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  1. wdc

    Mystery duck, Northern California, September

    I observed a duck this morning at a local reservoir that I could not identify with the aid of Sibley. It seems to fall between the cracks, whether juvenile, gender, beak and/or feather color. I'm stuck. Perhaps it'll turn out to be painfully obvious, but I cannot figure it out. All help...
  2. wdc

    spotting scopes and eye relief...

    Scope mavens, Alan French recently mentioned the idea of testing out a scope and eyepiece setup to make sure it works with eye glasses. I have owned a Leica Televid 65 for a few months, and find the eye relief reasonable. By that I mean I can push my eyeglasses against the eyepiece and see the...
  3. wdc

    Prisms! S-P, Uppendahl, Abbe-Koenig..

    S-P prisms are referred to as widely available, therefore inexpensive, but can in some incarnations, seemingly produce excellent results in a binocular. In other words, they may have inherent flaws or drawbacks, but they have not prevented manufacturers from producing a very high quality...
  4. wdc

    Televid 65 cover alternative?

    Has anyone tried this brand? And, does anything that fits the 62, fit the 65? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0048JQ6L6/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza I cannot bring myself to pay the current price for the Leica branded scope cover. -Bill
  5. wdc

    Leica Televid 65 & Sirui VA-5 head?

    Scope and tripod mavens, many of whom are familiar names from the binocular 'village' just a click away... Thanks to the Leica kerfuffle with the retrovids, I was able to purchase a Televid 65 at a substantial discount, when one retailer sold off their Leica inventory at essentially cost in...
  6. wdc

    Sicily, june, 2019

    While staying along the beach at Taormina, on my morning bird walks near the hotel, I spied this fellow on a gate. Is this an escaped domestic pet, or a regular in the wild? I could not find it in the reference I had at hand. -Bill
  7. wdc

    Mystery duck, Northern California, October

    I saw this duck at Briones Reservoir this morning. It was on a log with some turtles and a Mallard. My best guess, colorwise, is a Fulvous Duck, but am really not sure. The photos are all low res, and at the limit of the camera, so apologies. The one with the Mallard at least gives a comparative...
  8. wdc

    Nest ID? Oakland, California Fall

    On a group birding meetup this morning one person showed a nest she had brought to the event in her car. It was taken out of a tree that was being pruned in her back yard. She said it was in an ornamental pecan, according to her best guess, and was located about 20 feet off the ground. The nest...
  9. wdc

    Nikon Service- Good, but slow

    Back in July I noticed that one of the objective cover straps on a pair of 8x42 MHG's had become so torn that it was about to fall off. I contacted Nikon via email, which ended up with me dealing with Nikon Canada for some reason. They were willing to sell me a pair of objective covers, but when...
  10. wdc

    Warbler, Pt. Reyes, Ca.

    I observed this Warbler, along with a Townsend's Warbler, near the Cypress Tree Tunnel/Radio Station out at Pt. Reyes today. My best guess is a juvenile male Common Yellowthroat. Does that seem right? -Bill
  11. wdc

    Wine Country Optics Festival tomorrow 9/14 . Kowa!

    Hi Folks, If I was in the bay area this weekend, I'd be going to this, primarily to demo the new Kowa BD II XD bins, that I've been told by a rep will be available to try out. According to an email I received this morning, there will be other manufacturer's products represented as well: Leica...
  12. wdc

    Bay Area, Calif. Mystery Bird (Juvenile?)

    I observed and photographed this bird at Briones Regional Park in the east bay. I'm assuming its a juvenile but can't pin down anything certain by looking through Sibley.
  13. wdc

    Bay Area, Calif. Hooded Oriole?

    I spotted this bird this morning at the Upper San Leandro Reservoir. Seemed close to the size of a Robin. The chest and belly seemed fairly uniform in the yellow color through binoculars. My first guess was a female, or juvenile Hooded Oriole, but now, looking at the pink bill, my next...
  14. wdc

    Nikon Objective cover strap repair?

    One of the objective cover straps on my 8x42 MHG has developed a tear. Any recommendations for a glue, or other solution, if only as a stop gap measure? Also, is it best to order a replacement pair directly off a Nikon Website, or go through a regular outlet like Cameraland? (I bought the...
  15. wdc

    Sapsucker Hybrids? California, East Bay, October

    I was birding this morning along the San Pablo reservoir and spotted two sapsuckers that seemed to fall between the cracks a bit. The first one, 'sapsucker 1', seems to be a red-breasted, but perhaps not 100%. 'Sapsucker 2a, 2b' seems more of a hybrid (red-breasted/red-naped) especially because...
  16. wdc

    Mystery Duck(s), Lake El Toyonal, Ca. September

    While birding at a small lake today in the Berkeley Hills, I spotted some ducks I can't ID. At the same spot, I did recognize a Gadwall, an American Wigeon, and a bunch of Coots, but these 2 don't readily match anything in Sibley, or National Geographic. One duck has the irregular white patch on...
  17. wdc

    Moraga, Ca. Juvenile Sharpie or Coopers?

    Re-visiting this conundrum with a sighting this morning. I heard a call that had the character or a muted red-tail cry, and followed it to find this bird. I see rounded tail feathers, but others that seemed more squared off, yet worn... The forward position of the eye, plus the rounded tail...
  18. wdc

    Black Butte Ranch, Central Oregon 8/3/17

    Warbler ID, Central Oregon 8/3/17 A hungry, juvenile Brown-headed Cowbird was loudly and persistently demanding food from its unwitting foster parent, who was under the gun to feed such a voracious creature. I am uncertain as to the parent's identity. My guess is female Wilson's Warbler, as I...
  19. wdc

    Sparrow trouble, Black Butte Ranch, Oregon

    Shot yesterday, July 30th. I am thinking it is a juvenile Savannah, but really am not sure. I was able to positively ID some Song Sparrows, but this one eludes me. -Bill
  20. wdc

    Mystery Duck, San Leandro Reservoir, Ca.

    When out birding this morning, I came upon a grouping of waterfowl that changed a few times, which included a Caspian Tern, and a Gadwall pair. In the photo below, there is a Killdeer in the front, followed by a female Mallard, with the male off to the left. It is the larger duck in the back...