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  1. Richard Klim

    The last post...

    (...from me anyway.) With very best wishes to the many regular contributers to the taxonomy forums! :t:
  2. Richard Klim

    Neotrop Birds 18

    Neotrop Birds 18. (Received my copy by post yesterday.)
  3. Richard Klim

    Birds of Libya

    Go-South: 15 May 2016 – Oiseaux de Libye – Birds of Libya. Isenmann, Hering, Brehme, Essghaier, Etayeb, Bourass & Azafzaf 2016. Oiseaux de Libye. Birds of Libya. SEOF, Paris.
  4. Richard Klim

    Eastern Pacific storm petrels

    Sausner, Torres-Mura, Robertson & Hertel 2016. Ecomorphological differences in foraging and pattering behavior among storm-petrels in the eastern Pacific Ocean. Auk 133(3): 397–414. [abstract]
  5. Richard Klim

    White-throated Thrush

    Núñez-Zapata, Peterson & Navarro-Sigüenza (in press). Pleistocene diversification and speciation of White-throated Thrush (Turdus assimilis; Aves: Turdidae). J Ornithol. [abstract & preview] [Dagua (White-throated) Thrush Turdus (assimilis) daguae is treated as a distinct species by Ridgely &...
  6. Richard Klim

    West Indies: new extinct snipe

    Steadman & Takano 2016. A new extinct species of snipe (Aves: Scolopacidae: Gallinago) from the West Indies. Zootaxa 4109(3): 345–358. [abstract]
  7. Richard Klim

    White-lored & Isabella Orioles

    Lowney, van Weerd & de Kort 2015. Species rank of Isabela Oriole Oriolus isabellae and White-lored Oriole O. albiloris reinforced by song playback responses. Forktail 31: 113–116.
  8. Richard Klim

    Rufous-sided Warbling Finch

    AOU-SACC Proposal #719 (Pacheco, May 2016): Change the spelling of Poospiza hypochondria to Poospiza hypocondria.
  9. Richard Klim

    Bird Atlas of Mauritania

    African Bird Club, 2016... Ref: Isenmann, Benmergui, Browne, Diam Ba, Hamallah Diagana, Diawara & El Abidine ould Sidaty 2010. Oiseaux de Mauritanie. Birds of Mauritania. SEOF. (With thanks to Phil Hyde for reporting to BB.) ​
  10. Richard Klim

    Chilean Swallow

    AOU-SACC Proposal #718 (Schulenberg, Apr 2016): Correct the scientific name of Chilean Swallow from Tachycineta meyeni to the older name Tachycineta leucopyga. Mlíkovský & Frahnert 2009. Nomenclatural notes on Neotropical swallows of the genus Tachycineta Cabanis (Aves: Hirundinidae). Zootaxa...
  11. Richard Klim

    Evolution of penguins in Australia

    Park, Fitzgerald, Gallagher, Tomkins & Allan 2016. New Miocene fossils and the history of penguins in Australia. PLoS ONE 11(4): e0153915. [article & pdf]
  12. Richard Klim

    Blue-headed Quail Dove

    Olson & Wiley 2016. The Blue-headed Quail-Dove (Starnoenas cyanocephala): an Australasian dove marooned in Cuba. Wilson J Ornithol 128(1): 1–21. [abstract] Starnoenadinae Bonaparte, 1855 - 'Blue-headed Partridge-Dove' Baptista et al 2016 (HBW Alive). Baptista et al 1997 (HBW 4)... Dickinson...
  13. Richard Klim

    Mouse-colored Tyrannulet

    Zucker, Harvey, Oswald, Cuervo, Derryberry & Brumfield (in press). The Mouse-colored Tyrannulet (Phaeomyias murina) is a species complex that includes the Cocos Flycatcher (Nesotriccus ridgwayi), an island form that underwent a population bottleneck. Mol Phylogenet Evol. [abstract] [Fig 1] At...
  14. Richard Klim

    NW North America

    Cheek​, Campbell, Dickerman, Wijdeven & Winker 2016. Mitochondrial DNA suggests recent origins in two coastal avian subspecies in northwestern North America. PeerJ Preprints 4: e1985v1. [abstract & pdf] Sharp-shinned Hawk Accipiter striatus: White et al 2015 (HBW Alive). Bildstein & Meyer...
  15. Richard Klim

    IOC World Bird List v6.2

    www.worldbirdnames.org/updates/update-diary/ Master Lists now online: www.worldbirdnames.org/ioc-lists/master-list-2/
  16. Richard Klim

    Early Cretaceous birds

    Wang & Lloyd 2016. Rates of morphological evolution are heterogeneous in Early Cretaceous birds. Proc R Soc B 283(1828): 20160214. [abstract]
  17. Richard Klim


    AOU-SACC Proposal #716 (David, Apr 2016): Change the spelling of Theristicus caerulescens to Theristicus coerulescens and that of Cyanocorax caeruleus to Cyanocorax coeruleus. David & Dickinson 2016. The ligatures -æ- and -œ- in Vieillot's new avian names established in the Nouveau Dictionnaire...
  18. Richard Klim


    Huntley & Voelker (in press). Cryptic diversity in Afro-tropical lowland forests: The systematics and biogeography of the avian genus Bleda. Mol Phylogenet Evol. [abstract] [Fig 1] [Fig 2] [Fig 3] [Fig 4] [Fig 5] (See also: Grey-headed Bristlebill.)
  19. Richard Klim

    Ogasawara Archipelago

    Sugita, Kawakami & Nishiumi 2016. Origin of Japanese white-eyes and brown-eared bulbuls on the Volcano Islands. Zool Sci 33(2): 146–153. [abstract] HBW Alive: Japanese White-eye (Zosterops japonicus) Brown-eared Bulbul (Microscelis amaurotis)
  20. Richard Klim

    Wood pewees

    Manthey & Robbins 2016. Genomic insights into hybridization in a localized region of sympatry between pewee sister species (Contopus sordidulus × C. virens) and their chromosomal patterns of differentiation. Avian Res 7: 6. [article & pdf] Farnsworth & Lebbin 2004 (HBW 9): Western Wood-pewee...