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  1. theconstantwalker

    Leica 77 none APO

    I have the chance to buy an unused Televid 77. It's not the APO version so I need to know how good a scope it is compared to today's offerings... ie Vortex Viper 65.
  2. theconstantwalker


    I saw this at Cemlyn Bay Anglesey on Sunday.... Sanderling was my first thought can anyone confirm.
  3. theconstantwalker

    Duck seen at Budworth Mere today?

    I saw this duck feeding amongst Mallards at Budworth Mere at Marbury Country Park in Cheshire this afternoon the tail was always raised as shown in my images.
  4. theconstantwalker


    Seen this afternoon and I am sure it's a Goldcrest but a friend says it's a Firecrest my ID was based on no dark eye stripe..
  5. theconstantwalker


    Seen at Neumanns Flash Northwich Cheshire yesterday. A new bird for me on my local patch... http://youtu.be/3aQUuDjAtck
  6. theconstantwalker

    Cemlyn Bay... Anglesey

    A video clip of Cemlyn Bay.:t: http://youtu.be/TcPYN-YPqKo To see more click here: http://rambleswithacamera.blogspot.com/
  7. theconstantwalker

    Meadow Pipit?

    I'm pretty sure I have got the ID correct but would like it confirmed. Seen on the slopes of Latrigg above Keswick in the Lake District last week.
  8. theconstantwalker

    When did you start watching birds?

    I don't really know why but a few days ago I started to think about the moment in my life that made me become interested in watching birds. I have posted my thoughts on my blog http://rambleswithacamera.blogspot.com/2011/02/books-that-inspired-me-to-watch-birds.html I would like to know...
  9. theconstantwalker


    I took these record shots a couple of weeks ago. I had identified Goldcrests in my local wood but is this a male Goldcrest or a Firecrest the colours are as seen. Pictures are taken in Cheshire. Sorry for the image it was the best of a bad lot.
  10. theconstantwalker

    Ever decreasing circles..........

    I had a lovely day watching Treecreepers in the woodland of my childhood. To view click here. http://rambleswithacamera.blogspot.com/2011/01/treecreepers-circling-up-trees.html
  11. theconstantwalker

    A walk around Marbury CP

    Just a little clip of Marbury Country Park i thought i would share on the Cheshire site. http://rambleswithacamera.blogspot.com/2010/12/winter-walk.html
  12. theconstantwalker

    Ring-necked parakeet

    When did you last see this bird in Cheshire. I used to see them often in the River Weaver areas of Barnton and Weaverham and they were a regular visitor to my Mum's garden (she loved to see them) but it has been a few years since we saw one.
  13. theconstantwalker

    Sedge Warbler?

  14. theconstantwalker

    Warbler ID please

    Warbler ID please. Cheshire UK Hi, Can somebody please ID this Warbler for me (pic from June by the way). Thanks. :t:
  15. theconstantwalker

    Secret Britain BBC1

    Sorry to bother you all but my local patch (Northwich, Neumanns Flash) was on Secret Britain BBC1 tonight 29th Aug 2010. A good review of my favourite place with some really good aerial shots. See my blog for more info on the Northwich Woodlands website.
  16. theconstantwalker

    Nikon EDG eyepiece discovery!!!

    I've just found out you can use the Nikon Fieldscope ED50/III/EDIII/ED82 range of eyepieces on the new EDG scopes with an adapter EMA-1. It retails at £42ish so if you are considering an upgrade (?) you can at least use your old eyepieces whilst saving up for one of the new ones (if you wish...
  17. theconstantwalker

    Im missing in camera editing on 500D

    Ive just upgraded my Nikon D60 for the Canon 500D but have only just realised i can't zoom and trim (crop) photo's on the Canon (or am i missing something) out in the field like i could on the Nikon. I used to use this option a lot to view and edit while out and about. My question is what do you do?
  18. theconstantwalker

    Velbon CF-645

    Has anybody got a review of the Velbon CF-645 tripod as i have a chance of getting a good deal on one. Its a four section tripod but it's compact size suits my needs. I have the Nikon ED50 and EDIII scopes. The offer i have includes the PH-157Q head.....any comments
  19. theconstantwalker

    Sigma HSM (AF-S) lenses on Nikon D90

    Quick question i currently have a Nikon D60 and a couple of Sigma lenses with the built in AF motor drive. I would like to upgrade to a D90 but will my current lenses work on this camera?
  20. theconstantwalker

    Nikon Bird Watching Magazine Supplement

    In the latest edition of Bird Watching magazine (UK) there is a supplement on Advanced Digiscoping based on Nikon equipment and pushing the new EDG scopes but also the Fieldscopes and RAIII's. My question is they recommend two affordable Coolpix cameras the S1000pj and S640. Has anyone used...