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    Not a Grackle

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    A Thrush ?

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    Leucistic Curlew - Druridge Pools (Northumberland)

    It's the famous long-thought extinct Yeti-curlew.
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    ID request - Southwest Colorado

    Juvenile Starlings is probably in the top two or three of birds that cause the most confusion.
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    Scarlet Tanger? - Lillington, NC - USA

    It's a Summer Tanager (all red as opposed to with black wings).
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    Texas migrant

    I agree with Fugl. A female Oriole although I don't have enough experience with Hooded to make the determination as to which species exactly.
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    Moab, UT, USA - Killdeer, and something else

    It's a Kildeer as well. The bird in the second picture looks different because the background and lighting are different.
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    Vireo ID Central Texas

    I agree with Philadelphia Vireo (see also the shortish tail)
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    Song or Savannah Sparrow

    Agree with Song for the reasons stated.
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    Gulf Coast, Florida panhandle

    Also agree on the IDs. Nice photos!
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    Fayetteville, NC Question

    Looks like a Brown-headed Cowbird.
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    Upstate New York USA

    I agree with the others. Here's a good comparison of the two species: http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Chipping_Sparrow/id
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    Sparrow ID

    You already have the id. Just wanted to say it's a very nice photo.
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    Just another Mallard? Clearwater, Florida

    I believe it is a Mallard, but a Mexican Mallard. Does that make you feel any better? :-O
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    Brown Thrasher?

    Agree with female Red-winged Blackbird. A thrasher is bigger, a longer and more slender bill, and is generally of a lighter color.
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    Sparrow ID help

    I agree, very nice photo of an Eastern Phoebe.