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  1. JohnKoerner007

    Green-Faced, Gray Warbler (Red Wing Badge) ~ Green Valley, AZ

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  2. JohnKoerner007

    Sharp-Shinned or Cooper's Hawk?? (Green Valley, AZ)

    Taken yesterday, at ~4pm, Green Valley, AZ.
  3. JohnKoerner007

    Purple Finch? Cassin's Finch? Or?? (Los Angeles Mountains)

    Male | Female | Juvenile Taken w/ Nikon Z6 + 800mm FL ED + 2x TC @ 1600mm Border of LA & San Bernardino Counties, foothills of San Gabriel Mountains, today. Thanks for any help!
  4. JohnKoerner007

    Yellow-Headed Warbler (ID?)

    Hi. Would someone please help me with the ID (and sex) of this warbler? Southern Arizona (Madera Canyon), today. Thank you :)
  5. JohnKoerner007

    Sand Piper In Flight (ID Help), Bonelli Park, LA County

    Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  6. JohnKoerner007

    Juvenile Bullock's Oriole? (So CA)

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  7. JohnKoerner007

    Pacific Slope Flycatcher? (Dusky? Hammonds?)

    San Dimas Canyon, Northeast L.A. County, U.S. Expert opinions graciously-solicited ...
  8. JohnKoerner007

    Gray Vireo (San Dimas, CA, today)

    Gray Vireo or Dusky Flycatcher ... (San Dimas, CA, today) Let me know, thank you.
  9. JohnKoerner007

    Black-Throated Gray Warbler (San Dimas, CA, today)

    Black-Throated Gray Warbler??? Expert advice appreciated, thank you!
  10. JohnKoerner007

    Western Kingbird??

    Pale back + black tail = Western? Any help is appreciated.
  11. JohnKoerner007

    What Duck Species?? (San Jacinto Wetlands, CA)

    Any help would be appreciated, it's a pretty one :)
  12. JohnKoerner007

    Sandpiper? Plover? Stilt? (San Jacinto Wetlands, CA ~ Today)

    Any ID help would be appreciated.
  13. JohnKoerner007

    Pacific-Slope Flycatcher?

    Kingbird? / Flycatcher? (San Gabriel Mountains, Upland, CA) Thanks for any tips!
  14. JohnKoerner007

    Immature Golden-Crowned Sparrow??

    Claremont, CA Thanks!
  15. JohnKoerner007

    Red-Shouldered Hawk? (San Gabriel Mountains, CA)

    Thanks and Happy New Year.
  16. JohnKoerner007

    Flicker? Sapsucker? (Southern California)

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  17. JohnKoerner007

    Sapsucker (SE Arizona, today)

    Any help on this one?
  18. JohnKoerner007

    Another Wren ID Question (SE Arizona, today)

    Any help appreciated :) PS: Very tiny ...
  19. JohnKoerner007

    Wren ID (So CA Mountains)

    Juvenile House Wren? Any help appreciated.
  20. JohnKoerner007

    Sparrow IS (San Diego, CA)

    Any help would be appreciated.