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  1. Lerxst

    Public Comment Period Open Until March 1 For US Migratory Bird Treaty Act

    There was a thread started by Mysticete back in the summer that is related, here. That dealt with the appalling attack on th MBTA by the Trump administration. I wanted to start a new thread to call attention to an opportunity we now have to help rectify things - for those people, like me, that...
  2. Lerxst

    Bald Eagle article, with proposed name change

    My wife and I had the pleasure of birding with the author of this article last spring. We met up with him purely by chance at Sax-Zim Bog in northern MN, during our last gasp effort to end our 20-plus-years-Nemesis-Bird-Horrorshow, known to others as the LeConte's Sparrow. With Bruce we did...
  3. Lerxst

    Looking to replace my Nikon Coolpix P900

    My Nikon P900 has mostly served me well, but it has suffered some dings of late and after 2.5 years of constant use and abuse I think I may move on. I would like another bridge camera because: 1. I am not a serious photographer, I am a birder that likes to use a camera as a tool. A tool to help...
  4. Lerxst

    A Birding Marathon?

    I am curious if anyone has done this before. I did some internet searching and couldn't find an example that involved serious birding. It is this idea: Walk (at least) the distance of a marathon, 26.2 miles, in the course of a day, while birding the entire time. Potty and lunch breaks excepted...
  5. Lerxst

    Good News - US court helping birds

    (Reuters) - A federal judge in New York on Tuesday sided with environmental groups in striking down a Trump administration decision to roll back U.S. government protections for migratory birds that made it illegal for nearly 50 years to inadvertently kill them. In a 31-page ruling that began by...
  6. Lerxst

    Most Hilarious Sounding Birdsong in the World

    If there is a funnier sounding call / song than that of the Willow Ptarmagin, I want to hear it. Lets hear what you got. Top this: https://www.xeno-canto.org/431187
  7. Lerxst

    No success here deterring squirrels with capsaicin

    Hello from from the Twin Cities, Minnesota. We don't usually do feeders - and when we do, it is usually just a simple block of plain suet. Chickadees, woodpeckers, nuthatches, and blue jays all take it. Our mammals don't touch it. Works great. Last week my wife bought some seed and put that...
  8. Lerxst

    Female Harrier in UAE: Hen vs. Pallid ???

    All: Several days ago I took some poor photos of a female harrier. See below. Initially calling this Pallid - if I understand correctly, though, the number of 'long' primary feathers , which looks to be five in the bottom photo, would indicate a Hen. Any thoughts? Thanks, Michael...
  9. Lerxst

    Sykes's or Booted Warbler? Bangalore, Dec

    All: Please find images of a bird seen recently just north of Bangalore, India (Dec 2018). Our guide called this a Booted, but I am thinking it is Sykes's. As it was quite busy with the food item, it was not calling, so I have nothing to go on there. Leg color, forehead shape, extent of...
  10. Lerxst

    Willow or Marsh Tit? Beijing, China

    Poor picture from this weekend. Being from the States, I have no experience in Willow vs. Marsh. Based on my reading, I am calling this Willow, but would love some confirmation. Cannot see here but the wing panel had light edging. Head looked more dark brown than black. Bib seems shaggy to me...
  11. Lerxst

    Help with a Phylloscopus warbler in Nepal

    Hello: Attached are two non-nominal pictures of a warbler seen in the foothills outside of Kathmandu. Our local guide believes that this bird is a Buff-barred Warbler. There are several field marks that would seem to agree with this; however I am still bothered by the "non-buffiness" of the...
  12. Lerxst

    A global Big Year while working full-time (?)

    Hello all; I've been lurking around the threads related to various birding competitions for a while. Always an interesting topic. For years, I've wanted to make a run at such a thing, but there are two factors that have put a damper on it. First, I'm not interested in restricting my birding...
  13. Lerxst

    Another Silicon Valley area RFI - April

    Hi all: Will be in Cupertino April 12 (Sunday) and have some time to bird. Am thinking of heading to Stevens Creek County Park. I have three specific targets: Cal Thrasher, Wrentit, and Pacific-Slope Flycatcher. My question is: is there a better spot in the San Jose area for these guys? I won't...
  14. Lerxst

    Stellwagen Bank, Mass. Jaeger ID help?

    Hello all: The following images were taken by myself during a visit to Stellwagen Bank, north of Cape Code, Mass. The date was August 19, 2014. This area at the time was quite active with Great, Sooty, and Cory's Shearwaters, Common Terns, and Northern Gannets; then this fellow flew by the...
  15. Lerxst

    San Francisco - Oct 18,19: RFI

    Hello: Will be staying on the west side of town, very close to the zoo. I'm interested in birding along the coast and bay, wherever I stand the best chances of seeing some of the following: any jaegers red-throated, pacific loons wandering tattler, surfbird elegant terns Also hoping to get...
  16. Lerxst

    RFI Boston area

    Hello: I will be in Boston for a couple days in late August. Won't be able to do any really serious birding, as I will have my kids in tow, but I am interested in taking a ferry out to some of the islands. Specifically I would like to improve my odds of seeing any and all types of seabirds. Any...
  17. Lerxst

    Hola from Minnesota

    Hello, I live in the Twin Cities suburbs and bird around here daily, also try to travel as much as possible. Been birding for 20 years with my wife, who is a wildlife biologist. Have been lucky to bird SE Asia, Japan, Panama, and much of N. America. Looking forward to meeting folks here.