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  1. jocateme

    Contopus sp. - Mexico City

    Hi all, I'm having a hard time trying to ID this Contopus flycatcher from Mexico City (Bosque de Chapultepec), 17 August 2018. I'm thinking either Olive-sided Flycatcher (C. cooperi) or Western Wood-Peewee (C. sordidulus). I wonder if someone is able to shed any light on this, despite the...
  2. jocateme

    Cooper's/Sharp-shinned - Washington, DC

    Hello, This immature hawk was at the National Mall in Washington, DC. There was another one calling, but I only saw this one. Is ID possible from this angle? Thanks! João
  3. jocateme

    Scaup in Washington, DC

    Hi everyone, These three scaups were spotted at the Tidal Basin, SW Washington, DC, in November. I'm attaching three photos of different angles/postures, all of which indicate Lesser to me, but since it's such a tricky bird to ID, I figured I'd better ask the experts. Thanks for any help! Joao
  4. jocateme

    Swallow, Duck, Loon - Sarasota Bay, Florida

    These are the remaining birds from my Florida trip whose IDs I'm not sure. I'll be grateful for any help with them. #1 - Sarasota Bay off Lido Key. Common Loon? #2 - Lido Key. Bank Swallow? #3 - Longboat Key. Lesser Scaup?
  5. jocateme

    Tern and Gulls - SW Florida

    I'd appreciate some help on the ID of these gulls and terns spotted this month in SW Florida. #1 - North Naples. I'm pretty sure it is some immature gull (Herring? Ring-billed?), but would love confirmartion. #2 - North Naples. I wonder if the tern in the front, slightly to the right of the...
  6. jocateme

    Shorebirds ID from Sanibel, Florida

    Last week I visited JN Ding Darling NWR, in Sanibel Island, SW Florida, and, as expectedm I am struggling to identify the shorebirds spotted there. I'd appreciate some help on them! 1 - (center of the pic, among the Semipalmated Plovers). My best guess is Least Sandpiper, especially because of...
  7. jocateme

    Turdus ID - Rome, Italy

    Hello all, This bird was photographed in Rome, Italy, in October/15. My best guess is juvenile blackbird, but as I don't have much knowledge on Palearctic birds, I'd appreciate if someone could confirm it is not some other thrush.
  8. jocateme

    IDs in Berlin, Germany

    Having doubts with some birds seen in Berlin in October. Would anyone be so kind as to confirm/correct these IDs? 1 - Tree pipit? (Tempelhofer Feld) 2 - Goshawk? (hovering over Neukölln) 3 - Not sure which treecreeper (Grünewald) 4 - Herring gull? (Wannsee) 5 - Scaup? (Schlachtensee) I can...
  9. jocateme

    Geese - Western USA

    Hi all, I just found out (only about 10 years later; been using old field guides) about the existence of the Cackling Goose. This lead me to a review of all my photos of geese previously identified as Canada. Luckily I live in Brazil and have taken only a few picture of the "species" during a...
  10. jocateme

    Mammals ID in California

    Hi everybody, I'm having some trouble IDing these mammals seen in California. I would appreciate any help! 1 - Los Angeles, jan/12. Guess it's a Sciurus squirrel, but which one? 2 - San Simeon, jan/12. California ground squirrel? 3 - Rancho Palos Verdes, jan/14. Don't know if it's possible...
  11. jocateme

    Gulls in Portland, OR, USA

    Hey y'all, Would appreciate some help with these last birds from my trip to USA. They're all gulls spotted in Portland, OR, by the banks of the Willamette River. I have my guesses, but would love some confirmation, since gulls are so tricky to ID. 1 - Mantle color seems good for...
  12. jocateme

    Help with birds from California, USA

    Hi everybody, Now I need help IDing some birds from California. These first 5 are all from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. 1 & 2 (different occasions, same location) - I'm thinking Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, but can't rule out California GC. 3 - Rufous-crowned Sparrow? 4 - Anna's Hummingbird? 5 -...
  13. jocateme

    Help with IDs in Florida

    Hi there, I'm back from a trip to Florida (and some other states in US) and would appreciate some help with these IDs. 1 - Naples, FL. It's a big gull, much taller than Ring-billed and Laughing, the only other gulls present in this flock (+Skimmers, Sanderlings and Terns). My best guess would...
  14. jocateme

    Leporid ID in Brazil

    Hello, Is anyone able to tell me if this Leporid is a tapeti (Sylvilagus brasiliensis) or an european hare (Lepus europaeus)? Those are the only two species occurring in Brazil, the latter having been introduced. Photo taken in Eldorado, S Mato Grosso do Sul, CW Brazil. Thanks for any help!
  15. jocateme

    Sparrow in Central Park, New York

    I was looking at some old pictures and ran into this one, taken about 4 years ago in Central Park. Not sure what sp. of Sparrow this is. Anyone can help?
  16. jocateme

    Duck and Falcon in California

    Hello! I'm having some trouble trying to ID these following individuals: 1 - I know the angle doesn't help much, but I can't seem to find any duck species fitting this plumage pattern. Mallards have mostly grey rather than brown mantle and belly. It is also possible it could be a hybrid or an...
  17. jocateme

    Sparrows in central California

    Hello, Can anyone help me with the identification of these sparrows in CA? Below are the locations they've been photographed, followed by my best guess on their IDs. 1 - Berkeley, SF Bay Area. Golden-crowned? 2 - San Juan Bautista, central CA. Immature Golden-crowned? 3 - Same place. Immature...
  18. jocateme

    Gulls in Central California

    Hello, I was in California these past 2 weeks, and I'm having a really hard time identifying the gulls I've seen there. In Brazil we practically have only one sp. along our coast (Kelp), so one can imagine the trouble these gulls are causing to me haha! Most of the ones I've seen were either...
  19. jocateme

    Howler monkeys ID in Brazil

    Hello! These howler monkeys were photographed in south Mato Grosso do Sul state, central Brazil, on two different occasions. I'm having a hard time identifying which Alouatta sp. they are, but my best guess is either A. guariba or A. caraya, or both of them. Can anybody help? Thanks in advance!
  20. jocateme

    Trogon sp. - SE Brazil

    This picture below of a Trogon sp. was taken near Paranapiacaba village, Santo Andre, Sao Paulo state, SE Brazil. I have my opinion of what it is, but as a friend suggested another sp., I thought I could check out with you guys. Cheers!