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  1. kb57

    March for March 11,000 step birding

    Day 1/31: March 01 Feeling particularly slothful one day last month, I signed up for the Prostate Cancer UK 'March for March' 11,000 step a day challenge. I stuck in £50 to show some commitment, and will proceed to hassle my friends and family for cash over the next 31 days. For once I haven't...
  2. kb57

    Is the future of birding electric?

    I'm kicking off this thread in response to a couple of questions posed in the Rare Birds forum about the possible impact of the upcoming requirement in UK (and elsewhere) to phase out internal combustion engine (ICE) cars and make us all drive electric vehicles (EVs). I've not attempted to...
  3. kb57

    Arjan Dwarshuis Big Year (English) on Vimeo

    I'm not sure this has been announced elsewhere on Bird Forum, but those who followed Arjan Dwarshuis in his 2016 world Big Year record might be interested in this: https://player.vimeo.com/video/402545544 His Big Year film now has a version with English subtitles and narration. It's available...
  4. kb57

    KB57s 2021 list

    I usually start my year list thread off with some sort of statement of intent for the coming year, but the best thing I can say about 2021 is that the bar is set pretty low when it comes to beating 2020 (in bird listing and life terms...). Nevertheless, only a few days into the year and things...
  5. kb57

    kb57's 2020 list

    After last year didn't turn out as I expected and hoped in any respect (some ways better, some worse..), I'm not making any predictions for this year, other than to hope nothing bad happens and I get to enjoy watching some birds. As with my past lists, lifers in bold, and I might reinstate the...
  6. kb57

    Are year lists getting less popular with BF viewers?

    As a relatively recent member of BF, I've embraced the idea over the past few years of making my (admittedly not very impressive) year listing efforts public. I also enjoy reading other people's lists, and must admit to making a slightly sneaky comparison with the number of views as a test of...
  7. kb57

    Tanagers, El Paujil, Colombia

    Two more lowland forest species I'm struggling to ID - both seen March 17, Pro Aves El Paujil reserve, Colombia (1) I'm not even sure this is a tanager? (2) Is this a Swallow Tanager? I didn't get much else on it other than what's shown in the photo, but the picture seems to show some...
  8. kb57

    Kiskadee and flycatcher, El Paujil, Colombia

    Two Tyrannidae from lowland forest at the edge of the Magdalena Valley, Colombia, taken on my recent visit on 17 March (and holding up my trip report...) (1) I've had this down as Great Kiskadee since I saw it, but am having a crisis of confidence in the black striped head / yellow breast...
  9. kb57

    9 days in Colombia, March 2019

    I decided at relatively short notice to take myself off on a birding holiday while my partner was also away on a non-birding holiday in Cape Town with her friend. I picked one of the things on my birding 'bucket list' she was least bothered about sharing (experiencing a cock-of-the-rock lek)...
  10. kb57

    Rio Claro, Colombia, March 2019

    Neotropical neophyte here, so please bear with me... The following pics were taken on the Mulata Trail, Rio Claro on 15th March. #1: I feel I ought to be able to identify this, but just cannot find it in either of the books I'm using (the Colombia bird app / McMullen) #2 & 3: Is this an...
  11. kb57

    African Dusky Flycatcher??, Kirstenbosch botanical gardens, Cape Town

    Taken by my partner on her recent 'non-birding' trip to Cape Town - she managed to identify most things with the help of the SASOL pocket guide, but this is puzzling both of us. African Dusky Flycatcher, or something else? Taken last week (March 2019) Thanks in advance!
  12. kb57

    Cape Town - suitable field guide for casual birding

    My other half has a trip to Cape Town organised in March with her non-birding friend. It's her first time in Africa, although her friend has visited lots of times before. They've organised what I hope will be a happy compromise for them between shopping and nature-related activities. The...
  13. kb57

    Best place to see a Cock of the Rock lek

    One of my 'bucket list' birding experiences is seeing a cock-of-the-rock lek...I don't mind which species, Andean or Guianan. Unlike some of the other species on my wish-list, this aspiration isn't particularly shared by my partner, so this would be a solo venture. A window of possible...
  14. kb57

    KB57's 2019 list

    My aims for 2019 are very simple: try and work a little less and get out birding a little more. I don't have any big trips planned, so am not anticipating significant additions to my life list, nor will I aim for particularly targeted additions to my year list. I just want to enjoy birds more...
  15. kb57

    Large gull, Mai Po HK, 23rd Feb

    Saw a few immature large gulls in HK last month, but didn't think I'd managed to get a photo - managed to extract these images (same bird possibly) from pics I took of a large flock of black-headed gulls - very heavily cropped so apologies for quality. Presume 2cy? - Birds of HK and S China...
  16. kb57

    Osprey in Algarve

    Just found this osprey had a ring whilst cleaning up an SD card - reported through cr-birding contact. Blue colour ring LH3, seen at the salinas west of Faro airport on 8th October last year.
  17. kb57

    Anyone using a MeFOTO RoadTrip travel tripod?

    I was wondering if anyone had experience of the MeFOTO RoadTrip series travel tripods? Found some positive reviews on the internet, but interesting to know if they are any good in a birding / bird photography context? I was thinking of getting an Opticron MM4 body for travel (can already swap...
  18. kb57

    New gull photo guide

    Just had notification of a new photo guide land in my inbox - due out February...
  19. kb57

    KB57's 2018 list

    My New Year's resolution is not to get sucked into trying to better my 2017 British year list...instead, I'm going to try and make 2018 a bit more about birding experiences. If my plans come to fruition this will hopefully involve building my life list a little more. So this is going to be a...
  20. kb57

    Islay choughs and GWF geese

    Just going through pictures I took on Islay at the weekend and found I'd taken one of a colour-ringed chough. Green over blue right leg, red left leg. Anyone know who to contact to report the sighting? (I'm also going to try the Twittersphere) Also have a pic of a neck-collared Greenland WF...