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  1. Charles Harper

    Eurasian and Chinese Penduline Tits

    Does anyone have IDing experience of the two (allo)species? I cannot seem to find comparative text on the internet or in my sparse library. I have looked at a number of web photos (including Adey Baker's of the former species and Wigan's of the latter here in the Gallery). For adult males at...
  2. Charles Harper

    How tall is the 055 MPV?

    The Manfrotto website gives the vertical dimension as 'n/a' for the 055 MPV. Does anyone have any idea why, and can s/he tell me how tall I would be able to make the thing? Much gratitude if you can. Charles
  3. Charles Harper

    Thailand March 1-20, 2006

    I thought I'd post an extremely brief summary of my recent trip to Thailand, for the main purpose of recommending my guides to other birders who may be headed that way. They are: Panuwat (Par) Sasirat, who can be contacted through his website, www.wildbirdeco.com; and Pinit Saengkaew, whose...
  4. Charles Harper

    Japanese Birdwatchers' Gossip

    Princess Nori
  5. Charles Harper

    Guess what I saw

    It's been a while since I posted, but I really wanted to share this vision of Japanese opulence: at Yatsuhigata on Tokyo Bay today, one of the birders had a custom headplate mounted on his tripod, and it supported a matched PAIR of Swaro STS80HDs-- binoculars with a bang! He's serious... and...
  6. Charles Harper

    Another Chase Tale

    I stumbled upon this in the Washington Post, if you have not yet read it: Bird-Watchers' Hopes Aflutter The Faithful Flock to Frederick in Quest to Spot Rare Specimen By Elizabeth Williamson Washington Post Staff Writer Thursday, February 17, 2005; Page B01 Not since Shrimpy the kelp gull...
  7. Charles Harper

    Mixed Shorebirds Quiz

    Sorry, I can't remember where we used to put these photo quizzes-- or if anyone is interested anymore. Here is one I just stole... but I figure it is all right, because it has proper credits on it, and maybe if Sumit or other OBC members don't blow the whistle, I'll get away with it. Anyway--...
  8. Charles Harper

    Saunders's Gull, I Presume

    Never heard of 'BLACK-BEAKED GULL' but I presume this is Saunders's Gull, a dainty fellow of which I see one or two each winter, amidst the Black-headed Gulls.
  9. Charles Harper

    Old Birds

    Has this been posted? Sorry, I don't keep up much here at the moment: OLD BIRD
  10. Charles Harper

    23 Species

    "The Future of Nature Depends on Us" "No hunting or shooting of wild birds allowed in Indonesia"
  11. Charles Harper

    Eastern Hokkaido: Lake Furen, Cape Ochiisi and environs

    A Brief Southeast Hokkaido Trip, June 27-29, 2004 This was a Blakiston's Fish-Owl trip. We flew into Nakashibetsu Airport on Sunday the 27th. By the time we got the rental car, it was 1:00 pm, so I decided that, morning birding being lost, we might as well go on down to Ochiisi Cape. This...
  12. Charles Harper

    Plan that Hong Kong trip soon

    Better plan that trip to Mai Po soon: things are getting worse in Hong Kong. Have a LOOK.
  13. Charles Harper

    Uruguayan LBJ

    Well, folks, at last my turn to ask for help. I don't have a South American FG, and my non-birding daughter just sent me this photo, asking what it is. It was taken in Colonia, Uruguay. and it looks like a common, garden-variety something-or-other. From my own knowledge, I can't even figure...
  14. Charles Harper

    Short-tailed Albatross

    Here's a link to an interesting article in the Yomiuri Shinbun (newspaper) on Albatross Relocation . Incidentally, this is the last year that the slow, open ferry to the Ogasawaras from Tokyo will be running; it will be replaced by a high-speed, enclosed ship, from which it will be much less...
  15. Charles Harper

    Malaysian Bird Race

    Here's an interesting challenge if you're free in June: http://www.brudirect.com/DailyInfo/News/Archive/May04/040504/nite11.htm
  16. Charles Harper

    Quick Birding in Tokyo

    Easy-Access Tokyo Area Birding Locations From time to time I have been contacted by BF members or guests who are coming to Japan and are seeking birding information. Many are coming to Tokyo on business or other non-birding matters, and have little time to indulge their hobby here and no way...
  17. Charles Harper

    I.D. Responses

    No one's been after my head for awhile, so time to stir up the muck. (Mixed metaphor, I assure you.) I WISH that when people posted a response to an I.D. request, they would at least mention ONE reason, ONE i.d. point, ONE hint that led to their conclusion. There is little more frustrating...
  18. Charles Harper

    Manchester Endangered Species

    Excerpted from the Guardian: "[Most endangered species:] the spotted fly-catcher, a migrating bird whose numbers have fallen by 62 per cent in woodlands since the 1960s. Very scarce across Greater Manchester. Numbers hit by global warming and loss of nest sites. Other species in danger are the...
  19. Charles Harper

    Bird Extinctions

    Many of you may have already seen this, but: http://www.guardian.co.uk/southafrica/story/0,13262,1164438,00.html
  20. Charles Harper

    Life Drawings?

    Hey, has anybody tried to use these dumb 'paint' or 'signature' facilities that come with your software? They seem totally useless-- I can't draw a straight line with these palsied old hands, and I don't see how anyone could. Try identifying this!-- PS: Guess I should have changed the...