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  1. simple

    Unsustainable Turtle Dove and Common Quail shooting holidays in Spain

    Hi Birforum-ers This really has me rather angry ! https://www.bookyourhunt.com/en/dove-hunting-in-europe I am particularly concerned about the promotion of both Common Quail and Turtle Dove shoot holidays which run completely contrary to these aspects they state on their website: "We believe...
  2. simple

    Help - Slow ferry to Morocco?

    I never use the fast ferry - terrible Dolphin and Whale killer! Transmed from Algeciras takes about 1.5hrs, normally see quite a bit from the route to Tangier Med as there is often seabirds and cetaceans, sometimes raptors too!
  3. simple

    ATX95 vs 85

    For me the 95X is the best but the weight etc is a real drag in the field, it is just really cumbersome too! I currently have the 85mm for a couple of reasons, my main watching is raptor watching and the increased fOV at 25x is a bonus also the 85 is just a very neat compact (more so than its...
  4. simple

    Sf 8x42

    Had this issue on a pair that I had and had to go back and exchange them - definite defect!
  5. simple

    Whats the current...

    Hi all, What is the current situation in Ethiopia ? I'm going there for a month Birding and was wondering what the safety situation is like? Anything to be aware with taking optics through airports? etc ! Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. simple

    Birdwatching in Straits of Gibraltar & La Janda

    We are hoping to disseminate the count information both through Migres and our own social media feeds more regularly but when the count information is required by visiting Birders it is also one of the busiest times for both organisations so please do consider that. However we will discuss the...
  7. simple

    Troubador's Mini Review: Black vs Grey SF

    To be fair the armour is not of the quality of the black version from what I've seen - they sold a premium binocular with **** armour so perhaps they should rectify the situation? Great bins apart from that mind!
  8. simple

    Help ...what happened to Bubo listing?

    Don't be silly Peter! It is all in my head!...just have to relocate it!...may need some help....!
  9. simple

    Help ...what happened to Bubo listing?

    What the ***** happened to Bubo listing website? anyone got any info? when (if!) is it coming back and whats happened to my data? EEEEEEEEK!
  10. simple

    Best phone cam for digiscoping?

    I thought Sony did the best phone cam?
  11. simple

    Troubador's Mini Review: Black vs Grey SF

    Just a quick query - if you have a grey latest version but actually would prefer the black armouring will Zeiss change it are free of charge as they will do with the eyecups?
  12. simple

    Help where to fit 1 or 2 birding days into 3 week Oct/Nov trip of Southern Spain

    Worth getting a guide by all means and the above seem like good options. As occasional states the Vulture migration in the Straits of Gibraltar is top notch as is the surrounding birding. In Tarifa old town there are great bars and historical sites to see as well. Perhaps consider combining this...
  13. simple

    Swarovksi ATX 65mm or ATS 80 HD

    the modular is a rip off in my opinion and offers only some slight advantages in upgrades a bit like a computer you can hack apart - I think the best option is to look at other brands too rather than favouring the one with the biggest marketing budget!!
  14. simple

    Low-Cost birding trips in Europe

    With flights to Gib from £30 and the ability to witness thousands of migrating raptors then the straits of Gibraltar should be on your list if not at the very top. Accommodation options are numerous and guiding is easy and relatively inexpensive. This would be well within your budget for a...
  15. simple

    Madrid city-birding

    El Pardo Reserve is super and not far from the centre - Spanish Imperial Eagle can be encountered here amongst other great spp
  16. simple

    Best Urban Bird Migrations?

    Guatemala City Tarifa / Gib Chefchouen (Morocco)
  17. simple

    Zeiss ht or SF

    SF is for smart focus and I've never had a pair of bins where you could just 'snap' into subjects so quickly before - only way to describe it. I think the ergonomics are much better than the HT.
  18. simple

    What method do you use to clean your Zeiss binoculars ?

    stick em in the washing machine.....simples!
  19. simple

    New Zeiss Victory SF !!!!!!

    I had those Bins once - pretty good ! Yeah you should be able to get a replacement rather than glue it, I always run scared of glueing anything on optics if I can avoid it! It is also likely that the rubber itself has become distorted and damaged due to exposure to the world! so I would get a...
  20. simple

    New Zeiss Victory SF !!!!!!

    Loose armour - seen 6 samples never seen any problems with loose armour Rusty washer - I dunno look more discolouration to me not rust, but it maybe a fault...perhaps. Staining - can't see any staining here and I've been wandering through mud and shite most weeks, sweat and blood on them (yup!)...