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    Crossbill, Chatsworth,Derbyshire 23/11/13

    Hi all posted this set of pics in the derbyshire thread and it has produced some interesting debate. So I thought I would put it in here. It is the bird in the top right
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    Nikon Monarch scope

    Hi has anyone been able to look at this scope at the birdfair? I ran out of time and didn't get chance to look. What are peoples thoughts on it?
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    Dragonfly id's needed please.

    Photographed at spurn, migrant hawker, ruddy darter? Or southern hawker?
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    Digiscoping with a Panasonic G5

    Hi all, just wondering if any of you are using a panasonic G5 for digiscoping. If so, are you using it with a lens attached or body straight on to an adapter via t2 mount? And what mounting system do you use.
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    moth id please

    Hi, can someone tell me what this one is please :t:
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    Yellow Billed Tern id please!

    Photographed this tern at Great Yarmouth on Saturday from the boat which goes out to scroby sands Just been going through my pictures and need this checking out please
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    Opticron 1.25" adapter?

    Hi does anyone know if I can get an adapter to use 1.25" eyepieces and accessories? I have a HR66ed which I purchased back in 1996.
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    Have I got a Caspian Gull here?

    Hi this was on the beech at whitby, yesterday evening. Also can I have an id of the 3nd bird too please, this was taken at Bempton Cliffs yesterday, and I am just not sure. :t:
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    spider id please

    hi hope this works as i am uploading from my phone. Any ideas on this spider please. Found it in a bunch of bananas. An english species or something else?
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    1st Winter Great Black Backed?

    Hi, just wondering if I am correct with my id here.
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    Brittany Ferries Whale and Dolphin Cruise

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has done the Whale and Dolphin Cruise by Brittany Ferries.Your thoughts on it would be much appreciated. Considering doing it next year.
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    hover for id please

    Not the best of pics, but is it id'able?
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    Wild flower id required

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can put a name to this plant please. Sorry about pic quality, light was not brilliant.
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    Help with Hovers Id Please!

    HI everyone, just wondering if you could help with the id of these Hoverflies please. Also does anyone know what the Black Fly is? It was tiny! Heres a link to my flickr set, I believe I have 2 sp of Hoverflys Thanks in advance for the help :t:
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    Moth for id please!

    In my garden today, http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5977914951/ :t:
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    Odd Chiffchaff Song

    Hi, I heard this chiffchaff singing just behind my house. I have heard some odd chiffchaffs before, but I havn't come across one like this. Hopefully you will be able to hear the extra bit it is adding in, it was windy and done on my phones video. What are your thoughts...
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    Grizzled Skipper, Shipley, Derbyshire???

    Please can someone confirm this or id it correctly please. Found it today at shipley country park. If it is one, is it a good record for derbys?
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    Moth for id please.

    Hi there, I feel I should know what this one is, but I can't think of what it is. Sorry for the pic quality it was taken on my dad's phone last night.
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    Fuji HS 20 previewed

    On dpreview looks interesting.
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    2 ducks for id please.

    Most probably totally obvious, but....