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  1. AlanMatthews

    Hummingbird - Atlantic Forest - Brazil

    Hi all This was taken (I think) at the Serra dos Tucanos lodge in Brazil in April 2014. I have more photos but they're all similar angle. Any thoughts?
  2. AlanMatthews

    Acro on Shetland last week

    Hi Obviously I'm not expecting anything definitive from this but …..;) This acro was flushed from irises a few time last week in Shetland. Our initial impression from fleeting glimpses was possible BRW but I think this picture seems to confirm Eurasian Reed Warbler? Can anything be deduced...
  3. AlanMatthews

    Stejneger's Stonechat - Suffolk UK 2016

    Going through some old photos, i believe this is a photo of the Landguard Stejneger's Stonechat from October 2016? Does that seem feasible?
  4. AlanMatthews

    Dead cetacean -South Uist

    Hi I came across this on a beach in South Uist, Outer Hebrides last week. Does anyone know what it is? Many thanks Alan
  5. AlanMatthews

    USA Texas - June 2014

    All the same bird, somewhere in South Texas Many thanks again
  6. AlanMatthews

    USA Texas - June 2014

    Hi again A few from Texas: 1) Kingbird(?) near Mexican border 2) Lesser Nighthawk (also near Mexican border) 3) Seaside Sparrow? (South Texas) 4) Sparrow somewhere in South Texas! Many thanks again! Alan
  7. AlanMatthews

    USA Indiana - Jan 2014 - Sparrow

    Hi all Trawling though some old photos Sparrow near Indianapolis I think Many thanks Alan
  8. AlanMatthews

    Geese - Sandwich, Kent, UK

    Seen today near Sandwich, Kent. 3 of a group of 6. Alan
  9. AlanMatthews

    Red-breasted Flycatcher?

    I'm sure I'm wide of the mark but does the recent Bempton Cliffs Red-breasted Flycatcher look a little like Taiga? Sorry can't point link but photo was taken on 16-Sep and is on Birdguides and Surfbirds
  10. AlanMatthews

    Flycatcher, Virginia USA, 01-Mar 2014

    Seen last week at James River NWR Looks like Emidonax but seems early?
  11. AlanMatthews

    Whooping Cranes at Goose Pond

    Two adults there yesterday. I'm not a regular visitor, are these migrants or captive origin?
  12. AlanMatthews

    Malaysia - Taman Negara - Malaysian Blue Flycatcher

    My wife photographed this last week. Sadly I didn't see it! Malaysian Blue Flycatcher?
  13. AlanMatthews

    Peninsular Malaysia Birds Sounds

    Hi everyone I'm going to Malaysia at the end of March. Is anyone aware of any decent quality commercially available CDs etc of birds songs and calls for birds of Peninsular Malaysia? Many thanks Alan
  14. AlanMatthews

    Isabelline Shrike in Norfolk

    Hi all I have a record of seeing an Isabelline Shrike at Horsey Gap in Norfolk in October 1996. I don't remember it clearly and have no notes. Does anyone know if it was assigned to a particular race at the time i.e. isbellinus or phoenicuroides? Thanks Alan
  15. AlanMatthews

    Scotland - another crossbill I'm afraid

    Hi Without wishing to open up the whole crossbill taxonomy debate, does anyone have a view on the attached? The photo was taken near the Findhorn Valley on the road over to Loch Ruthven. Common Crossbill?
  16. AlanMatthews

    New starter - Alan from Warwickshire

    Birdwatching since I was 11, that's 36 years ago. Twitching only since 2003, strict BOU list, currently 407. I promise to try only to post when I haven't been drinking! This is my first post to any Internet forum and it's fair to say I've been drinking. First of many broken promises!