographed at Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic) at my hotel. Is is possible to identify it? Thanks very much for your help always so appreciated Michel Quebec, Canada
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    Dominican Republic Lizard to identify

    Hello, During my vacations at Puerto Plata in Dominican Republic, I photographed this nice Lizard. Can you help me to identify it? The picture was took early in April at Mount Isabel de Torres. Thank you, Michel Quebec, Canada