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    Unknown in Bhutan 1

    Hi can anyone ID the following, taken in May in Chumey National Park Thanks Tony
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    Unknown in Bhutan 2

    Hi Can anyone please ID. Both taken in May. First 2 (same bird) taken in Phrumsengla National Park (Yongkola) Second bird taken on the road from Trongsa to Tingtibi Thanks Tony
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    A few more

    Hi A couple of laughingthrushes (can you put them in the gallery for me as well, Thanks) 2 pictures of Ashambu Laughingthrush (Montecincla meridionalis), aka Ashambu Chilappan. Picture taken in Kerala, November 2018. Use whichever you prefer. Yellow-throated Laughingthrush (Ianthocincla...
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    New photos for opus

    Hi A few new pictures (assuming Missing Images is up-to date) Andaman Cuckoo-Dove Chityatapu Forest Reserve, Andaman Islands Andaman Flowerpecker Mt Harriet N P , Bamboo Flats Andaman Islands Malabar Woodshrike Chinnar Wildlife Reserve, Kerala, India More to follow Tony
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    Hawk Cuckoo in Sarawak

    Hi Is this simply a Large Hawk Cuckoo? Picture taken 30/03/2018 near Bakalalan, Sarawak. I've added a picture of Bock's Hawk Cuckoo taken the day before in a similar location. Thanks Tony
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    Flycatcher in Sarawak

    Hi Is this a Ferruginous Flycatcher? Picture taken 30/03/2018 near Bakalalan, Sarawak, Borneo. Thanks Tony
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    Warbler from Vietnam

    Please can this warbler be identified. Picture taken in Central Vietnam (Mang Ri) in February. I'm a bit confused by the "smudge" on the head in the first picture. Thanks Tony
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    Babbler in N Thailand

    Hi Is this a Buff-breasted babbler or something else. Picture taken in Mae Wong, N Thailand. Thanks Tony
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    Flycatchers in N Thailand

    Hi Please can anyone confirm the following two flycatchers. The pictures were taken in Doi Lang, N Thailand in March Many Thanks Tony
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    Unknowns in N Thailand

    Please can anyone ID the following taken in Doi Lang, N Thailand in March. The first two are the same bird. Many thanks Tony
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    Warblers in N Thailand

    Hi ID's required for the following warblers, all pictures taken in March in Northern Thailand, near Chiang Saen. I think most of them are probably Dusky Warblers! Many thanks Tony
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    Bunting in Chitwan, Nepal

    Hi I was sent this picture of a bunting in Chitwan from a friend in Nepal for ID. Little bunting came to mind. Has anyone any suggestions? Thanks Tony
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    Flycatcher, Taman Negara

    Hi Is it possible to identify this flycatcher down to sub-species level, seen in Taman Negara at the end of February. Thanks Tony
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    Spiny Babbler

    Hi I've just put some photos of a Spiny Babbler in the Asia gallery. You are welcome to use any of them in Opus. Tony
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    Grasshopper(?) China

    Hi Is it possible to ID this, taken at Fuzhou NFR, Fujian province on 02/05/2015. Thanks Tony
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    Dragonfly China

    Hi Is it possible to ID this. Taken in Fuzhou NFR, Fujian province on 02/05/2015 Thanks Tony
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    Butterfly ID China

    Hi Is it possible to ID the 2 Butterflys below. The 1st was taken at Emei Feng, Fujian on 28/04/2014 2nd taken At Fuzhou, Fujian on 02/05/2015 Thanks Tony
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    2 frogs from China

    Hi Is it possible to ID the 2 frogs taken in Jiulianshan NR, Jiangxi Province 20/04/2015 after very heavy rain. Thanks Tony
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    China unknowns

    Hi 2 unknowns from China (although |I feel I should know the second one!) 1 & 2 taken at Nanling, Guangdong Province. Taken 21/04/2015 3 & 4 taken at Nonggang NNR, Guangxi Taken 24/04/2015 Thanks Tony
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    Unknowns in Rajasthan 2

    A few unknowns for which I require confirmation. All pictures were taken in Tal Chappar. 1) Minivet, but which one? 2) ? 3 & 4) Stonechats, but common or Siberian? 5) Red tailed Wheatear? Thanks Tony