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  1. G

    Is this a Black Wave please?

    Thanks Andy, very much appreciated indeed! Ken
  2. G

    Is this a Black Wave please?

    Yep, wrong name as well as missing pic. Age is a getting to be a real pain!
  3. G

    Is this a Black Wave please?

    Sitting hidden behind the barbecue today (22-09-2017) UK, Lancashire, September A, whoops sorry.
  4. Marbled Beauty

    Marbled Beauty

    First attempt at trying out Macro photography. 14 shots taken for only 1 worth keeping. Like being back at school again, complete new skill to learn.
  5. Straw Underwing

    Straw Underwing

    Another visitor to the wall.
  6. Canary-shouldered Thorn

    Canary-shouldered Thorn

    New one to me, confirmation of species would be appreciated!
  7. G

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Old Lady sitting in a goldfish bowl!'

    Oh Delia, I have you down as a Lime-hawk Hawkmoth! As for the brew, it aint wine lassie, its 10 gallons of Yorkshire strong brown!
  8. Riband Wave

    Riband Wave

    Sitting on a back window trying to avoid the rain! It should have also considered the birds, sitting target in that position.
  9. Common Emerald (I think) trying to stay dry

    Common Emerald (I think) trying to stay dry

    Sheltering on the "barbi" cover and getting top cover under the eaves! Pretty weathered specimen that will probably be gone in the next 48 hours.
  10. Old Lady sitting in a goldfish bowl!

    Old Lady sitting in a goldfish bowl!

    Surprise visitor to the garage this morning, and a first timer sighting for me! Its sitting inside a goldfish bowl vase, and its photographed through the bowl itself, I am quite pleased with the outcome! Been left to depart tonight when safe to do so, but if it touches my homebrew, the cats will...
  11. G

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Giant Swallowtail'

    Stunning! An image that just makes your jaw drop and wish you had taken it! Stanley, I salute you!
  12. The Magpie

    The Magpie

    Hiding during the daytime in my garage, on the floor of all places, the Magpie makes a very colourful sight.
  13. Brown Hare trying not to be seen!

    Brown Hare trying not to be seen!

    Soaking up a few rays in a wild meadow landscape.
  14. Pied Wagtail

    Pied Wagtail

    Almost at the summit, almost there!
  15. Food for hungry chicks!

    Food for hungry chicks!

    White Throat. Waiting for me to move so it can drop onto the nest site.
  16. Common Marbled Carpet

    Common Marbled Carpet

    Seeing out the hot weather on a shaded wall.
  17. Painted Lady

    Painted Lady

    Feeding in the garden on Wall Flowers
  18. House Sparrow

    House Sparrow

    Back garden resident sparrow enjoying a few Meal Worms!
  19. G

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Herring Gull'

    Oh Delia, shame on you :-)) Its the opening step of the Blairgowrie Reel!!
  20. Teal


    Still carrying a bit of the last hailstone downpour on its back and head, this Teal conveys the general mood around here, cold, wet and windy!