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    HELP!!! IS or not

    Hopefully someone can help me sort this out in my mind. I have been looking at the Canon 70-200 f2.8 lens. My problem is, do I need IS or not. I do mainly bird photography, but also other wildlife. I do photograph, birds in flight if possible, as well as static on a tripod in a hide. Hope...
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    My first Kingfisher

    Unfortunately not in Essex, but Worcester
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    Only a week to go

    Yeeha, Only a week to go before 16 nights in Orlando. Will visit Gatorland, early morning, all 8 mornings it is available to me.. Love the place. Wild Florida, Joe Overstreet Road and possibly a few other locations as well. Hopefully the resident pair of bald eagles are still at the back of the...
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    Going to Northumberland 3/4/5th June 2014 in search of some quality pictures of the puffins etc on the Farne Islands if anyone else interested Trevor
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    Puffin photography June 2014

    Is anyone looking to do any Puffin photography during June 2014. I was booked on a puffin photography trip for 3 days, but the goal posts were moved to make the trip 7 days, which I thought was too much on a tiny island. I am thinking of going up to the Farne Islands for a few days and trying...
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    Bald Eagles in Kissimmee

    After lots of searching for bald eagles without much success, I was lounging in the pool whilst on holiday, and just 90 feet from the pool I saw these 2 beauties, and photographed them whilst still dripping wet
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    Raptors Orlando, Fl

    Hello, Are there any places that are more likely to produce some raptors in the Kissimmee area of Orlando please, next month Cheers Trevor ;)
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    Orlando /Kissimmee rersidents

    Orlando/ Kissimmee residents -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Totally un-bird related question. Can ay locals recommend a good Chinese restaurant in Kissimmee / Int Drive / Dr Phillips area of Orlando please. I do enjoy a Chinese and will...
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    Orlando/ Kissimmee residents

    Totally un-bird related question. Can ay locals recommend a good Chinese restaurant in Kissimmee / Int Drive / Dr Phillips area of Orlando please. I do enjoy a Chinese and will be over during October Thanks 8-P
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    Jamie Hall Photography, Norfolk

    Hello, Is there anyone on here who knows Jamie Hall, and if so, do they have a contact number for him please, as I am trying to contact him re a photographic day. Cheers Trevor
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    Rye Meads, Herts

    Hello, Probably a really silly question for any regulars at Rye Meads. Is the Kingfisher hide best for trying to photograph the said birds, or are any of the other hides any better. Apologies if this is a stupid question Thanks Trevor :t:
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    Canon 1D mark iii firmware

    Hello, Can anyone tell me whether the firmware should or can be updated on this camera, and whether it will make any difference. It currently has version 1.0.8 Ta ;)
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    Norfolk Wildlife Photography

    Has anyone used the services of Jon of Norfolk Wildlife Photography. He advertises days out doing various subjects, adders, kingfishers etc Thanks Trevor ;)
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    Reducing mb in a photo

    I need to reduce a jpeg photo from 3.4mb to about 2mb in PSE11. Any ideas please Trevor :t:
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    ID required for very colourful bird in garden

    Can anyone help ID a very colourful bird that we have had visit the garden a couple of times Magpie size Mainly light brown body striking blue down wings dark grey bit on wings Thanks in advance 3:-)
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    Printer information

    Can anyone recommend a printer that produces excellent quality photograph prints please, possibly even different size and types of paper Thanks Trevor o:)
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    Some advice on flash use

    Whilst on holiday recently in Florida, I was lucky enough to visit Gatorland on a few occasions. Whilst there I noticed that a few photographers were using box type flash units on their cameras. Any reasons for this in such good light, or could it just be to light up the chicks in nests in the...
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    Fish cature Florida

    Can anybody tell me what the bird is I captured on a recent trip to Florida. Not the best, but taken at about 400 feet away. Thanks Trevor
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    Florida here I come

    Well only a few days to go before I am off to Florida for a few weeks and hopefully get some bird photography in. Will certainly visit Gatorland early morning and Joe Overstreet Road ;)
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    Pse 11

    Help, Can anybody give me some advice before I throw my new laptop out of the window. I think I have sussed out how to use the clone stamp tool, but I keep getting an over image (one picture over the other) that moves every time I move the cursor, which stops me being able to click on the area...