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    Brazil border Bolivia Brazil near Noel Kempff

    Possibly a juvenile Grey-lined Hawk Buteo nitidus?
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    Wren or Warbler - London UK

    It's a Wren!
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    Juvenile Redstart...or? Buckingham July 2001

    Thanks Andrew and Alexander
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    Juvenile Redstart...or? Buckingham July 2001

    Going through some old photos I came across this which I had identified as a juvenile Common Redstart, based on the red tail. However apart from the reddish looking tail, it does look rather like a juvenile European Robin in shape and stance as well as plumage, plus it was in the middle of the...
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    Stripe-capped Sparrow question

    Well that puts me in my place doesn't it. Silly me for pointing it out. Yes it was clearly a typo, but surely worth pointing out for the sake of anyone else looking at the very detailed and helpful original post.
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    Female Sparrowhawk Damaged Beak?

    No it isn't. The UK has been centralised if you wish to put it that way for centuries, but the recent trend has in fact been towards de-centralisation with separate assemblies in NI, Wales and Scotland.
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    Stripe-capped Sparrow question

    Should this not be west of JVG?
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    Scythebill bird listing software

    I agree with Andrew. Excellent software, easy to use and always updated promptly after IOC or Clements revisions. Can also be used for recording sightings of mammals, European butterflies, European dragonflies, UK moths and a number of other taxonomic groups. Another plus is that it is very...
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    Sandwich tern or roseate tern

    Wouldn't longipennis Common Tern show red legs and feet? They appear black in these images.
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    Bird identification North Wales - beautiful song (images supplied)

    From your description I suspect it is a Blackcap, but the image isn't good enough to confirm it.
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    Ecuador~ Hummingbird? Borja, East slope 1700m

    Looks like Many-spotted H
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    Ecuador~ Hummingbird? Tandayapa West slope

    Some suggestions 1. Buff-tailed Coronet 2. ? 3.White-booted Racket-tail without rackets 4. Sparkling Violetear 5. Rufous-tailed Hummingbird
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    Ecuador~ Hummingbird? Milpe West slope

    Female Crowned Woodnymph I believe.
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    Second winter? Caspian Gull Oman

    Feb 14th this year.
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    Second winter? Caspian Gull Oman

    Thanks. I did consider barabensis. I have several other pics but none show anything different I'm afraid.
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    Second winter? Caspian Gull Oman

    I believe this is a Caspian Gull but I'm unsure of its age. Advanced second winter perhaps? Would appreciate comments. Thanks.
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    Moorhen in Madeira

    Good points. Plus I now see some red on the lower mandible which I don't think there should ever be in Lesser.
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    Moorhen in Madeira

    I'd say that the pointed frontal shield, bill colour and greyish tones around the head look good for Lesser Moorhen.
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    HBW and BirdLife Taxonomic Checklist v4

    Nor to spell, apparently.
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    ID for Pantanal

    Perhaps Juvenile Yellow-rumped Marshbird?j