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    American Birding Books (some I bought in from USA)

    There is a listing in the classified forum offering a variety of American birding books. Some of these are not available in the UK and were originally priced in dollars. They are all around half the price I paid in Pounds Sterling. I particularly recommend the four books by Pete Dunne, who is...
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    Wanted: Steve Brooks book.

    I am looking for a used copy of Steve Brooks's book ' Field guide to the Dragonflies and Damselflies of Great Britain and Ireland'. Please state price, delivery cost and condition via a Birdforum message if you have a copy to sell. Thanks. Instant payment via Paypal.
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    Site Guide for Butterflies

    I read on an old thread that there is a site guide by Colin Twist and Paul Hill. Can anyone tell me the title and if its still available. Thanks.
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    Focal Length of Nikon 80mm Sky and Earth?

    Does anyone know the focal length of the 80mm Nikon Sky and Earth spotting scope? Alternatively the focal length of the 33x Wide Angle eyepiece for this scope would help. Thanks in advance. Henry, are you there?
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    Accelerated focus on EL

    Has anybody on the forum had the slow focus modified by Swarovski to speed up the focus on their older 42mm models. If so, how much did Swarovski charge for the privilege of putting right what I regard as a design fault?
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    Fl v Ultravid v EL

    Having missed this year's Bird Fair due to work commitments I finally got to try some of the latest bins today, albeit only inside and outside an Optics shop. First off, I compared the 8x32 EL and Ultravid. I had previously only been able to try 10x32 EL's. Both had a good close focus and depth...
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    Nikon 8x30 and 10x35 E2 Binoculars

    These are still available in the UK, Ace Optics in Bath recommend them as being 'the best at any price'. I used to have the 8x32 SE, but sold them when, after obtaining new spectacles, I had continual blacking out problems. They were, however, excellent binoculars. Now I am thinking of trying...
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    Manfrotto Neotec Tripod

    Manfrotto have introduced a new tripod, the Neotec 458B. It has legs with no clips or screws to tighten when the legs are extended. The legs are pulled out to the length required and lock automatically in the chosen position, just like the auto monopod 334B. The greater the weight on the...
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    Manfrotto 700 RC2 Head

    The new Manfrotto lightweight head, 700 RC2, has been around long enough now for any snags or problems to have come to light. Are they any good or should they be given a wide berth? I would be grateful for any advice and, of course, where the best deal can be obtained. Clive
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    Astro Zoom Eyepiece

    For those who have an Astro scope, the dedicated zoom eyepiece for Opticron's MM2 fits the 1.25" astro socket. On my astro scope the 15-40x zoom becomes a 65-172 zoom, and works surprisingly well! Also if you have Nikon eyepieces, they can be converted to use in astro scopes with an adapter...
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    Focal length of a Nikon ED 78?

    Would anyone on the forum happen to know the focal length of this scope please? Clive
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    Cullman Pod

    In the wake of 9/11, I bought a Opticron Midget MM2 for travelling, not wanting to put my kit in the hold. Just recently got a Cullman shoulder pod to use with the Opticron. It has transformed the Midget from a nice, but seldom used little ornament into an easy to carry and practical tool...
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    Swarovski Tripods

    Can anyone offer assistance with three queries on these Tripods: On which Manfrotto models are the Swaro 1 and 2 tripods based? Are they both ready fitted with 128RC heads? Do they only come in green? Thanks in advance Clive
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    Nikon Eyepiece Adaptor

    Does anyone know if there is an adaptor available to enable astronomy eyepieces (1 1/4")to be used on a Nikon scope? Clive Ton up :bounce:
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    Zoom Binoculars

    Yesterday presented the opportunity of a look through zoom binos. They carried the name of that famous lens manufacturer - Boots the Chemists, and were of indeterminate age. They had been donated for use at The National Wetland Centre, Wales. So who actually made them is a mystery. Whoever it...
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    Pentax/Minox - one and the same?

    After doing a bit of research into specs and catalogue numbers, I believe that the Pentax SP range are virtually the same as the Minox BR asph. range. There are minor differences but the specs for 8x32's are virtually identical and both catalogue numbers are five figures commencing with 62---...
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    Unbeatable Bino Bargain

    Minolta 7x35W Activa: http://www.unbeatable.co.uk/CatalogueItem_12521.html This is a very good buy. The rrp is £169.69, they are reduced to £49.97 to clear. The only difference in the model that replaces this one is that they have push/pull eyecups, while this one has rubber folding eyecups...
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    HDF eyepiece wanted

    I am in the market for a used Opticron 40860M HDF eyepiece if anyone has one to sell. Clive
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    Opticron Flat Compact Binos

    Having recently asked for opinions of flat compact binoculars on this forum, I have just tried Opticron's Sopera. This is on promotional offer at www.warehouseexpress.com. The rrp on this model, that I had never previously come across was £99. It is now available for £19! The Sopera is about...
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    Ultra Compact 'Flat' Binoculars

    Has anyone on the forum ever tried, or owned the flat, compact binoculars made by Pentax, Minolta and Canon. They are available in various sizes. The Pentax FB in 8x and 10x18. The Minolta UC is available in 6x16 and 8x18. The Canon FC is 7x17 and is the only one with adequate eye relief for...