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  1. tapaculo

    Setting expectations for PNG

    I am recently back from 3+ weeks birding in Papua New Guinea, a trip organized by Sicklebill Safaris with only local guides, no overall guide/escort. There were many wonderful things about it: we saw 21 of the 28 Birds of Paradise on the PNG half of the main island (it included the Huon...
  2. tapaculo

    RFI Oaxaca

    I have been birding in Oaxaca twice, but not for a decade or so. Has anyone been to La Cumbre recently? I'm curious about access (if there is any difficulty getting in, and how the trails are)... and safety. Muchas gracias...
  3. tapaculo

    Ethiopia, October/November 2018

    We are looking for at least one more person to join in a birding trip to central and southern Ethiopia starting in mid-October 2018. This will use a local company and tentatively will be 17 days and cost about GBP 2000, below USD3000. It will include Awash and Bale national parks, Lake Langano...
  4. tapaculo

    NE Brasil birding guide?

    Does anyone know whether "NE Brazil Birding" (Ciro Albano, et.al.) is still in business? Sending messages on their Website http://nebrazilbirding.com/does not work and an email has not been answered. Or are there any other recommended guides for that part of the country? Obrigado...
  5. tapaculo

    NE Brasil birding guide?

    Does anyone know whether "NE Brazil Birding" (Ciro Albano, et.al.) is still in business? Sending messages on their Website http://nebrazilbirding.com/does not work and an email has not been answered. Or are there any other recommended guides for that part of the country? Obrigado...
  6. tapaculo

    Canon SX50 - get out of ISO AUTO

    Somehow my SX50 is in ISO AUTO mode, and I can find no way to get out of it. I am now birding in Thailand but have the manual with me, but it just talks about the options within that mode. A search engine didn't come up wit anything either. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  7. tapaculo

    Madagascar October 30 - November 22, 2017

    We would welcome a fourth birder to join us on a comprehensive tour of Madagascar, this October 30 to November 22 from Antananarivo. The trip has been set up with the Madagascar Tour Guide company, which was chosen based on recommendations elsewhere on this forum and from other birders. We hope...
  8. tapaculo

    field guides for Madagascar

    There seem to be several field guides (books) for Madagascar; any opinions on them? Safford & Skerrett, Birds of Madagascar and the Indian Ocean Islands Langrand & Ian Sinclair, Chamberlain's Birds of the Indian Ocean Islands the older Langrand & Bretagnolle, Guide to the Birds of Madagascar...
  9. tapaculo

    N Peru & S Ecuador, Jan/Feb 2017

    We are four birders organizing a trip to northern Peru and also southern Ecuador in January/February 2017 (dates and other details still a little flexible). Our tentative itinerary is 20 days, including areas from Guayaquil to Piura and Chaparri for Tumbes endemics, plantcutter, etc., to the...
  10. tapaculo

    downloading MP3 bird calls to an iPad

    I would appreciate suggestions on how to download MP3 bird call files to an iPad, mostly for learning calls. My inclination to avoid using iTunes seems to be widely shared... Last year I followed a peculiar process to "play mp3 files on iPad without connecting to iTunes (no jailbreak needed)"...
  11. tapaculo

    trip to Sulawesi and Java in July 2015?

    Just in case people interested in Indonesia don't look there, note that I posted in the "Companions for Birding Trips" forum a request for people who might want to join us in a tour of Sulawesi and Java in July 2015. http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=292202 Regards, Steve
  12. tapaculo

    Sulawesi and Halmahera (and Java), July 2015

    Another birder and I have arranged for a 20 day tour of Sulawesi and Halmahera from 5th to 25th July 2015. It will be led by Nurlin Djuni from Sulawesi, who is experienced and well thought-of. These Indonesian islands have a large proportion of endemics, some spectacular. We can expect to see...
  13. tapaculo

    opinions on a January CR itinerary?

    This forum provided good advice on transport within Costa Rica, so I would appreciate comments on a tentative itinerary. In short, I’m going on my own, in January, and booked a long visit, about 20 days, because I wanted to cover CR pretty thoroughly (and am recently retired). I’ve birded on my...
  14. tapaculo

    question about Wallacea books/plates

    I just read (to my surprise, given the title) that "The Birds of Wallacea: An Annotated Checklist" by White & Bruce has color plates. Does anyone know how they compare to the plates in "A guide to the birds of Wallacea" by Coates? Are they the same? (Both books are out of print but sometimes...
  15. tapaculo

    A week in Costa Rica, Jan '15

    After traveling with a group to the south of San Jose in January, I will stay another week (1/23-30/2015) and go to some habitats to the north that I would have missed. I want to go to La Selva for sure and, though the northern Pacific coast is generally less of interest, probably La Ensenada...
  16. tapaculo

    transport options within Costa Rica

    I would be grateful for more information on travel options in Costa Rica. After a group tour to central and southern CR in January, I want go on my own to a couple of places north of San Jose. I've rented cars in Mexico, Jamaica, Chile, etc., but would like to avoid the expense and risk for...
  17. tapaculo

    wallcreepers at PN d. Stelvio, Italy

    Since there were few responses to my request about "Italian Alps in July, esp. Wallcreeper" http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=53444 (though there is good information in the new bird-finding guide by Ruggieri and Festari), I should report my findings. The book describes the best area of...
  18. tapaculo

    Italian Alps in July, esp. Wallcreeper

    I will likely be in the Italian Alps (west of Bolzano) in July and would be grateful for information on birds in the area, especially alpine species, especially Wallcreeper. It's not far from Innsbruck, either, so we might be able to get to nearby Austria (or Germany or Switzerland), but hope...
  19. tapaculo


    Given that Nigeria has such a terrible reputation among travelers, I am trying to spread the word that I had an enjoyable visit and did some exciting birding while there for a business trip recently. Spent about 4 days of serious birding, in Okomu National Park and at the International...
  20. tapaculo

    Greetings from the frozen North

    I live in Minneapolis, but am most interested in the forum for information on birds in places I will get to travel to (this year, luckily, Nigeria and Kenya, and Chile next). Will also post some logistical information myself. Steve Greenfield