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  1. rin

    Red Grouse Call Ringtone

    My dad is desperate to download a red grouse call to his mobile phone to use as a ringtone and I have spent hours googling this to no avail. Does anyone have any idea where I could get this..........one of his mates has it and it drove him mad when they were fishing the other week and the...
  2. rin

    Hello from Caithness

    Hi there I have been off the birding scene for some considerable time due to relocation with work but am back in cold Caithness. I had my first few hours birding on 29th that I've managed in nearly 18 months. What a buzz, I forgot how exciting it was. Needless to say been to same area every...
  3. rin

    Alternative camera for digiscoping

    I have an opticron ES80GA ED scope and currently use an HDF telephotoadapter with my canon eos300d slr camera. I am finding this combination more irritating by the day. Having to remove the scope eyepiece and camera lens before I can attach the telephotoadapter and camera body is so time...
  4. rin

    Confirm ID of Harrier

    Anyone able to assist with a more confident ID of what I think could have been a Montagu Harrier up here in Caithness, North of Scotland? I saw a very dark back, reddish breasted bird of prey that had a white band across the upside of the top of its tail. It was just before the Barnaheigh...
  5. rin

    Greylag Geese - Neckbands

    :hi: Wow what a morning I had today........really excited ! :D :D I set off about 9.15am and by 9.30am I was looking at a field of Greylag Geese of around 2000+. What a find so early on, I was sitting just gob smacked as I have never seen so many geese in one place. These were at...
  6. rin

    Fuji S602 - Opticron ES 80 GA ED & HDF Eyepiece

    I have a fuji S602 Zoom Digital Camera that I would like to use with my Opticron ES 80 GA ED scope and HDF Zoom eye piece that I recently purchased and do not know what adaptors I require to make this possible. The camera has a lens that retracts into the camera when not in use. Can anyone...
  7. rin

    Additional Mounting Plate for Manfrotto Tripod

    I would like a second mounting plate for my manfrotto head do you think that JP Distribution Ltd would stock these or do they just stock items for repair? Where could I buy just a mounting plate? I wanted to fit one to my camera and the other to my scope with locktite as I find that the scope...
  8. rin

    What kind of goose is this?

    We came across this lone goose on a local Island. Could it be a snow goose or just a hybrid farmyard goose who has lost its way? Similar in size etc as a Greylag. One very confused birder !!! :h?: Any info greatfully appreciated. Thanks Catherine
  9. rin

    Manfrotto 804RC2 Head or other?

    :hi: I recently purchased a Manfrotto 190V tripod and opticron spotting scope but the head that came with the tripod for the scope has a second security lock on it which cannot be tighted when I have on digital slr so I was thinking about buying a second head purely for my digital slr. The...
  10. rin

    Opticron ES 80 GA ED scope and digital SLR

    :hi: I have just received my Opticron ES 80 GA ED scope, HDF 20-60x eye piece and digital SLR telephoto adapter kit. I was surprised when the kit arrived as I expected to use the eyepiece when taking pictures. Used it yesterday for the first time and I had some pics out of focus but my...
  11. rin

    Zeiss Conquest 10x30

    Anyone have any experience of this binocular. Someone has a thread on another part of the web showing a link to a website which is selling this for half the price of anywhere else and I thought that I may as well investigate as I am currently planning new binoculars myself. Thanks Rin x :t...
  12. rin

    Help ID'ing this Raptor

    I seriously require assistance trying to place this bird that I saw yesterday. For all the world it had the colourings of a Montagu harrier but this thing was huge, it didn't have the pointed wings and was definitely not a Montagu harrier the colourings are the only similarity it...
  13. rin

    Help with Raptor ID

    I seriously require assistance trying to place this bird that I saw yesterday. For all the world it had the colourings of a Montagu harrier but this thing was huge, it didn't have the pointed wings and was definitely not a Montagu harrier the colourings are the only similarity it...
  14. rin

    What a Saturday !

    Yesterday will go down as one of my most amazing days birding ever. I doubt that I will ever top this list in one day again. Jackdaw Starling Chaffinch Blue Tit Goldcrest Robing Bullfinch Wren Blackbird Great Tit Curlew Greylag Geese Crow Sparrowhawk Greenfinch Rock Dove Oyster Catcher Pink...
  15. rin

    My garden over the last week or so

    So delighted, in the last week or so I have had my first Mistle Thrush of 2006 in our garden and my first ever Redwing in my garden. I haven't had thrush in my garden for a long, long time so I am ecstatic. Bought a new mixture the other day called 'robin mix' and hadn't seen my robin for a...
  16. rin

    Swan ID - Male/Female

    I was wondering if someone could give me advice on how to ID a male from a female. We have one single swan which has been coming to our local river for 5 years now, it has never had a mate in this 5 years and I don't know which gender it is. Could it be a young bird? I believe that swans do...
  17. rin

    Orange Neck Bands - Greylag Geese

    I thought that I had found a rare species of goose the other weekend. I was driving in the country on route to our local birdwatching group meet and low and behold in a field by the road there were 2 geese with orange banding around their neck. I came to an abrupt stop, got out the binos...
  18. rin

    Thurso-Mey Bird Hide-Thurso

    What a bitter cold day, the wind was very chilling. I was out on a field trip with my night school class this morning and we saw the following birdies (Grand Total of 45 different species in 3 hours) - Kestrel Hen Harrier Red Merganser Shoveler Teal Lapwing Wigeon Mallard Duck Tufted Duck...
  19. rin

    Another snowy day in Caithness

    Didn't have time to try all the high spots of yesterday as I left it a bit too late. Saw another lifer today though and my lifer of yesterday popped up long enough to photograph, so not all bad. Iceland Gull (lifer) 05.03.06 Herring Gull Great Black Backed Gull Black Headed Gull Gulliemot...
  20. rin

    Are these both herring gulls?

    :h?: I am somewhat confused as both these gulls have the markings of herring gull but are oodles different in size. The first bird has a very long body and long tail feathers and stands tall from the groung whilst the second has a much shorter body and shorter tail feathers and is quite close...