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    Opticron Discovery 7x42

    Looking at the Opticron brochure, it would appear a 7x42 model is coming in the Discovery range. This is a very interesting and welcome development. I am very fond of the Discovery model. Does anyone know when these are available?
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    Leica Trinovid BA 7x42

    I'm interested in buying a second hand model of these binoculars. They are in good to very good condition. What would be a good price for them? Are they any good?
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    Zeiss BGAT 7x42

    Can anyone tell me the year of manufacture for 7x42 Dialyt with serial number beginning 257?
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    Leica Trinovid 8x42 very Leica Ultravid HD Plus

    In 2012 I read a comparison of the Trinovid and the Ultravid HD (Non-Plus). In this review, on Birdwatching website, it said that no matter how hard they tried,they could detect no difference. I found this hard to believe, but last night I spent two hours comparing the Trinovid to the Ultravid...
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    Nikon 7x35 7.3 degree

    Is there anyway to tell if this binocular is the fully multicoated version? The serial number starts with 805.
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    Leica Trinovid BA 8x32

    How usable are these for spectacle wearers ? I know the listed eye relief is about 14mm. Sometimes that's ok for me. Any glasses wearers tried them ? I tried them a few years ago and don't remember a big issue but it was a while ago and I wasn't thinking of buying so didn't pay too much attention.
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    Auction site price

    What would be the maximum I should pay for a MM2 v2 with HR MM2 13-39 eye piece on an auction site? Will this combination give me decent views? I'm not really a scope person, but something small, lightweight and preferably cheap would be very useful.
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    Opticron MM3

    Does anyone know if the MM3 has a cover with a strap to go round the hand so it can be used hand held?
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    Circa £200 10x50

    Any recommendations for a 10x50 or 10x42 around £200? Budget is a little flexible.
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    Review Minox BV BR 8x42

    Following on from my review of the Minox BL HD 8x44 Minox sent me the BV BR 8x42 model to try out. This binocular has a SRP of £209 but retails at around £165. Made in China, it sits just above the bottom of the range BF. Although made in China, the binocular chassis is designed by...
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    BGA 10x42

    Does anyone have any knowledge or experience of the original BGA line up? This is pre-Oasis with the fold down eye pieces. I tried the 10x42 once and seem to remember that the view was generally ok. Were they phase corrected???
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    Review - Minox BL 8x44 HD

    The Minox BL 8x44 HD is the latest incarnation of the well established BL range, but has significant improvements over its predeccessors. Not only is this model now made in Germany, but it boasts extra low dispersion glass and dielectric coatings to the prisms. Each binocular is hand made in...
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    East Lothian

    I spent a good six hours in East Lothian on Tuesday. I started off at Torness Power Station, moving on to Barns Ness and Dunbar. The highlight had to be the Booted Warbler at Torness. Other notable sightings were: Curlew Oystercatcher Lapwing Tree Sparrow Stonechat Buzzard Kestrel Grey Heron...
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    Opticron Discovery 8x42 review

    Being a huge Opticron fan, I am delighted to write this short review of the Discovery 8x42 which sits just below the Explorer at the top of the Chinese range (the more expensive models being made in Japan). The Opticron Discovery 8x42 has a light weight magnesium alloy body and weighs in at...
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    Zeiss Terra ED 8x42 review

    The Zeiss Terra ED has been available for a while now. It is Zeiss' entry into the world of chinese made binoculars and offers purchasers the chance to own a Zeiss binocular for around £350. It is a model that has intriuged me, having previously owned the Zeiss Conquest HD 8x42. At first...
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    Opticron Verano BGA HD

    I've been on a bit of a marathon recently, searching for the right binocular. I have a few models, but not one that I would describe as my "main binocular". There's only one optics shop close by and they have a good range, but not a great range. I've bought, and returned, quite a few...
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    Opticron Discovery 8x32 v Opticron Savanna 8x30

    In my hunt for something small and light to carry around in my bag, I narrowed down my search to these two models from the Opticron range. I tried near enough every compact binocular within my budget and found most of them disappointing. Either the eye relief was too short or the ergonomics...
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    BGA SE 8x32

    I wonder if an opticron expert could answer this. I know there was a revision to the eye pieces around 2010. Was this revision cosmetic or did it improve the optics?
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    Non-Swarovision EL 8.5x42

    How good is the non-swarovision EL? Is there much of a difference between the two?
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    Hawke Sapphire or Zeiss Terra

    I'm thinking of these binoculars. The Zeiss, in my opinion, look a bit cheap and nasty, but I've heard the view is good. The Sapphires have dielectric coatings - I don't think the Zeiss do?