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    Marbella Sites

    Hello, can anyone direct me to any local sites near Marbella that I can get a birding fix from for a couple of hours each morning next week?
  2. K

    Hooded Herring Gull

    Today I observed the following "Hooded" Herring Gull on an Estuary in Cornwall. This bird appears to all intents and purposes to be a Herring Gull. However it is slightly smaller than accompanying Herring Gulls and has a very strange bill and head pattern. The last photo is of the same bird on...
  3. K

    Nikon ED82

    Hi folks, I have a Nikon ED82 scope with the 25x - 75x eyepiece. I love the scope and the eyepiece but would like to digi-scope with the set up. Can anybody recommend a setup that would work? It does not need to be amazing quality merely record shot quality.:t:
  4. K

    Information Required for the Puglia Region

    Hello fellow birders. I was hoping somebody in the birding community could help me? I am visiting Puglia in Southern Italy next month and would love some information and suggestions for places to visit and birdwatch. I love raptors and wildfowl so would really like to visit a marshy area but...
  5. K

    June Holiday

    Hi folks, I was wondering if anybody could recommend a detination in Europe or somewhere affordable to visit during June? I look forward to your replys Regards Pete:t:
  6. K

    Tally Counters

    Can anybody recommend a decent tally counter? I do alot of Sea-watching and Survey work, so could do with a water proof or weather resistant counter. I dont mind if it is digital or traditional. With in reason cost is not an issue. I look forward to any replys Regards Pete:t:
  7. K

    Hybrid Wigeon

    I was hoping somebody could point me in the direction of any images of female eurasian x american wigeon hybrids. I would be very greatful indeed. :t:
  8. K

    Cbwps Urban Gull breeding survey

    You have just got to love the Herring Gull! Sure they can be noisy, they will pinch your pasty or chips and they are guaranteed to aim for the person wearing the smartest or most expensive clothing! However no-one can deny they are almost an emblem to our busy harbour side towns and their...
  9. K

    I-pod help

    Hello folks, I have a basic i-pod that i would like to download Bird songs and calls of the uk and europe. It is not an i-phone or i-pad or i-pod touch. Can anyone recommend something along thoose lines? Kind regards Kernow Pete
  10. K

    Need help with ID please

    Sorry the pictures are not great! I keep writing this butterfly off as a common blue but something keeps me going back and checking it out again. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  11. K

    Budget Tripod

    Can anybody recommend a budget tripod kit of £100 or less? It will be used with a Hawke nature 20-60x80 spotting scope. I look forward to your replys.:t::king:
  12. K

    Hawke ed 80 Spotting Scope

    Hello is anybody currently using the Hawke ed80 spotting scope? It looks very good for the money and would like to know if its any good? Would also be interested in any pitfalls it has. I look forward to your replies. Regards Kernow Pete