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    Marc Van Roosmalen Sentenced to prison

    http://www.bizeurope.com/marc_van_roosmalen.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_van_Roosmalen To no ones suprise the logging companies is responsible for this.
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    any photos of the Olive ibis out there?

    Good number recently sighted at a swamp in Northern Congo Brazzaville, flocks on 9 to 15 birds seen at five seperate occasions. I took a few photos of them, I could PM you some photos if you are intrested PB.
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    Nightjar id

    That one looks like a Svamp Nightjar to me
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    Where 2 go in september 2007?

    Namibia is defenitely not malaria free outside of the Caprivi Strip, this disease is widespread in whole northern Namibia and it has been reported from the central and south in recent years as well. I caught it myself during a visit in Windhoek (central Namibia).
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    My Africa List

    Hello MarcellC, I would like to thank you for advicing me about the locality for the Ruwenzori Turaco, I just came back from a 5 day long stay in Nungwe forest, I managed to see no less than 8 birds in just 5 days, truly amazing, here in southern Uganda one should be lucky to even get one in a...
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    My Africa List

    Hello Marcell A very amazing list you got there! I saw that you had the Ruwenzori Turaco on your list, I havent been able to see this species for a long time, last time I saw it was in Congo 1997. I have searched for it here in Southwest Uganda and areas nearby (inside Congo) a dozen times...
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    Species list for Rwanda - help

    Hi MarcellC, Aim not sure if there are any checklists for the Rwandan bats, but there is a few pdf’s on the web about bat inventories in Rwanda, such as an annotated inventory of a collection of bats from Rwanda. Here are some bats which occur in Rwanda (this list is far from complete) Gland...
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    My last South African Mystery Birds

    1 and 2 looks like Variable sunbird, however I dont know how the subspecies ranging into SA looks like so I might be wrong, at least put a vote on VS. Ok, I will make a long shot on the eagle, juvenile martial eagle?
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    ID South African Platana

    Its a African Clawed Frog Xenopus laevis, very common in SA. The fact that SA just got one clawed frog makes it a bit easier, here in Cameron its very difficult to tell them apart, but we also got no less than 9 species in this part of Africa, very confusing.
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    ID help with Cameroon chameleon ¨

    Hi steve About photo 2: As far as I know Chamaeleo gracilis inhabits northern Cameroon but are expending south as the nature destruction countinues, however I dont now how far south it are currently being found. Chamaeleo senegalensis is the most likely canidade I would say, thanks for your...
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    ID help with Cameroon chameleon ¨

    Seen in Cameroon (West Africa), both found in dense rainforests.
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    Help ID South African Tortoise

    The common leopard turtle, I atleast think so
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    What kind of turtles are these?

    To mention from which country, habitat and season would make it alot easier to id it
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    Local patch in Cameroon

    After being two weeks in Liberia where I worked at a refuge camp together with the UN, I came back home to Cameroon again, The rain season has now come to the Cameroon highlands and the only way to travel on my old, lovely patch is either to swim with is a bit risky, and the other way is to...
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    Most adaptable bird

    No doubt on which is the most common and adaptable bird here in Cameroon, Pied Crow (you see it every where despite in dense forest). African thrush and Red-eyed dove is two other species which are common in human enviroments. A widspread bird not mentioned before is the Black-crowned...
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    birding zambia

    Much, if not most of Zambia remains unvisited by tourists and to go on your own is not a good idea, not becuase its dangerous (its a wonderful and very friendly country), but becuase the ecotourism in Zambia is pretty new and its rather difficult to travel around on your own. Luangwa mentioned...
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    Help: East African bird 1-5

    Should be noted that the sparrow on photo 4, refered simply as grey-headed sparrow here, is now genereally named as the Northern Grey-headed sparrow, to avoid confusing it with the Southern Grey-headed sprarrow.
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    A day's birding in Karen, near Nairobi, Kenya

    Very intresting report and stunning photos, you didnt meet anyone called Wally at your visit in the Sanctuary? Wally is my dad, he works at the Sanctuary and often takes tourists out for a guiding or birding tour in these sorroundings.
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    Sunbird in Gambia

    Difficult to tell as the only part you see properly is the throat and bill. I dont have a idea about the true id, but my guess is a male Green-headed sunbird, but on the other hand that is a rather rare species in The Gambia (altough "just" uncommon in Abuko) and you should be quite lucky to...
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    Swaziland - Hlane Royal National Park

    Hi Redmill, Nice reading, I visited Hlane 15 years ago, altough I did see far less birds, if my memory not fail me, I saw some 25-30 sepcies there, but was just there one hour so, but became intresting by you report and might be a place worth visiting again on trip to South Africa ;)